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Monthly Archives: November 2016

I didn’t know that essence had a setting spray and decided it was inexpensive enough to give it a try.  I can’t remember the exact price but it was between $4 to $5 CAD.

I’ve only used this spray a few times, so I can’t honestly say how well it works for me.  The problem is the spray pump.  Most fixing sprays would deliver a fine mist of the product on to your face.  This pump delivers a good forceful spray and leaves my face wet.  I’ve tried to adjust the distance from my face when I spray it,  and the further away  the less control I have.  It’s just not worth ruining my make up because of a possible faulty spray nozzle.  I just use this now if I want to spray an eyeshadow brush for foiling eyeshadow.  If I find another pump that delivers a finer mist, I may try it out again for what it was meant to be used for.


I’m underwhelmed by this month’s bag, but I’m not sure that it’s totally Topbox’s fault.  There seems to be a lot of repetition in brands and some of those brands do not appeal to me, but they could be someone else’s favourite.  

I received a sample size of Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara.  I have several of these laying around and it is not a favourite of mine because the brush is so big and I tend to get more mascara on my eyelids than my eyelashes.  The Bella Aura Skincare Antioxidant Booster looks promising, I have never tried this brand and if I like it, I’m still not going to pay $125 CAD for the full size of this product.

I received a Novex Leave in Conditioner.  I’ve received 3 items from this brand this past year and it’s okay but I’d like to try something different than a leave in conditioner or hair mask.  I was excited to see a nail polish from China Glaze and it’s Holo at ya Girl from the fall collection.  Despite the name there is no “holo” in it and it’s a glitter topcoat.  I’ve applied it with a sponge to get full opacity of colour.  Because it’s a glitter topcoat, this might be the only time I wear it as glitter is difficult to remove and a peel off base coat (which I am using for this picture) doesn’t have the longevity I like.  It is pretty though.  Overall it’s a “meh” for this month’s Topbox for me.  Hoping next month is more exciting for me.

While browsing through Sephora’s website a couple of weeks ago, I found this Limited Edition palette on sale for more than half off, so I bought it for $30 CAD.  Urban Decay is one of my favourite brands, so how could I go wrong?

The eyeshadow palette is beautifully presented in sturdy packaging with a large mirror in the lid.  

I did notice immediately that some of the eyeshadows seemed particularly similar to each other, but knowing that sometimes it translates differently on the eyes.  I’ve played with the colours for a few weeks now and I can tell you that they do not.  Anaheim and Zone are very similar and you can barely see a difference when worn.  The same goes for Steady and Baby as well as Blond and Bathwater.  The colour Punk is fabulous and Danger makes a lovely eyeliner.  I have Skimp, Stark and Blackout in other palettes and they are all good shadows.

My swatches are all one “swipe” and not layered to build up colour.  All of the shimmer colours swatch much darker than when used on the eyes with a brush.  This turned out to be my biggest disappointment with this palette.  To get any of the lighter shimmer colours to show up, I have to use them wet.  Pop has some glitter in it and there is always fall out.  When I used it wet and packed on the colour, the result was glitter all over my glasses and cheeks once it had dried.  I know the shortcomings of this palette, but I still like it.  I am not able to achieve a variety of looks, but the look I do get, is one that I wear regularly.  It is a very neutral palette but I think for even the sale price, I would put my money towards one of the Naked palettes instead.

I found this at Walmart and picked it up for $6.64 CAD.  This glycerine based hand cream is a product I really love!

Going into the colder months, my hands get noticibly drier.  I put just a small dab of this cream on my hands and work it in and my skin looks and feels instantly moisturized.  Just the tiniest bit goes a long way and it absorbs fairly quickly leaving the skin silky smooth feeling.  If you manage to put too much on, it will feel like your hands are coated.  I feel it lasts well through several hand washing.  If you are like me and sometimes get itchy dry spots on your hands, this cream will sooth it right away.  With the concentrated amount needed, this tube will last a very long time and for the price, this is quite the bargain costing a fraction of a penny per use!

I found this foundation at The Real Canadian Superstore for $5.99 CAD.  It only came in 3 colours and even though I’m fair, I decided on the darkest one 30 Pure Honey.  The two lighter colours were very much on the yellow side and Pure Honey seemed to blend in with my skin better.

I’ve worn this foundation several times, but my “winter skin” has lost any colour it had from the summer and it’s just too dark for me now.  When I did wear it, the formula didn’t give me the coverage I wanted, it truly is lightweight.  I was able to build it up, but I didn’t feel that looked very nice on my skin when I did.  Pure Nude reminds me more of a BB cream than a foundation and because of it’s lightweight coverage and feel, I’d prefer  BB cream over this.  If you are going for a no make up look, this might be worth looking at.