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Monthly Archives: March 2016

I picked this palette us at Ulta for $15 USD.  Being new to this brand I thought that price was amazing for 32 eyeshadows!  The case is sleek and compact, but I found that while travelling it scratched quite easily.

The palette comes with a mirror on the lid and has matte and shimmer eyeshadows in mostly nude and taupe shades with a few purple, rose and blacks.

The colours are not that pigmented, but very pretty and unfortunately some look too similar to each other to really tell a difference once on the eye.  

These shadows are buildable and I find that if I use some of them wet, I get a better colour pay off.  I don’t find that I’m reaching for these shadows because there really isn’t anything really special about this palette.  I get some nice looks when I use it, but I have to work for it.  For me this palette is just okay, I’ll keep using it but I’m not in love with it.


I found this at Walmart and picked it up for $9.98 CAD.  With all of this contouring and highlighting going on, I didn’t want to miss out on the “craze”.  This kit comes with three cream products, two powders and a brush.  It’s packaged in a magnetic tin and it has a plastic overlay that I’m not sure if I’m supposed to keep to stop the cream products from drying up.

The first cream product is “Prep” which is an undereye concealer.  It had quite the opposite effect on me and accentuated my fine lines and wrinkles.  The second cream product is “Brighten” which is to be blended with “Prep” to brighten the cheek area.  Yellow tends to make my skin look awful and sickly and it didn’t blend well with my colouring.  The third cream product is “Contour”.  This product was a perfect colour for me and I found that I could use it quite easily to contour with and not look muddy.  The fourth product is “Blend”, which is a powder.  It was extremely patchy on me and much too orange.  The fifth product is “Illuminate” which is a powder highlight.  It is quite smooth to the touch and gives a very subtle glow.  The brush is amazing, I just love it!  I found it perfect for using the cream contour and blending it in.

I understand that when marketing to light to medium skin tones in one product that there will be very few people that everything will work for.  Unfortunately for me, only the contour and brush are the winners in this palette.  I feel that this product is more suited to medium skin tones and if you are pale like me, I’d pass on it.

I picked this lipstick up while on holiday in the US.  I found it at Walgreens for $2.99 USD.  I wish I had bought more!  I picked up the colour Matte Tease and it’s beautiful!

The lipstick glides on like a dream and is instantly comfortable on the lips, almost weightless.  While wearing you can rub your lips together without any resistance.  It has no taste and smells lightly of vanilla.  Wear time is good, it somewhat stays on while eating with sort of a staining effect and is easily touched up without any buildup of product.  Jordana is generally not carried in Canada, so next time I cross the border, I’ll be seeking these lipstick out!

I received one of these as a gift and then realized I already had one in another colour that I hadn’t tried yet!  I have the hot pink one called Pink Lust and the muted pink one called Tea & Cookies.  

These liquid lipsticks go on opaque with one application and dry down to a matte finish almost immediately.  Once dry they feel quite comfortable on the lips and have a slight stickiness when you press the lips together.  

These lipsticks last a good amount of time on the lips but will always transfer.  They have lasted nicely through meals and touch up easily without getting clumpy.  My only complaint is when applying it tends to get on my teeth easily and I have to check throughout the day as it seems to transfer during wear.  I think this is a pretty decent liquid lipstick and have been wearing Tea & Cookies a lot lately!

I found this palette at Walmart and thought that the blush and contour colours were perfect for me.  I picked up the colour 002 Coral Glow for $9.98 CAD.  I was happily surprised when I opened it that there was a bit of a shimmer in the contour and the blush.  I find that these types of powders usually work better for me.

The powder in all three of the pans are very soft and smooth and they are very complimentary to each other.  The highlight has a nice sheen to it and is very natural in colour.  The contour is cool toned and subtle and might be one of my favourites that I have ever used.  The blush is beautiful and also very blendable and gives a lovely healthy glow.  If you are looking for an easy to use natural contour and highlight palette, check this one out I think you’ll love it!

I picked up this lipgloss at Ulta for $5.00 USD in the colour More Than I Could Give.  The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging in rose gold, the second thing was this amazing nude colour that looked like it would be perfect for my complexion.

For the price, this is a fantastic product.  Of course the colour is perfect for me, not too milky with a slight peachy undertone to it.  The texture is great with a nice slip to it and not one bit of stickiness.  The wear time is normal for a lip gloss, a couple of hours.  There is a slight plastic scent to it, but it’s nothing you can smell or taste while wearing.  I wish now that I could have picked up more colours while I was there, but the display for the entire brand was nearly empty.  Hopefully next time I visit Ulta, I will have a chance to look at the other colours.

I love the e-mail I receive that says my Topbox has been delivered to my mailbox.  I ran out to grab it right away!

I received a Teeez angled brush.  I’m always happy to try new brushes, but I really want to use this as a clean up brush for when I do my nails.  I’ll try it on my eyes first though.  I also received a set of Masker Aide Hydrating Eye Gel Patches.  Of course I couldn’t wait to try them out.  These are cool gel patches that felt great under my eyes.  I couldn’t see any changes after use, but it was very relaxing to have them on.

I received another Nova Scotia Fisherman product again this month which is fine with me, I really like this brand.  It’s a minty balm that feels great on the lips!  Lastly I received a Lychee Gel shower and bath gel by Jelly Pong Pong.  I have tried it already, it didn’t have any significant scent to it and it lathered quite poorly.  I wouldn’t recommend it.

Overall this month’s bag was good, not great, just good.  I’d like to see more brand variety as Jelly Pong Pong was the only new brand for me this month.  Maybe I’ll see some new things next month.