I’ve had this palette since it came out, I thought it was a limited edition when I bought it for $64 CAD at Sephora.  It’s still around and it’s still on the Urban Decay’s website.  I love this beautifully packaged palette, but unless you carry a huge purse, it’s really not for on the run.  I have also never chosen to travel with it because of the bulk of the packaging.

Nevertheless I think it’s pretty great!  There’s a 24/7 eye pencil in the colour Stag, which I love and have used quite a bit.  The mascara in Perversion was good, it’s pretty dry now, but I keep it anyways.

The lipgloss in the colour Sesso is a shimmery dark rose gold that is fairly long lasting on me.  I love the packaging on it!

The eyeshadows are great, I like cooler shades and these fit the bill perfectly.  The blush is very flattering but I have been unable to use the bronzer in this palette.  All of the colours lean on the cool side and the bronzer has orange undertones and completely looks out of place.  A shimmery highlighter might have been better suited to this palette.


I’m very happy with this palette.  It has a large mirror, which is great for those who can actually see without glasses. (Can someone start adding magnifying mirrors to palettes?). The eyeshadows are beautiful and if you do use this to travel, I think you can easily replace the mascara, lipgloss and eye pencil if they run out.  This palette is a great way to try out a variety of Urban Decay products with one purchase.