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After several attempts to get my hands on this mascara, Shoppers Drug Mart finally had some in stock.  I picked it up for $4.99 CAD.  I had heard that this mascara had some great reviews and I wanted to try it myself.

I was quite impressed right off the bat!  It applied easily without clumping and my lashes looked pretty darned good.  Another coat and my lashes were longer than they had looked in a very long time.  I was instantly sold!  The mascara wore very nicely and stayed on without smudging for the entire day.  I had a few very tiny specks of flaking, almost not worth mentioning.  I tried it with a primer and no more tiny specks!  I had a slight problem taking the mascara off.  It wanted to stay on, I used several methods over time, eye makeup remover and micellar water included, I would think that I got it all off, but woke each morning with black smudges underneath my eyes.  This mascara was on for the long haul.  If you don’t mind a little work with removal, this mascara is an inexpensive long wearing, quality product!


I didn’t know that essence had a setting spray and decided it was inexpensive enough to give it a try.  I can’t remember the exact price but it was between $4 to $5 CAD.

I’ve only used this spray a few times, so I can’t honestly say how well it works for me.  The problem is the spray pump.  Most fixing sprays would deliver a fine mist of the product on to your face.  This pump delivers a good forceful spray and leaves my face wet.  I’ve tried to adjust the distance from my face when I spray it,  and the further away  the less control I have.  It’s just not worth ruining my make up because of a possible faulty spray nozzle.  I just use this now if I want to spray an eyeshadow brush for foiling eyeshadow.  If I find another pump that delivers a finer mist, I may try it out again for what it was meant to be used for.

I found this foundation at The Real Canadian Superstore for $5.99 CAD.  It only came in 3 colours and even though I’m fair, I decided on the darkest one 30 Pure Honey.  The two lighter colours were very much on the yellow side and Pure Honey seemed to blend in with my skin better.

I’ve worn this foundation several times, but my “winter skin” has lost any colour it had from the summer and it’s just too dark for me now.  When I did wear it, the formula didn’t give me the coverage I wanted, it truly is lightweight.  I was able to build it up, but I didn’t feel that looked very nice on my skin when I did.  Pure Nude reminds me more of a BB cream than a foundation and because of it’s lightweight coverage and feel, I’d prefer  BB cream over this.  If you are going for a no make up look, this might be worth looking at.

I found these at the Real Canadian Superstore in probably the best and largest essence display I had ever seen!  I had never heard or seen these lip products and I loved the colours 01 invisible kiss and 02 vintage rose.  They cost $4.99 CAD each.  A little pricier than most essence lip products.

I was intrigued by the sharp point and it actually worked perfectly to get a nice line around the lips, applying the product as lipstick was quite easy as well, just use the side of the cone shaped lip product.  The colours I chose are beautiful and both applied nicely and were very smooth and comfortable on the lips.  They wore as well as any regular lipstick and did not last through meals, but they touch up very nicely.  Here is the bad part, and it makes me sad because I really like these.  After a couple of uses, the tip gets weak and breaks off, the vintage rose one broke twice.  You may be able to reshape it a bit when you use the side of the product, but here is the other bad part, what you see is all the product you get.  There is nothing to twist up, and because of that, you can’t twist down either, so the product ends up on the inside of the lid.  Although I love the formula and the colours, this product is not worth the $4.99 price tag.

I found another favourite lipstick from essence at Shoppers Drug Mart.  I picked up the colour 02 Cute Nude for $2.49 CAD.  The price is great and so is the lipstick!

The colour is supposed to be sheer and it is, but it carries a lot of colour at the same time.  Cute Nude tends to lean on the peachy side when I wear it.  The colour is not long lasting, but feels very moisturizing and reminds me of a balm.  There is a faint dull chemical smell to it, but on the lips it tastes sweet.  This is an natural looking extremely easy to wear shiny lipstick.  I’m going to have to check out the other colours in this line now!

I picked this top coat up because I had never seen anything like it before.  It cost about $3.00 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart.  This is a sheer white polish that makes any nail polish turn more pastel with each coat that is applied on top.  You can create an ombré effect with all of the nails on your hand or you can ombré each nail.  I chose to do each hand.

I was happy with the look I got, but a I think a darker polish would give a more dramatic ombré look.  The idea is that you leave one nail with none of the top coat, the next nail you add one coat, the next nail you add two coats and so on.  My thumb has a base coat, 2 coats of polish and a top coat on it and my pinky finger has a base coat, 2 coats of polish, 4 coats of Pastel Ombré and another topcoat.  That’s a lot of polish!  I found that it was streaky and bubbled when it dried, but from a distance you can’t really see those things.  I really like this top coat, I think it’s a fun and different way to get an Ombré nail look without having to use many bottles of nail polishes!

I found these at Shoppers Drug Mart and I didn’t know if they were new or had been around for awhile, so I picked up 3 for $3.19 CAD each.  The packaging is very cute and they actually look like and are the size of regular lipsticks. The clear colour of the tube lets you see accurately the colour inside.

In my opinion these are really just lip glosses with more pigment.  Almost Real and Colour Party are sort of milky and streaky when applied but Beauty Secret applies very well.  I found them a bit difficult to even out.  They feel very comfortable on the lips and they wear as well and as long as an average lip gloss would.  They feel moist on the lips and do not make your lips feel dry after wearing off.  If you enjoy wearing lip gloss and are looking for something more pigmented, this could be something you might enjoy.