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Monthly Archives: August 2016

I found this foundation at The Cosmetic Company Outlet Store.  I was looking for something I had never tried before and once I swatched this one in the colour 24 Real Porcelain, I knew I had to try it.  This foundation is sold online for $40 USD and I picked it up for $26 USD.

This foundation has a beautiful natural finish to it.  I find that it smooths the appearance of my skin and yet it doesn’t look like I’m wearing any foundation.  It provides light coverage, but can be built to a medium coverage.  It has a very light thin consistancy and therefore doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything and it wears very well throughout the day.  I’ve tried a variety of setting powders with it and everything works fine with it.  My skin gets quite oily by noon and this foundation doesn’t change that or help it remain less so which is fine.  The only downside to this product is that it is an online product and it doesn’t ship to Canada.  I’ve really enjoyed trying this product out, but because of the difficulty I would have trying to get another one once this one is finished, I won’t be repurchasing.


My daughter has one of these oil diffusers and once I saw how it worked, I wanted one for my home.  I found this one at GNC while on a trip and paid $39.99 USD for it.

This particular diffuser is on the low end of the price range as I have seen some very beautiful decorative ones priced for well over $100 CAD.  I believe they all work the same though, producing a very ultra fine cool mist from the water in the reservoir and dispersing fragrance depending on the oil put into the water.

The mist has absolutely no dampness associated with it, and just disappates into the air and I find it very relaxing to look at.  I have been running my diffuser almost daily for two months.  Mine runs for about four hours and shuts off when the water is gone.  It’s very easily cleaned, I just use a paper towel to wipe any oil residue off the disk at the bottom, it’s been quite minimal if there has been any at all.

I immediately started collecting some essential and fragrance oils.  The instruction sheet indicated that you could use both and I have had no problems with either kind.  Just a few drops into the water reservoir is needed and you can actually mix essential oils to create your own fragrance.  I used eucalyptus oil when I had a cold and I found it very helpful at night when sleeping to clear my nasal passages.  Peppermint oil in the morning will pep your mood up for sure but I have to admit my very favourite is bergamot.  The amount of scent dispersed into the air will depend on how many drops of oil you use.  I have found that some oils like peppermint will linger in the air for hours after the diffuser is turned off.

A fun feature is that the top will glow with a variety of rotating soft colours.  You are able to turn this feature off or stop at a selected colour.  So far I’m loving my oil diffuser, I think that if you want to use one to benefit from what essential oils can do for you or like me, wanting to fragrance my home with them, this little unit is great.

Matte Gloss?  Not too much of an oxymoron is it?  I had to give it a try!  I picked it up at Walmart for $11.96 CAD.  I was suspecting that it would be exactly like some of the other liquid matte lipsticks that I tried and didn’t like from Revlon and Maybelline, but I was pleasantly surprised.  In the world of liquid matte lipsticks, I’m wondering if the word matte is describing the colour and not the finish.

I picked up the colour 318 Bare Attraction.  First off the scent surprised me, L’Oreal has been known to carry some heavily fragranced lipsticks, but this one smelled lightly sweet, not strong in the least little bit.  Application is easy, one dip of the wand is enough for full lip coverage.  I think if you do multiple layers or use too much it will look shiny like pictured above.  It’s consistancy is more like a whipped mousse formula than a gloss and I was worried that it would stay shiny, but was very happy when moments later it did dry down to a matte texture.  The most surprising thing for me is that even though it looks matte on the lips, it actually feels smooth, comfortable and has some slip to it.  It does not last through eating and drinking (it doesn’t claim to do so) but it does wear away quite gracefully and reapplies very nicely without any buildup.  I’m loving this matte gloss, it’s awfully pretty and I guess it’s a harmless sin to use an oxymoron to describe it.

My e-mail arrived a few days before I actually received my package this month so I knew what I was getting.  I’m okay with that.  Topbox now sends an e-mail description of what you are receiving instead of a card that used to be included inside the bag.  I’m okay with that as well.

I received an Argan Oil Deep Conditioning Mask by Novex.  It’s a pretty good size!  I’ve had another hair mask from this company and it was fine, but nothing spectacular.  This one might be different so I’m happy to try it.  I also received a Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer.  I like Smashbox primers and this one worked well for me but not any better than their regular primer.

