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Nail wraps have been around for years now.  I’ve tried several brands and have always enjoyed using them.  Some were good and some would barely last the day.  Recently I was introduced to the world of Jamberry and my consultant gave me a sample and told me to try their Seven Day Challenge.  I wore them for 7 days and and I loved them!  These wraps were provided to me for reviewing purposes…but I did end up buying a starter kit!

There is a bit more application work with these wraps, you have to heat them.  You can do it with a hair dryer or buy their mini heater.  The wraps come in a variety of sizes and there should be enough for at least two applications with leftovers for accent nails and even for toenails.

I found there is a bit of a learning curve with application.  Finding the size is easy, heating which warms up the adhesive is easy as well.  Application to the nail can be finicky, sometimes it would not go on straight, but I was able to peel it up, heat it again and get it on right.  There is some rubbing required and the excess wrap needs to be filed from the tip.

I really loved the way these looked and I had a variety of options on how I wanted to the design to be.  I could have had Tinkerbell on more nails or not used her at all!

Wear time is at least a week, I got a solid 2 weeks from these wraps and only changed them because I had significant nail growth.  (Before and after pictures above).  There will be some tip wear as well.  Removal is applying acetone and letting it seep under the edges to loosen the adhesive.  I peeled them off (not a recommended way of removal) my nails are in bad shape and I did damage the top layer of my nail doing this.

Before I talk about pros and cons of using these wraps, the above picture shows a way to use “leftovers” by combining  wraps from two different sets.

I have a couple of cons to this product.  First is the price.  A package of wraps starts at $19 CAD.  Jamberry figures this is cheaper than a salon manicure, which is true, but you may not have the salon quality.  Heating the wraps with a hairdryer is cumbersome, so it’s very much easier to use their heater, that’s another $20 or so CAD.  Tip lifting is another con, until you have perfected the application process, you may have some lifting of the wrap around the edges.  You can heat the wrap while on the nail to smooth down.

The pros are that there are a variety of patterns and finishes and there are always new ones coming out.  The wear time is awesome, if you have a problem with nail polish always chipping off, this product could be your answer!  They don’t fade or lose their pattern during wear and you can wash your hands, wash your hair, scrub your floors and they will stay on!  Fun, it’s just fun to have patterns or characters on your nails, there are themed wraps available for holidays and plain ones if you just want a nail polish look.  I enjoyed them so much that I did buy the starter kit, like I said at the beginning, it includes the heater, some accessories and a choice of some wraps.  If you are interested, you can check out my consultant’s website here, you’ll find lots of beautiful wraps and I’m sure you’ll be intrigued!



My Topbox arrived and I was hoping that it was better than last month’s and I can honestly say yes it is!

I received some products that I already have and love, so I’m okay with that.

I’ve reviewed both of these products before.  The Garnier Micellar Water is a really healthy sample size, I’ll put it aside for when I’m done my full sized bottle.  Seche Vite is my very favourite fast dry topcoat.  This teeny tiny size will be my back up because I always like to have one on hand in case the one I’m using gets too thick.

Three months in a row I have received a product from Bella Aura Skincare, I’ve thrown the last two samples out and threw this one out as well.  It just smells horrible to me.  I was very happy to receive 3 packets of Voesh Pedicure Mud Mask.  I have never tried anything like this and I’m excited to do so!

A repeat brand with this product, but I love blushes so I was happy to receive it.  It’s a silky blush and has lovely deep coral and golden highlight tones to it.  I can’t wait to give it a try!

Other than the Bella Aura Skincare product, I’m completely pleased with this month’s bag.  Hopefully Topbox has run out of the Bella Aura, because I don’t want to receive anymore products from this brand.

I’m underwhelmed by this month’s bag, but I’m not sure that it’s totally Topbox’s fault.  There seems to be a lot of repetition in brands and some of those brands do not appeal to me, but they could be someone else’s favourite.  

I received a sample size of Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara.  I have several of these laying around and it is not a favourite of mine because the brush is so big and I tend to get more mascara on my eyelids than my eyelashes.  The Bella Aura Skincare Antioxidant Booster looks promising, I have never tried this brand and if I like it, I’m still not going to pay $125 CAD for the full size of this product.

I received a Novex Leave in Conditioner.  I’ve received 3 items from this brand this past year and it’s okay but I’d like to try something different than a leave in conditioner or hair mask.  I was excited to see a nail polish from China Glaze and it’s Holo at ya Girl from the fall collection.  Despite the name there is no “holo” in it and it’s a glitter topcoat.  I’ve applied it with a sponge to get full opacity of colour.  Because it’s a glitter topcoat, this might be the only time I wear it as glitter is difficult to remove and a peel off base coat (which I am using for this picture) doesn’t have the longevity I like.  It is pretty though.  Overall it’s a “meh” for this month’s Topbox for me.  Hoping next month is more exciting for me.

I found this liquid latex polish barrier at Sephora, and I hesitated at the price of $17 CAD, but I bought it anyways.  I like to do nail art and I often find that cleaning up after sponge gradients or water marbling is quite frustrating and lengthy.  I have used tape before and found that method to be cumbersome.

