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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Several years ago I received a foil sample of this dry oil in a magazine.  I used it after a shower, it absorbed into my skin instantly and had a very light floral scent that was amazing.  My skin felt so soft that I knew I had to buy some.  I was able to find 50ml bottle at Shoppers Drug Mart for $26 CAD.  I savoured every single drop, this amazing product is made with 6 precious plant oils and I found it wonderful for my skin and my hair.  When that bottle was done, I knew I needed another one.  I went back to Shoppers and the girl told me they wouldn’t be carrying it anymore, I panicked a bit, but she was able to find some bottles in a drawer.  When she scanned one, the price had been reduced and I bought everything she had!

I use this oil daily, it’s never greasy, it’s fantastic in my hair and it smells great.  When my stash runs out I will be buying more.  I have found a few other places that carry it along with other products made by Nuxe.



I must confess that I’m a lip balm junkie.  I’m always on the lookout for that hidden gem of a product.  I think I might have found it!  I ran across this lip balm at The Real Canadian Superstore and bought it for $6.99 CAD.  It was located in the organic and natural products aisle.  The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that it was made in Nova Scotia and both of my parents were born and raised there, so of course I had to buy.  I bought a hand cream for my mom as a gift and the lip balm for myself.

This balm comes in a push up tube, it smells sweet and earthy.  It’s made with all natural products and is 93% organic.  It feels a bit waxy on application and doesn’t really have much flavour to it, but I love it!  It’s long lasting and very smoothing.  I have also used it as a base before applying lipstick and it works great!  Because  it comes with a push up tube, I have to use the cap to push it back down again which is really not a big problem.  I also feel that this would be a lip balm that men would enjoy and wouldn’t mind carrying in their pocket.  Check out their website for a look at their other products.  Everything is made with sea kelp and they also have a partnership with The Nature Conservancy of Canada…so basically it’s a win win product.  You win by getting an awesome natural product and the environment wins as well! 


My youngest daughter stopped in for a visit one day and her hair smelled amazing.  She was using some Lush products and recommended their shampoo bars to me.  This soon resulted in a “Lush Run” with both of my daughters a few days later.  My daughter had been using a cinnamon and clove shampoo bar,  but after smelling all of them, I was drawn to the Brazilliant one.  It smelled like sweet oranges!  I have very curly hair that I straighten the majority of the time and I also like to be blonde…but I’m really a brunette.  This bar claimed to tame unruly locks, it’s made with natural products and safe synthetics and of course it’s cruelty free.  It cost $9.95 CAD and I bought the tin to store it in as well for $3.95 CAD.

I must admit I was skeptical about using a bar shampoo, but was delighted because it lathered instantly and without effort.  I was also not fumbling with a shampoo bottle that I couldn’t read without my glasses on.  The website says it can last up to 80 uses.  That works out to .12 a wash!  My hair smelled great and it styled beautifully.  Most impressive though was the shine that it gave to my hair.  I’ll try some others in the future, but I already think that this one will be my favourite!


Several years ago I suddenly became allergic to traditional stick antiperspirants.  I broke out in a horrible rash and had to use diaper cream in my “pits” for an entire summer.  TMI ?  Every time I healed I tried another brand with no luck.  I then moved on to sprays with no problems.  I also began my search for more natural options.

I ran across GeoDeo Island at Walmart and it was only $3.99 CAD.  It offers 24 hour protection, natural ingredients and enzymes to fight odours.  It smells like a tropical paradise!  I thought I had hit the jackpot when I wore it and I didn’t break out.  Unfortunately those enzymes didn’t work very well on me and I was stinking pretty.  Back to the drawing board for me.  I would still recommend this product, for the price it is worth a try…and it sure does smell nice.  


Have you ever ran across a product that was so awesome that you need to tell everyone about it?  This product would be it for me!  Although it’s a personal goal of mine to move towards using more natural products, I just can’t seem to leave this top coat behind.  Why?  Because it dries your nail polish in minutes and leaves behind  a great shine.  I often do my nails right before bed and with this top coat I can crawl right under the covers and have no smudging.  Fantastic right?

There is a downside though.  It smells like paint thinner and should be used in a well ventilated area, it contains toluene (there is some controversy over the dangers of using products containing this), you should not use it if you are pregnant and you can never finish a bottle before it gets thick and gloopy.  A thinning product is available that will help with the last problem.  I have even had it get so thick that the brush separates and becomes stuck in the product as shown below.

Nevertheless I still use this product weekly because I haven’t found anything that works better.  I always buy it at Winners and it’s usually priced at $6.99 CAD.  I often find it in the clearance section for $5.00 CAD as well.


A few weeks ago I wandered into a newly opened Rexall Pharmacy.  I perused the aisles and came across a product line I had never heard about before.  Ours by Cheryl Hickey.  I was particularly attracted to the Anything Balm and picked one up for $11.99 CAD.

This balm is filled with lots of natural ingredients like avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil and vitamin E.  It’s also cruelty free.  The first thing I noticed was although the product was solid, it melted into your fingers when touching it.  I applied it to my cuticles first and I thought it was greasy, but was surprised to find that it absorbed quite quickly!  Well next thing you know I was applying it everywhere!  I also love the light lemony scent.  I think it would take a long time to use an entire tin because a little will go a long way.

So if you are looking for a balm that can do “anything” try this one out!  You can check out their website for information about their entire product line.