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Monthly Archives: May 2016

When this product first came out, I was very excited to try it.  I found it at Sephora online for $28 CAD.  I haven’t found a lip oil that I’ve been impressed with so I didn’t have high hopes for this one…but it sure looked like a fun product.

The packaging is adorable, it looks like a miniature cocktail shaker.  The pigment settles to the bottom and the oil rises to the top when not in use.  There is a little metal ball inside and when shaken the oil and pigment mix with a delightful rattling sound!

When mixed you screw off the top and there is the softest sponge applicator.  To apply, you don’t swipe on the lips, you dab.  I chose the color Wonder Melon.  Apparently all of the colours have different flavours, well mine smells and tastes like watermelon and I love it!

Wonder Melon is a beautiful watermelon pink colour, it’s very sheer with a lovely shine.  The staying power is not great, but the pigment leaves a light colour on the lips.  Each time it’s reapplied and wears away, the lips will be more stained.  I’ve found that my lips feel nicely moisturized when I wear this product even when it wears away.  I’d like to try some other colours, but it is a pricey product, so I’ll wait and see if I can find it on sale before buying again.


I wasn’t sure how to write the title of this product.  On Sephora’s website it’s listed as Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Blotting Paper, that’s a little long!  Anyways, I’ve tried to get this a few times and it’s always been sold out, I’m happy to say I finally got it from Sephora’s website and it cost $10 CAD.  This seems to be marketed to a younger crowd, I’m way past that but I love the fun packaging.  As an oily skinned gal, I’d say this is the best product I’ve used to absorb excess oil in a long time, not just the product itself but for the convince it delivers as well.

It comes in a sturdy plastic case, which is fantastic because most blotting papers come in cardboard sleeves that get mangled in your purse over time.  It has a mirror which is also great, it’s nice to see if you’ve missed a spot.  Best of all is the sponge with the sticky pad.  It picks up the blotting paper easily and it bends into the contours of your face and protects your fingers from the oily residue picked up on the paper.

The sticky pad can also be peeled off if it begins to lose it’s “stickiness” and there are 4 more underneath.  The paper does a good job at removing the oil and leaving your make up in tact.  They’ve thought of everything to make this an easy to use product, except one.  Refills.  Looks like you have to buy the whole case again when you run out.  Other than that one thing, this is really a must have product for oily skinned girls!

I wanted to give this lip oil a try and so did my daughter.  I decided to buy this product and give her one to test out on the condition that she gave me a review to use.  I picked it up at Walmart for $14.97 CAD.

This lip oil comes in a plastic squeeze tube with the cutest packaging.  I was testing out the pink oil.  It says that it’s fragrance free but I detected a coconut scent.  The oil is easily applied and felt really nice on the lips and gave a hint of colour.  It’s very glossy and will travel outside the lip line if you apply too much.  My lips felt great while I was wearing it, but when it wore off, it was like I had put nothing on my lips at all.  I felt like the oil itself did not absorb at all into the lips but just sat on top.  I experienced  chapped and peeling lips after a few days of wear and was constantly applying to try to combat the dry feeling.  My daughter did not experience this at all, here are her thoughts on this product:

I really wanted to fall in love with the idea of a ‘lip oil’ but this product wasn’t anything too special for me. It went on like a lip gloss, but was not sticky which is something I hate about most glosses. It did leave that strange cotton mouth affect I find happens with most glosses I use. As for long lasting moisture, I don’t think it did any better then say a simple Chapstick. I haven’t noticed any big significant changes from using it. The one thing this lip oil has over both lip gloss and balms is it doesn’t leave that gooey film that most products leave on your lips, which is probably the best thing about it for me. It’s a good product, however I feel it’s a little overpriced for what it is, even if you get two in the package. 

There you have it, two opinions on this product and I’d like to thank her for helping with the review!  My daughter has a blog of her own where she does awesome nail art and reviews nail products.  You can check out her blog here.

My Topbox arrived right on time and it’s an okay one for me this month.  I’ve already had the opportunity to try out 3 of the 4 products, so this is a review as well!

I’ve been loving the organza bags the products come in, they are easy to store away and nice to use as a gift bag and every month it’s a different colour.

