Where I live we have two types of  “dollar” stores.  Dollar Tree where everything is $1.25 CAD and Dollarama where everything is $3.00 CAD or less.  There are lots of great treasures to be found in these places and a lot of money can be saved as well.  I found this desk caddy at Dollarama for $3.00 CAD.  I thought this was a great price because I really hoped it would be perfect for something other than a desk caddy.

I had been looking for something that would help organize my make up palettes and brushes but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money.  As it turned out, this was $3.00 well spent!  Here is the before and after picture of my bathroom counter.  So much more organized and easier to find the brushes I need!

I love when I find exactly what I need at the right price!  Do you have any Dollar Store finds you think I should know about?  Comment below!