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Monthly Archives: February 2017

A spur of the moment cross border shopping trip made me wildly happy as I found some products that I haven’t been able to find in Canada yet.  I found a fantastic Wet n Wild display at Walmart and was happy to see a large selection of their new foundation in stock.  There was such a good range of colours and I didn’t want to go home with a wrong one so I bought two.  I picked up Shell Ivory which is a fair neutral and I picked up Buff Bisque which is a light medium neutral.  They were only $4.68 USD each.  I figured I could darken up the lighter one if it was too fair, but the Shell Ivory turned out to be a great match and I’m sure the Buff Bisque will work great when summer arrives and my skin darkens up a bit.


I am so impressed that the colours came in cool, neutral and warm tones, I have never seen that range in an affordable foundation before.  The foundation has a strong chemical smell right out of the bottle, but it disappates immediately after application.  There is a paddle applicator which I don’t mind, I apply it straight to my freshly washed face.  If you are afraid of contaminating the product, you could drip some on the back of your hand or onto a brush or sponge instead.  

Depending on the amount applied, you can get light to medium coverage.  I find that it applies quite nicely, but remains slightly tacky as it dries down.  As I have oily skin, I always set my foundation with a powder, so I have no problems with this.  The finish is quite lovely, in fact, I find myself admiring it every time I look in the mirror.  I have had many compliments on my great skin too!  It wears nicely throughout the day and even though it does nothing to help my oily skin, it also doesn’t break down because of it.  This foundation is fantastic for the price and the colour range is extraordinary too.  After wearing it for just one week, I’ve tossed all of my other foundations into a drawer.  The only downside, like I mentioned, is the smell.  If you can get past that, I think if you give this a try, it will surely become a favourite!


My Topbox arrived and guess what I received AGAIN!?  I have a few words about that later…

I received a hot oil treatment and I’m excited to give it a try, I have never heard of this brand before.  I received a watermelon flavoured lip balm from Mettrum Originals.  I Googled the company and apparently they sell medical cannabis along with this line of hemp based products and foods as well.  I tried the lip balm out and it felt quite heavy and a bit waxy on the lips.  It smells nice though.

I received a deluxe sample of Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Chihuahua.  I love the melted metal formula, so I’m glad to try this formula out, but I fear the colour may be wrong for me.

I received a card sample of Cover Shot eye shadows from Smashbox.  I just reviewed this palette in Golden Hour and I’ve really enjoyed it.  Last and I hope it’s the last, please let it be the last.  I received another sample of Bella Aura skincare.  Topbox must have received samples of the the entire line, because this is the fourth month in a row I have received something from it.  This one, like all of the others has a smell that I cannot tolerate and I threw it into the garbage immediately.  I checked their website and there is one more item in the line that I’m willing to bet will be in March’s bag.  I am happy with my Topbox this month, a couple of new products to try is always a nice thing.  I hope I’ve seen the last of Bella Aura, but I guess I will find out next month.

It’s rare that I walk into Sephora and they actually have something I wanted to look at in stock.  I was very pleased that the whole collection of these eyeshadow palettes were there, but on the other hand, it’s hard to choose the ONE you want to buy when all are available.  In the end I chose Golden Hour for $35 CAD.

The cover packaging is really fun.  Tilt the palette and it looks like an explosion, I don’t think I’ve seen something like this on make up before!  The palette is plastic and the top is thin with a mirror inside and has a magnetic closure.


There are a couple of neutral mattes in the palette which is really nice and the rest of the colours have some shimmer to them.  All of the shadows are very soft and smooth to the touch.
The shadows are easy to use and blend well with the exception of Rock Stars which is quite patchy.  The colours are quite pretty but are similar in tone so I find myself getting the same type of looks even when I use different shadows.  They wear very well (I do use a primer) and keep true to their colour for the entire day.  I’ve experienced no fall out during application.  Other than my disappointment with Rock Stars, this is a very nice little palette and with five palettes in the collection to choose from, I’m sure you can find a shade range that would suit your style!

A while ago a friend of mine bought a lash primer from a high end brand and told me how fantastic it was.  I had never used a lash primer before and didn’t feel I needed one until recently and I remembered my friend telling me how much it improved the look of her lashes and I thought it might be time to try one.  I decided to go with a more inexpensive option and bought one from Wet n Wild for $5.97 CAD at Walmart.  

I’m not sure how a primer for lashes is supposed to work and I’m not sure if it’s really just a white mascara but when I used it I saw significant length improvement when I applied my mascara over top of it.  This primer has a medium consistancy and is not clumpy when applied to the lashes.  It dries quite quickly and does not dry bright white but more of a dark cream colour.  I’ve been applying two coats of the primer and follow up with one coat of mascara.  Everything stays in place all day long with no smudging or flaking, and best of all, my lashes still look long by day’s end.  I’ve tried it with several brands and have had great results with all of them.  Some of the mascaras I didn’t like and were too clumpy went on like a dream when using this primer.  If you feel like you need a little help in the lash department, give this product try, it’s priced right and it works!