I was quite shocked when I got home and opened the package at the tiny amount of product you receive.  The packaging is all for the handle.  The brush is short and stiff and very easy to use.  When dipping into the product, if there is dried latex on the rim, it will get caught up on the brush, so cleaning any stringy parts off is crucial.

When applying the product, a very thin coat is all that’s needed.  It’s tinted lilac, so it’s quite easy to see where you’ve applied it and it dries down to a darker purple colour.  Application to all 10 fingers is extraordinarily quick and will take maybe a minute.  It dries equally as quick.  You must be careful not to touch the fingers together as the latex will catch on itself and peel off.  After completing your nail art, removal is easy with a pair of tweezers to find an edge, or you can rub on an edge and it will start to roll up on itself.  It peels away very easily and is quite satisfying to do as well.  Cleanup is minimal, only needed it you’ve gone over the side of the barrier or at the cuticle (which I clearly haven’t done yet).  I have used Liquid Palisade a handful of times and have been extraordinarily pleased with the performance.  I wish for the price, you received more product, but when products like this are hard to find in Canada, I’m very happy to have it.

I’m a huge nail polish fan and have acquired a sizeable collection over the years.  I really love holographic polishes but mainstream brands don’t offer the variety I’m looking for.  I ended up on Nail Polish Canada’s website and found some beautiful different polishes.  Some of these polishes come with a hefty price tag and I decided to treat myself to a couple to see if they are worth the price.  Karma is a colour that piCture pOlish made in collaboration with Sveta Sanders who is an incredible nail artist.  It’s a beautiful eggplant colour with scattered holo and I paid $16 CAD for it.

This polish applied beautifully with full opacity in two coats, the brush worked perfectly for me and is a good size.  The holo is slightly visible in normal lighting and gives the polish depth and a magical glow when the light hits it.  In the right lighting or sunlight, the holo shows it rainbow.

I had significant tip wear within the first 12 hours, but 4 days later, it still looks great with no chipping.  This polish had an incredible shine before applying a top coat and with the topcoat it still has impressive shine.  You are not going to find a polish like this on the shelves of a drug store and I’m happy I splurged on this one!

Last month’s Topbox was quite disappointing, I had received some duplicates that I had just received in April.  I sent off an e-mail to Topbox and they said they would send replacements.  This month’s Topbox arrived and it was just like Christmas in July!  Everyone was also receiving an extra item because of possible mail delivery delays due to an impending postal strike.

My replacement items for last month’s Topbox was a full sized eyeliner by Teeez and a full sized mascara from Model Co.  The eyeliner is a marker type liner, I found it easy to use and a nice dark black color.  It stayed all day the first time I used it and on another day I wore it and I had some watering eyes and it was all over the place.  The mascara was a bit of a drier formula with a big bushy wand.  It was okay and I had a bit of flaking by the end of the day.  I’m still thrilled to have the replacements to try out and I will use them up.

My bonus item was a full sized Deborah Lippmann Nail polish, love the color!  I received a deluxe sample size of Grand Entrance Mascara by Elizabeth Arden, which I will save before trying so I can use up some open ones I have on the go.

I received a Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl by Lâncome.  It has the most oddly wonderful applicator!  It’s metal and swirls around.  It feels immediately cooling when the metal touches the skin and it feels fantastic when applied around the eyes.  I haven’t seen any spectacular results but it sure feels nice.

I was extremely happy to receive a Glam Glow product.  I have always wanted to try something from their line.  This one has exfoiliating particles and some small leaf pieces mixed in.  My skin felt great after using it, but not great enough to spend the money on a full sized one.  I also received a Coconut Hair Treatment from Revlon.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I will.

What a great Topbox this month and great customer service from them as well!  Topbox is $12 a month plus tax and you will receive 4 items every month.  If you are interested check them out here.

I saw this and I thought it was a great way for me to try some products I have been curious about.  It’s a limited edition Sephora exclusive for $48 CAD.  It comes with 8 products and three of them are full sized and the rest are generous deluxe samples.

I’m going to do a blog review on each product and I’ll link them when each one goes up, so this is really an unboxing.  I have to say that I’m really enjoying these products and found that everything has suited my fair skin very well!

Included in this kit is a Vita Liberata Tan Mousse in medium and a Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna.

I have wanted to try this product forever, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal.

You receive a gorgeous nail polish by Formula X – Revved Up in Rose Gold.

You also get two lip products, Tarte Amazonian butter lipstick in Park Ave. Princess and a full size BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Trail Blazer.

Two eye products are included as well!  A full size Smashbox waterproof eyeliner in Penny Lane and a full size Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Copper.

These products when used together have given me a glowy natural bronzed face without looking like I have been baking in the sun all day.  I think it’s a great value for the money as the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick costs $35 CAD if you bought it alone and the BareMinerals lipgloss is $23 CAD.  It is limited edition, so who knows how long they will be around!