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Monthly Archives: January 2016

I found these at Shoppers Drug Mart and I didn’t know if they were new or had been around for awhile, so I picked up 3 for $3.19 CAD each.  The packaging is very cute and they actually look like and are the size of regular lipsticks. The clear colour of the tube lets you see accurately the colour inside.

In my opinion these are really just lip glosses with more pigment.  Almost Real and Colour Party are sort of milky and streaky when applied but Beauty Secret applies very well.  I found them a bit difficult to even out.  They feel very comfortable on the lips and they wear as well and as long as an average lip gloss would.  They feel moist on the lips and do not make your lips feel dry after wearing off.  If you enjoy wearing lip gloss and are looking for something more pigmented, this could be something you might enjoy.


I had seen this palette some time ago and when I couldn’t get it out of my mind I ordered it from Nail Polish Canada for $49.00 CAD.  The well made cardboard packaging is fun and colourful with a retro feel.  The eyeshadows and cheek products are covered with a mirrored magnetic flap and there is a separate magnetic flap for the cream lip/cheek products.

The  nine eyeshadows are very soft and easily blended with a mixture of matte, satin and a couple with glitter.  I was able to achieve soft everyday looks and dramatic evening looks with the colours.  I had no fallout with any of the shadows, even the glitter stayed in place.

The face products are fantastic!  Included in this palette is a highlighter, a bronzer, a coral and a pink blush.  The bronzer and the two blushes are matte, but with a touch of the highlighter, you can give them some shimmer and a slightly different finish.   I don’t use bronzer as it’s usually too dark for me, but this bronzer works well as an eyeshadow. The blushes are very pigmented, so a light hand is needed when applying.  The colour lasts all day without fading.

There are two cream lip/cheek products covered separately to keep the powders out.  I don’t like using cream cheeks products, so I have only used them as lip products.  The pink one applies and blends beautifully but the peach one tends to sit on top of the lips and really clings to and accentuates dry patches.


This is a wonderful everyday palette as well as a handy travel palette.  The package is slim with a selection of really good usable long wearing products.  I’m really happy I bought it.  This was also my first time ordering from Nail Polish Canada, I spent enough to get free shipping, I received it in just a couple of days and it came in very protective packaging.  A great experience for me!

I picked this up at Walmart for $9.96 CAD in the colour Seduction.  I love the packaging and the colour itself is pretty.  That’s about all I like about this lip product.

The white stickers are the only place where the name is printed, I usually remove the stickers immediately and wouldn’t have known the name.  There is room for a sticker on the bottom, so I’m not sure why that didn’t happen.  The wand is good, but when you open and apply the product, it smells very heavily of vanilla cupcake, it’s almost sickly sweet.  The smell does not linger once applied.

My next problem?  It’s a matte lip product that is not matte.  It applies glossy and after a half an hour it was still glossy.  The product turns matte on the lips when it starts to wear away.  While wearing away it tends to travel and soon wil be outside the lip line.  

The pros are that it is comfortable and weightless on the lips but the cons outweigh this by a landslide.  It transfers easily and will not last through eating or drinking and it’s just not matte.  It’s very similar to the  Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid (my review of it is here).   Both products are very disappointing.

The display was pretty much empty when I found these at Walmart.  It cost a whopping $10.96 CAD and I picked up the colour Nude Flush.  I didn’t smell it until I got home and it’s awful.  It smells heavily of a sweet floral perfume and it’s unfortunate that it tastes like it too.

The colour is perfect, exactly in the range that I love.  It feels weightless on the lips and very smooth when the lips are rubbed together.  The applicator is flat and slightly slanted and application is quite nice.  Here is where it starts to get weird.  Once applied this formula is glossy and doesn’t dry.  The only way it becomes matte is when it starts to wear off or you blot it.  When that happens you lose the intensity of colour.  I’m at a loss as how this is marketed as a matte liquid lipstick.  I did a little experiment to see how long a swatch would take to become matte.  It never did.  This is the same swatch as above, but turned towards the light.

At the one hour mark, I swiped a finger through the swatch which was still very glossy looking and I wanted to see if it dried at all.  It was still wet.  After the 2 hours were up I easily removed the entirety of the swatch with a dry tissue and had no residue.

This had absolutely no lasting power on me, it faded just drinking water and wore off completely during eating.  I found myself reapplying several times during the day.  If you can get past the smell and the taste and the fact that it’s just an overpriced glossy liquid lipstick with a nice colour selection, then you might enjoy this product.  If you want a matte liquid lipstick, I think you’ll be quite disappointed.

I picked up this powder at Sephora for $20.00 CAD after swatching many similar powders from some high end brands and found that this one felt exactly the same.  This silky smooth powder’s first ingredient is silica and is so ultra fine that it disappears when blended in.  I have used it for setting undereye concealer and have found it lovely to work with.

The container dispenses the perfect amount of powder to use, but I set it upside down and had quite the overflow which covered the mirror on the lid as well.  Because the powder is so fine, I wonder if a sifter would be a better option for dispensing.  I think this translucent powder is a great option if you are looking for a more inexpensive alternative to a higher end powder.  

I’m so happy to have received my Topbox today!  Nothing like getting some goodies in the mail to chase away those January blahs.  I’m quite pleased with what I received this month!  Topbox is a Canadian monthly beauty subscription costing $13.56 CAD (tax included) monthly.  You will receive 4 deluxe sample and sometimes full sized items.

I received Vivierskin C E Peptides which is a Vitamin C and E serum.  The card says it will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s $157 for 30 ml and the sample size is 3.7 ml.  I’ll be excited to see if I see any results when I use it.

I’m very excited to have received an Eyeko Black Magic Mascara.  I have another type by this brand and I absolutely love it.  I also received Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier.  It’s a leave in conditioner that is supposed to help with colour treated hair and fading.  I do lighten my hair, so I’ll see if it helps keep my colour longer.

I also received another nail polish again this month,  I’m not complaining, I love it!  With over 200 polishes in my collection I can always find room for more!  This is a glitter topcoat by Teeez Trend Cosmetics in the colour Fireworks.  It’s filled with gold, blue and fuchsia glitters and is big three free.  It is quite sparkly and I can’t wait to try it out!

Another good month for me from Topbox!