After receiving a Facebook message about reviewing a certain brand of gel polish, I ran across this other product the same day! Immediately intrigued and knowing how well priced essence products are, I picked up the base coat, the top coat and two polishes at Shoppers Drug Mart for $2.99 CAD each.  There was a deal on, if you bought three you would get this cute little case with a nail file free. As with all “gel” polishes, the claim is to be long wearing and shiny like you would get if you went to the salon.

I bought the colours Sweet as Candy and Indian Summer.  I decided to try out Indian Summer and the application was quick and easy.  One coat of the base coat, which dried almost immediately, two coats of polish that also dried quickly and the one coat of the top coat that dried quickly as well.  My nails were super shiny and I was impressed!  I wore this polish for 5 days before I got a chip and it was on the finger where I had knicked my nail polish before it was completely dry.  I usually only get three to four days from my manicures.  The picture below shows the manicure on day one in the first frame and day five on the second and third frame.  The shine dulled a bit, but it was still impressive how it held out.  It removed easily with my regular nail polish remover.

I was so impressed that I headed back to Shoppers to get some more.  I bought a mint green, a white and a black.    I was a little bit afraid that this might not be a regularly carried item and I wanted to have some more just in case.

I played around with the mint and the white and used a bit of clear polish and made a sheer polish for this Pond Manicure.  I hope it wears well as the clear polish is not from this line.

For the price this is a great product!  I may have to get the rest of the colours and a back up top and base coat!  Check out their website if you are interested in this product!