I’ve never heard of this brand, Manna Kadar Beauty and I was happy to receive this eyeshadow/highlighter/bronzer.  The bronze colour is very shimmery and shiny, so I won’t be trying it as a bronzer, but for sure as an eyeshadow.  The highlighter is quite lovely and would work well as an eyeshadow as well.  It swatched very nicely and was very smooth to the touch.

A couple of packets with Elizabeth Arden’s Skin Illuminating Brightening Night Capsules were included this month.  I gave one a try and that tiny little capsule held a ton of product.  I would have used half the amount, but I put all of it on my face and it was extremely oily.  I wanted to wash it off my face, but decided to give it a try and by an hour later, it had completely absorbed into my skin.  I’m sure you have to use a few of them to see any results, but with just one use, I didn’t see any changes in my skin. 

I  was excited to see a coupon to Visage for an free eyebrow waxing.  I will be taking advantage of this for sure!  My unruly brows need some serious help and maybe they can help me with them!  I’m quite pleased with what I received this month!

How many peachy coloured blushes can one person need?  I’m not sure but when I find out I’ll let you know!  I picked up this Cheek Pop blush at the Cosmetics Company Store for $15.50 USD in the colour Melon Pop.  I’ve never really tried many Clinique products, the price was good so I actually picked up a couple of things.  The blush has the cutest daisy design and the product looked like it had a sheen to it which is right up my alley.

I can easily get heavy handed when I use blush and because this one seemed sheer, I thought I might have some good luck with it.  It applied beautifully and gave a nice flush of colour, but then I should have stopped, the blush builds well and the next thing I knew, I was wearing too much.  Nothing worse than trying to tone down blush!  I learned my lesson and now I’m a little less heavy handed when I use it.  Because this particular blush is quite light, it’s lovely for a natural look or those with fair skin.  It did wear quite nicely throughout the day, but my oily skin had it fading right away by days end.  I’m interested in looking at some of the other colours in the line, because the finish on this blush is beautiful!

I’m a huge nail polish fan and have acquired a sizeable collection over the years.  I really love holographic polishes but mainstream brands don’t offer the variety I’m looking for.  I ended up on Nail Polish Canada’s website and found some beautiful different polishes.  Some of these polishes come with a hefty price tag and I decided to treat myself to a couple to see if they are worth the price.  Karma is a colour that piCture pOlish made in collaboration with Sveta Sanders who is an incredible nail artist.  It’s a beautiful eggplant colour with scattered holo and I paid $16 CAD for it.

This polish applied beautifully with full opacity in two coats, the brush worked perfectly for me and is a good size.  The holo is slightly visible in normal lighting and gives the polish depth and a magical glow when the light hits it.  In the right lighting or sunlight, the holo shows it rainbow.

I had significant tip wear within the first 12 hours, but 4 days later, it still looks great with no chipping.  This polish had an incredible shine before applying a top coat and with the topcoat it still has impressive shine.  You are not going to find a polish like this on the shelves of a drug store and I’m happy I splurged on this one!

I’m a fan of frosted lipsticks, they shine like a gloss but last significantly longer.  I headed to Shoppers Drug Mart to see what kind of selection is available.  I found this Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick on sale in the colour To Nude or Not To Nude? for $5.99 CAD.

The color was beautiful and I was excited to give this nude a try.  When I got home and removed the lid there was an extraordinarily strong floral scent.  I can’t remember that smell from the tester.  Anyways, I applied the lipstick, the colour looked great but the smell was so strong and overpowering that I instantly got a headache and I could taste that floral scent as well.  I took it off immediately.  I was going to return it, but decided to air it out.  I left it on the counter with the lid off and the lipstick fully twisted up.  The scent was so strong that it smelled like an air freshener.  I left it there for over a week before trying it again, the smell had disappated, but was still strong.  I actually went back to the store (to pick up something else) and smelled the testers, not one of them had this scent, I smelled the lipsticks and every single one smelled like perfume.  I’m greatly disappointed with the strong scent, but the lipstick itself is lovely.  It applies smooth and is creamy, it feels nice on the lips and I love the finish.  It wears like a normal lipstick, just a couple of hours, but it wears away gracefully.  I can’t buy another one of these because of the scent, but it really is a good lipstick otherwise.