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Monthly Archives: December 2015

I had never heard of these before finding them at Dollarama for $3.00 CAD.  I picked up one colour to try and then went back after loving it and checking the price online and realizing what a deal it was at this price.  These lipsticks are a sheer wash of colour with an extremely balm like feeling to them.

I found that the two darker colours had some significant staying power as once they had worn away there was still some colour remaining, almost like a stain, but at this point I found my lips were feeling dry.  This lipstick is buildable, the first application is very sheer and second and third applications will give you colour like shown above. This is a great product for days when you just want a hint of colour and something with a very light weight feel on the lips, I’m sure happy I discovered it!


I might be the only person on the planet who is not a fan of this mascara.  I picked up the color black at Walmart for $8.47 CAD in the water resistant formula.  This mascara comes with a silicone curved wand that has some flexibility.

This mascara is indeed free of clumps, but I also found it free of volume as well.  I have to put many coats on to get some very minimal volume.  It’s a perfect mascara if you like a very natural look and it does separate the lashes very well but I had to work to get some length.  The wand flexes a bit and I find it difficult to work with wands that do this.  I experienced flaking by the end of the day but no smudges.  Removal was easy with micellar water.  This mascara comes very highly rated but it just didn’t work well for me and sometimes that happens.

This inexpensive lipstick is a staple in my collection, they can be picked up at Walmart for $1.77 CAD.  These lipsticks come in a wide variety of long lasting colours and I like the pink ones the best.


These lipsticks are creamy and apply smoothly, these is no strong scent either.  They stay smooth on the lips and have a really good wear time as well, up to 4 hours on me.  I have not experienced any dryness while wearing this lipstick.

The only downside I’ve experienced is that these lipsticks do not twist down into the tube all the way.  You are going to have lipstick smeared on the inside of the lid unless you can replace the cap without nicking the lipstick.   I have also had a lid fall off while inside my purse…that was fun to clean up!  

For the price and the performance though, these lipsticks are quite the bargain!  If you have never tried them, I think you’ll be delighted and have trouble stopping at just one colour!

I picked this up in the summer at the Cosmetics Company Store for $18 USD, here in Canada it retails for $32 CAD.  I just finally opened it and I love it!  Dainty falls into a colour category that I have named “Sweet Pink”.  Blushes that fall into this category are my very favourites.  
Dainty is what I would describe as a pale muted coral.  Not warm enough to be peach and not cool enough to be pink.  With the added mineralized finish, this blush has a lovely youthful glow to it.  The texture of the powder is smooth and silky and blends beautifully.  The wear time on this blush is great, I find it lasts all day and stays quite true to its colour.  It’s easy to get heavy handed with Dainty as it starts out so light, but subsequent layers build easily and can leave you looking quite flushed! If you are looking for an innocent youthful glow to your cheeks, Dainty might be the colour you need to buy!

I have been using these handy wipes for a couple of years now, I pick them up at the Dollar Tree for $1.25 CAD.  I don’t know about other people who wear glasses, but the smallest smudge on mine will drive me crazy.  If I’m at home I find it easy to clean my glasses, but if I’m out and about, I like to use these wipes.  They are compact, fast and easy and do a great job.

These wipes dry out quite quickly once they are out of the package, so you have to work fast to get your glasses clean.  Usually a couple of swirls on each lens will do the job.  I have also found that these are great for wiping fingerprints off of my phone and ipad.

A package of 16 will last me for a couple of months, I have never opened one and found it had dried out which has happened time and again when I have used wipes bought in bulk.  I always keep a couple in my purse and in my car just in case of a smudge emergency!

I picked these up at Walmart for $3.97 CAD.  I was going away overnight and I wanted an easy way to take off my make up.  I generally don’t use wipes anymore since I use micellar water which I like a whole lot better.  I’m glad I tried one before I left because I ended up taking my micellar water instead.

These wipes are very heavily scented and I didn’t like the smell at all.  They did a fine job at removing make up except for my mascara.  Although the package says that it removes waterproof mascara and is safe for eyes, I found that it didn’t remove all of my regular mascara and it stung my eyes.  The package also says that there is no need to rinse your face after using but I had to, the scent was so strong that I couldn’t wait to get it off my face.  If you don’t mind the scent of this product and use a separate eye make up remover, this product could work just fine for you.  The scent of this product is the deal breaker for me, I won’t be able to use the rest of the product because of it.

I must admit I have been sporadic lip liner user.  I have found recently that I have been reaching for them more often.  They really do perfect your lip look, giving you a crisper lip line.  I picked up these liners at Rexall a few months back during a buy one get one 50% off.  

I tried to choose ones that would flatter my most worn colours which would be nude, coral and pink.  The liners I chose all have a bit of a shimmer to them, which I really love.  These pencils are soft enough that they in no way tug at your lips, but they are firm enough to give a sharp line.  If you want to colour in your lips a bit, these do a fine job, I find them a drying if I use them to colour in my entire lips.

I find that I use the Beige a lot as it’s a cooler toned nude and it goes with many lipsticks.  The Tangerine one surprised me and goes with a wide range of corals.  The colour Flower just seems to match a select few of my lipsticks as it is very pink and has quite a bit of frost to it.  I will have to look for a more subdued pink.  These lip liners have decent staying power and come in a huge array of colours and are comparable to some higher end liners.  I really enjoy the look I’ve been getting using lip liners and I wish I had started using them a whole lot sooner!