I received Novex Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.  It’s a pretty hefty sample size!  I used it and it was fine, my hair wasn’t any softer than usual and I don’t know if there are any benefits after prolonged use, but I’ll use the whole container for sure.  I also received  The Faceshop’s Collagen Pomegranate Pack.  It says to use before bed, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a stay on mask or a moisturizer.  I gave it a try, it’s a light lotion that smelled good, it went on nice and wasn’t oily or greasy.  In the morning my face looked normal.  So I’ll use it up and see if there are any long term benefits.  I also received La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Fluid Lotion SPF 60.  It’s a sunscreen for the face and for sensitive skin.  I never put sunscreen on my face, often my makeup has some.  I’ll give it a try though.

I was very excited to receive a Benefit Roller Lash sample.  I was just thinking it was time to open up a new mascara.  The brush on this one looked interesting with the bristles being smaller on the inside of the curve and longer on the outside.  I didn’t find that the mascara curled my lashes or gave any more length, as a matter of fact, my lashes looked kind of “wonky” after using it.  This could be user error and I’ll keep using it, maybe I have to perfect the wiggling of the wand through your lashes technique that’s suggested to get a nicer look.  

Like I said, it was an okay bag for me this month, I was able to try some new products, but so far none of them make me want to go out and buy full size.  Topbox is a Canadian monthly subscription costing $13.56 a month (that’s including taxes). You receive 4 samples or deluxe samples and sometimes a full sized product.  I have been receiving it for 7 months and over all, I think it’s a great way to try out products that you might not normally buy or know about.  

I looked at this gloss in the colour Spring Ball at Sephora a while ago and knew I must have it.  It was $36 CAD.  I tend to be wearing more gloss than lipstick lately, so I’m discovering some new products.

The packaging is beautiful and the wand is a brush applicator.  I prefer a doe foot, but it works just fine.  The colour is a gorgeous pinky peach with a high gloss shine and a TON of shimmer. Not here is no taste and no smell to this gloss and it has a terrific slip when you rub your lips together.  It claims a “sensational mirror shine” which I feel is true and it also claims “hydra-plumping volume” which I think is somewhat true.  It does feel moisturizing on the lips and any high shine gloss will make your lips look fuller.

The colour shows up very nude almost clear on my lips and when it wears away there is glitter remaining.  I find the wear time with this gloss is about an hour or two.  I really enjoy this product, I like the colour, the comfortable wear, the shine and the glitter.  It’s become a true favourite!

I decided to give this brand of Micellar Water a try and I picked it up at Walmart for $8.97 CAD.  There are two types available and I decided on the regular.  The other one was for removal of waterproof make up.

I had been finishing up a bottle of another brand that was not for use in the eye area, so I was looking for one that could be used on the eyes.  I found that it did remove my make up quite nicely, but it made my eyes sting each time that I used it.  When I checked the label again, I had missed some small print that said to avoid contact with eyes, but it clearly said in three other places on the bottle that it was for eyes and that it had been tested under ophthalmological control.  I do understand that they don’t want you to get it in your actual eyes, but that’s a little bit hard to do while wiping away eye make up with a saturated cotton pad.

That’s the only downside to this product.  It works great on the face and it is not drying at all but I’d be very careful using it around the eyes.  I’ve gone back to using a good old facecloth and water now and I just use this Micellar Water to remove any leftover face make up residue (which really isn’t much).

I picked up this product from Walmart for $2.97 CAD.  I had run out of brow gel and thought that I would try a wax pencil instead.

My unruly brows have given me a lot of trouble for a couple of years now and I’m always looking for ways to make them behave.  This wax pencil glides on very smoothly, but I find that it leaves tiny chunks behind that look like dandruff.  I have to go in with a brush and “rake” them out.  I do this several times before I get the shape I’m after.  There are a few hairs that just won’t lay down with this product and that’s why I think it may be more suited to someone who is after a light hold.  I do like the look of my brow hairs using this pencil.  There are some conditioning elements that make the hairs look shiny and I like that.  If you are looking for a light hold brow tamer, this might be the right product for you and at a great price as well.