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Monthly Archives: November 2015

My hands have been horrible ever since the colder weather arrived so it was time to start keeping care of them.  I received this product in a previous Birchbox and hadn’t really used it.  I pulled it out, started using it and my hands are feeling so much better now.  This size is available on their website for $11 CAD. 

This cream is highly fragranced, it smells like herbs and meadows.  I love the scent and it does dissipate after wearing it for awhile.  It’s a rich cream that feels soothing and when it sinks in your hands will feel smooth and silky.  There is a slight residual greasiness after application but once it sinks in you won’t be leaving fingerprints everywhere.

After working around the house and having my hands in water, you can see the difference this lotion makes after application!  I’ve always loved Crabtree & Evelyn hand care products, if you have never tried anything, you really should!


I picked up two colours of this product for $4.97 CAD each.  Persistent Pink is a light bubblegum pink colour and Champagne Stain is a dark rose colour.  These lip stains have marker tips and feel very rough on the lips when applying.

I find that they are very difficult to apply and when you try to build the colour it actually lifts instead.  Both colours are extremely drying and when I applied something to moisturize, it took the colour off.  The colour comes off easily with water as shown above.  A very slight pink hue will remain, but not enough to be very noticeable.  I’ve tried to use them for “Popsicle” lips, but the staying power just wasn’t there for me.  I’m often surprised when something in a brand’s regular line performs so badly but is still being carried.  I think it must work for some people, just not me.

I was surprised to find this eyeliner at Dollarama for $3 CAD when I had just been looking at it in Walmart for almost $8.  All of the colours in the line where there for the same price.  I had been looking at waterproof nude eyeliners for my waterline.  Eyeliner never stays there and I’m always trying to figure out how people get it to do so.  Anyways the price was right, it was waterproof and it claims 10 hours of wear so I bought it.

This liner comes with some nice features.  It’s retractable, it has a smudger on one end and it also has a sharpener.  The formula is soft and glides on very easily.  This is in no way marketed for waterline use, so I can’t say it’s a bad product, I just had no luck using it in my waterline.  I have watery eyes to begin with.  I dried them them the best I could and was able to apply the product to my waterline.  By the time I picked up my mascara, half of it had disappeared and by the time I finished applying my mascara, it was all gone.  Total fail for me on trying to make my eyes look bigger and more awake.  I’ll come up with some ways to put this liner to use so it won’t go to waste and I think I’ll give up on using products in my waterline.  If you live in Canada and love these liners, check out Dollarama.  I think they will disappear quickly!

Lucky me!  I had accumulated enough Optimum Points at Shoppers Drug Mart to have a $30 credit so of course I headed to the makeup!  I found this NYX palette there for $29.99 CAD so I used my credit on it.  The associate at the Beauty Boutique told me that they will soon be carrying NYX which is fantastic!

This palette has 15 eyeshadows, 4 blushes, 3 highlighters 2 sponge tip applicators and a mirror.  The eyeshadows are on the top and the bottom of the palette slides out to reveal the blushes and highlighters. 

The eyeshadows are almost entirely cool neutrals in matte, satin and shimmers.  The pigmentation is okay, but not wonderful, some of the colours look very similar when swatched and on the eye.  I’ve been able to create a variety of lovely looks with them, but it takes a bit of work.  I did experience a bit of fall out with the darker colours.  The shadows are very smooth, easy to apply and blend.  

The blushes are a bit of a disappointment to me.  Two are very pigmented, but with three cool toned pinks in the set, I feel as you only really get two colours even though they have different finishes.  The highlighters or illuminators as they are referred to on the case are lovely.  The lightest and the darkest have tiny chunks of glitter while the middle one is more of a satin finish and might be used as a finishing powder.  Like the shadows, the blushes and highlighters are all smooth and easy to blend.

I’ve been enjoying this palette a lot and I think it would be a great travel set with it’s hard plastic sturdy case.  I’m excited to see what selection of NYX products Shoppers Drug Mart will be carrying.  I’ve already started saving my points towards another purchase!

I decided to pick this concealer up because I had heard so much hype about it.  I had a hard time deciding the colour but I ended up picking up 110 Fair for dark circles.  I also had a hard time finding it because the displays were always empty.  I found it at Shoppers Drug Mart for $14.99 CAD.  The dark circles under my eyes are not terrible, but with some wrinkles added in, I want to draw attention away from them.

The tip of this product is a very soft sponge like applicator.  You have to twist the red part and there will be clicking then the product will come up through the applicator.  It applies smooth and easily with a good amount of product coming out.  I like the colour, it matches very well.  I found that it didn’t cover the dark circles completely unless I applied a lot, then it just accentuated my wrinkles.  So in my case, less is more.  It wears very well and did not sink into my fine lines.  When I apply over breakouts, it covers quite nicely without looking cakey.  I can see what the hype is about, it is a good concealer, but I think I was expecting more.  I was hoping to have more brightness under my eyes, so I think I would need to choose another colour for that but Fair seemed to be the lightest colour.  I’m not convinced I will repurchase it when I finish it, but for now it’s doing a good job.

UPDATE:  Less than a month later, I had to stop using this product, I was experiencing hives, peeling skin and itching and what looked like chemical burns in the places I used it.  I very obviously had an allergic reaction to something in this product.  I don’t have sensitive skin, so this was an odd thing.  I would suggest a skin test on your arm if you are new to this product.

I usually don’t review items that I receive through my subscription boxes separately, but I’m making an exception after trying out Benefit’s Air Patrol.  I was so excited to receive this in my Topbox this month and used it the very next day with not so great results.  I tried it again and had the same result.

This BB cream eyelid primer says that it will reduce redness, prime to extend the wear of shadow and protect your eyelids against pollutants and and sun.  It also said on the card I received that it won’t crease, fade or smear. It did exactly all three of those things the first time I wore it!  This yellow hued primer has the same texture as most primers I’ve used, but by the end of the first day, my eyeshadow was a mess. I decided to test it against my Urban Decay Primer Potion and below is the result.

The first picture was just after I applied my make up and I did the exact same eye look I had done the day before. My second picture shows that I had some slight but barely noticeable creasing with some fading on the center of my lid and some transferring at the outside edge of my eye on the Benefit side.  By the time the third picture was taken, my eyelid was a greasy mess on the Benefit side and it had run down the outside edge of my eye.  In all fairness, I do have oily lids, but the Urban Decay held up fine and even my e.l.f. primer never creases on me.  The eyeshadows are by NYX and I have been wearing them for over a week with no problems.  

If you have oily skin and eyelids like mine, I don’t think this product will work for you.  I’ll keep buying Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, which is my very favourite anyways.

I recently pulled out this product that I’ve had for awhile but never used.  Red is not the best colour for me to wear, so I avoided it.  This is in the colour Rouge democratic.  It’s a cool toned red with shimmer.  


Surprise!  I love this gloss!  It’s very sheer and gives a decent wash of colour on the lips.  It’s very smooth when you rub your lips together and what surprised me the most is how long lasting it is.  It claims 8 hour moisture and I can’t attest to that, but it certainly is not drying.  The applicator is a small brush, which works quite well although I do favour doe foot applicators.

I also have a mini in the colour Beige Elastic which has the same properties as my full size and gives a lovely nude shine with a frosty finish. 

The full size is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and the Bourjois Canada website for $18 CAD.