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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Canada Post must be working into the evenings, because my tracking for my Topbox said it would be delivered on a certain day and it wasn’t, but when I woke in the morning, it was in my mailbox!  Maybe it was Christmas magic!  I was sort of hoping for a holiday themed Topbox for December, you know something with some shine and sparkle but nothing that exciting was received this month.

I received a Fusion Beauty clear eyebrow gel that is supposed to help nourish the brows as well.  I’ll be excited to see if it makes any difference on my sad, sad brows.  Last month I received a product from Bella Aura, I couldn’t get past the smell and after a few uses, I threw it away.  A different product this month, for the eyes, same smell.  It reminds me of fabric softener sheets and moth balls.  Anyways, I threw it away as well.  I can’t imagine passing this along to someone when I can’t stand the smell of it.


Remember when Cake was the big thing?  I used to love using their products, but I haven’t used anything in a long time.  I received a Heavy Cream hand cream.  It’s thick, it absorbs well, it’s really smelly in a sickly sweet sort of way.  If I keep my hands away from my face, I’m okay and it really does make dry hands feel nice.  Lastly I received a make up sponge from Laritzy cosmetics, I never heard of this company and I’ll give the sponge a try for sure.  There was also a coupon for a free product of U by Kotex not to exceed $4.00.  I’ll take it along to the store with me and see what I can get with it.

Another “okay” bag for me this month, it would have been fun to get some red nail polish or lipstick or some glittery eyeshadow for the holiday season.  Even though I didn’t love the products I received, someone else might have been thrilled with all of these products.  You can’t please everyone!


Oh my, oh my, oh my!  This could possibly be one of my favourite make up products of the year!  I saw it and was intrigued, I went to Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique and was able to use my Optimum Points and get it for $35 CAD.  I have been using it non stop!

The packaging is beautiful, sturdy plastic case in gunmetal and gold.  Inside the lipsticks are protected my a clear smoky hinged cover and the lid has a nice mirror.  The only downside is because of the beautiful mirror like finish on the outside, it really shows fingerprints, but on the flip side of that, you can easily check out the state of your lipstick without even opening the case up.


Included with this lipstick palette is probably one of the best lip brushes I have ever used.  This is a well thought out item as it’s retractable!  Push up and the brush pops up, push down and it pops down and there is even a tiny “door” to cover it when it’s closed.  You can easily do this using only one hand and here is absolutely no messy lipstick smears inside the case.  I’ve been cleaning the brush between colours, just by wiping it on tissue, but a good brush cleaning would be required if you go between dark and light colours.

The thing I like most about this palette is the choice of colours.  I would probably never buy the colour Blackmail over a more neutral colour like Vanished, but because it’s in this palette, I have worn it several times.  It really gives me the opportunity to wear colours that I would not normally buy.  I also like that I can play with the colours together and come up with my own customized shade.  Sheer Shame has turned out to be my very favourite, Big Bang has lots of sparkle that I really like and Consiracy has a nice metallic finish that I’ve been enjoying.  All of the lipsticks have been very long wearing and comfortable.  I can generally apply in the morning and have them wear gracefully over my lunchtime meal and still look pretty darned decent by days end.  The sheer ones wear off faster.  The case makes it portable if you carry a large enough purse, but I find I don’t need a touch up with many of the colours.

This palette is a wonderful way to try out some of the Urban Decay lipsticks and experience a variety of their finishes.  I’ve never bought a lipstick palette before this one, and I just love it!