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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Bath and Body Works semi annual sale.  Do I need to say more?  Oh, and a coupon provided by my daughter.  Yes life is good!  I picked up a few items including a new candle that was on for 50% off.  With the coupon it cost $9.15 CAD.  I decided not to go with something familiar and try something new.  I will always choose a fruit scent or a spicy scent.  Spiced Pineapple Samba is the best of both worlds!

I had to finish the last little bit of my Watermelon Lemonade candle before lighting this one.  The scent throw is great and it doesn’t give me a headache.  While burning I’m aware of the scent but it’s not overpowering.  It does have a mild pineapple smell that is not too spicy.  It’s a winner!


It’s got to be over 10 years sinced I used a bar of soap.  Don’t worry, I’m a clean person!  I use body washes in the shower and liquid soap to wash my hands.  I don’t know what made me stop and look at it at Dollarama, but I did and then bought 3 bars for $1.50 CAD.


When I used it in the shower, the smell was the same as I remembered and it lathered well.  Rinsing, my skin was squeaky clean.  I wonder why so many of us have shifted to liquid soaps and away from bar soaps.  I’m going to use both now.  What do you use?

I have curly hair.  Not those lovely curls that can be tamed, but wild unruly curls.  In high school they called me mop top.  I almost always straighten my hair but on humid days I turn into a frizzy mess.  I often have people comment that I’m so lucky, but they don’t realize that when you have “wild” hair, you get “wild” hair styles.  In the past I have used products for curly hair and I usually end up with a crunchy helmet head.

I found Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Envy at the Real Canadian Superstore for $9.99 CAD.  I thought I would give it a chance.  It has a nice lemon scent and it’s a cream.  

After washing my hair I add a little bit to my hands rub it together and run my hands through my damp hair then let my hair air dry.  When my hair dries, I have a mass of soft shiny curls.  Soft…I mean SOFT!  This product is a game changer for me!  Now anyone with curly hair knows that if you sleep on your hair, you are going to wake up with a massive mess in the morning.  When I use Curl Envy and I’ve slept on my hair, the next morning I spritz it with water and those lovely soft curls return!

If you have problems embracing your natural curl, this could be the product you have been waiting for!

I saw these liquified lipsticks at Sephora when they first came out.  The tester for the Metallic Peony was missing and it was really the only colour I was interested in trying.  Another trip at another time and there it was!  I swatched it and bought it for $25 CAD.  The regular formula of this lipstick didn’t really interest me.  I like a little more shine.  I found the formula easy to apply with the sponge tip applicator and really not “metallic” at all.  I felt it looks more glossy than anything.  It is fairly long wearing and when it does wear off you will find a glitter residue on your lips.

It is easy to reapply without getting a build up of product and I think that Melted Metallic Peony is a good summer lip colour to match corals and pinky corals.

I little goes a long way with this lipstick, so I’m sure this will last a long time!

I’m sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and drinking a cold glass of water from my Tervis Tumbler.  I discovered these tumblers on an annual trip to the United States a couple of years back.  Not knowing what they were really about I bought a gold fish one for $15 USD. Since that time I have grown my collection to three tumblers and one mug.  These have become my very favourite beverage holders. 


You can buy them with lids or without.  I bought my goldfish one at Meijers with a lid included and the others I have bought at a Tervis store in Frankenmuth and I chose the type and colour of the lid I wanted for these.  The lids are interchangeable if the tumblers are the same size.  I didn’t get a lid for my mug.  I’m not a huge fan of the lids as I tend to spill more on myself than I get into my mouth.  (There may be an art to using them).  I did buy one that fits only a straw and I like that one so much better.  The lids are handy if you are taking your cup with you in the car.


So you might be thinking why I would pay so much for one of these tumblers?  Besides being adorable with hundreds of designs, these cups are durable and they keep cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot.  I did a little experiment for you.  I just happen to have a fish glass, so I used that against my Tervis fish tumbler!  I put a giant ice cube in each glass with water and set them on the counter.  I checked after half an hour and there was condensation on the fish glass and the ice cube had melted substantially.

I checked again after an hour and the Tervis tumbler still had an ice cube.  The one in the fish glass had melted and there was a lot of condensation on the outside of the glass.

I have used insulated cups before, but they have not held up like the Tervis ones have.  I have dropped them, put them in the freezer, cleaned them in the dishwasher and they still look as good a new!  On their website you can even customize your tumbler.  Check out their website at www.tervis.com and see all of their awesome products. In Canada I’ve seen a good selection at Bed Bath and Beyond and their website also has an awesome selection. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.ca/store/s/tervis


I’ve mentioned before how I am unable to use solid stick form anti-perspirants.  Imagine my delight to run across this at Walmart, a brand new spray!  I bought the Fresh Energy for $4.99 CAD.  The next day I was eager to try it out, it was pleasant smelling and it was not wet on application.  I went about my day and occasionally had a “whiff” to see how it was holding up and I was still smelling good.  By the end of the day I knew I had a winner!  I did go back and pick up Shower Clean.  I wanted to see if the scent with that one would stay with me all day like the Fresh Energy did.  (It did).  The claim on the can was that it would last for 48 hours, so I thought I would give it a try.  I was able to make it to 36 hours before needing a shower, not because my arm pits were stinking but because I felt gross.  At 36 hours, my pits still smelled fresh!

I am very pleased I picked up this product, I think it’s fantastic.  If you are having problems with the performance of your current anti-perspirant, give this one a try!

I purchased this blush quite some time ago from Sephora for $46 CAD.  I was looking for a blue pink blush and this was suggested by the woman helping me.  I thought it was way too bright but was assured that it was much more sheer upon application and that it would adjust to my skin tone.  Colour changing blush?  I’ll give it a whirl!


The packaging is beautiful and it comes with a brush which I have never used.  The blush smells like roses, but it’s not overly strong or lasting.  I must say that I’m surprisingly happy with this blush, it is not the blue pink blush I was looking for because when I wear it the blush turns a peachy pink on me.  I’m assuming that there is some oxidization going on which is why it’s advertised as adjusting to your skin’s chemistry.  Below is a heavy handed swatch and the same swatch blended out.  
Pretty darned bright right?  It really is sheer and you would never apply this much to your face!  I would say that if you buy this blush, you are gambling on what colour it may turn up on you.  I just happen to like how it looks on me.  Make sure to buy at a store that will let you return it if you are not happy.