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Pick it up: Vichy website

Price: $56.95 (I received mine for free for reviewing purposes)

Pros: Smells like roses. Not greasy. Absorbs well into your skin.

Cons: Smells like roses. Pricy

The rose smell was off putting at first, but now that I’ve been using this product daily for a month, I’ve got to admit I really like it now. The cream is luxurious and has a shimmer to it. This could be the reason your skin glows when it’s applied. I found that my skin loved this cream, I never broke out and my complexion looks very nice. It’s made for mature skin which is usually dry. I have oily skin and it did not make my skin get oilier.

Would I buy again? Yes, but only if it was on sale!


Pick it up at: Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart

Price: $8.99 on sale at Shoppers

Pros: Natural ingredients. Natural look. Feels good on the lips with a nice slip to it.

Cons: Twist up dispenser with brush. Doesn’t wear very long.

Thoughts: It feels very nice on the lips when first applied. I’m not a fan of this applicator, I found I couldn’t get enough or I had put too much on and had to blot some off. This colour is very light on my lips and did not show up very well. It wore off quickly and I had to reapply multiple times during the day. My lips would feel extremely dry between applications.

Would I buy again? No

Pick it up at: Sephora

Price: $45 CAD

Pros: Its good for light to medium skin tones. It neutralizes pink or reddish skin. Feels lightweight on the skin and wears well all day long. It has a pump. Light to medium coverage.

Cons: It’s a moisturizer so oily skin people might find themselves shiny. It only comes in one colour. Might not deliver on the benefits as advertised.

Thoughts: I really like this B.B. cream! I have very oily skin and I do have to apply a powder after application as it feels a bit sticky on my skin. I use a brush for application to give me sheer coverage. I really use it as a foundation and not for the B.B. Cream benefits. This product is the perfect colour on my “winter” skin, but will be far too light for summer. It lasts all day on me and it looks great by the end of the day.

Would I buy again? Yes for sure!

My favourite time of the month is here! It’s lovely to try out new beauty items and this Month’s Topbox had products I had never tried before!

Clinique eye makeup remover. Hope it does the job!

I’m going to follow up with Blaq charcoal eye mask. I’m sure it will feel amazing!

The Delectable Body Butter Cream smells amazing.

Nude by Nature Natural Glow Loose Bronzer in Bondi Bronze. Smooth, silky and gives a lovely glow to my hand. I’ll try it on my face tomorrow!

I may have tried this Simple cleansing facial wipe before. I’m going to save it for when I travel. This bonus product came with some coupons that I might even use!

Great Topbox this month! I love trying new things!

I picked this product up at Shoppers Drug Mart for $5.99 CAD.  It was a new product I wanted to try and the price was excellent!  I bought the colour 05 Fair.

I felt that the colours were a bit off.  I thought that this colour was too light for me and on the yellow side and the next colour up was just too dark.  Once I tried it though, it was just fine.  I really like this powder and it’s a good product,  but there is nothing really outstanding or spectacular about it.  I had a particularly hard time opening it up as I didn’t realize that it is a twist off lid, I was yanking on that lid for several minutes!  The reservoir for the powder is a nice depth and my powder brush fits in without spilling product over the sides.  If you are curious and want to try this finishing powder, I’d wait for a sale and not pay full price.

I received these product for reviewing purposes quite some time ago, little did I know that these products would become a staple in my morning and evening routine!

I have very oily skin and I have run across very few products that I feel help control the oils while helping with the breakouts associated with having my skin type.  The foaming face wash is amazing!  It is light and airy and lathers nicely when you use it.  It’s easy to wash off and absolutely removes any residual makeup and oils from my skin.  My skin is always left feeling clean.  I use it morning and night and have never experienced any drying, but my skin will have that tight feeling.  The Oil Control Moisturizer has an SPF of 30 in it, I also use it morning and night, it blends in nicely and just feels good on the skin.  It also makes a great primer for under my makeup!

I feel my makeup wears better throughout the day and my skin has less breakouts.  I have already done the reviews required of me to receive these products, but I’ve enjoyed them so much I just had to share.  These two products going forward will always be a part of my cleansing routine as long as I have oily skin!

Shoppers Drug Mart had many Mabelline products on for $5.99 CAD so I picked up a few items I have never tried before.  I had actually never heard of this foundation and was excited that this could actually be something that would help with my oily skin!  The photograph on the left is showing the product more orange than it really is.

This stick Foundation glides on smoothly and easily, I’ve been using a beauty sponge to blend and it works quite nicely.  I feel it gives light to medium coverage, but I have no problem going over some spots a second time and it covers satisfactorily.  The lighter middle apparently is cream to powder and it does feel like a powdery finish once it is on.  I do set it with a powder anyways.  It wears very nicely and my skin is actually less oily throughout the day.  The colour Classic Ivory is perfect on my summer skin, it is so perfect in fact, I can barely see where I’ve applied it!  I really love this foundation and I’m so glad that I bought it!