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Monthly Archives: September 2015

I was lucky enough to find this blush at Winners for $7.99 CAD knowing that price was more that half the regular price I snapped it up.  The colour is Rose.  The packaging on this product is adorable with a rose gold bow on the top and a magnetic closure.  The back opens to reveal a mirror and a small brush also in a rose gold colour.


Initially there was an overspray of shimmer spelling out Nude Wear across the top of the blush that wore away with the first couple of uses.  There are three pinks and one pale peach colour.  All have a slight sheen to them.  You can use them individually which is difficult because of the size but swirled together you have a beautiful pale and natural pink.

This blush gives a lovely long lasting glow.  You can also customize it a bit by combining just two or three of the colours.  This is an easily blended and beautiful product. I’m so happy with to have it and glad I found it at a great price!


A few months ago I picked up some more of these hand soaps at the Semi-Annual Sale.  I always have a stockpile of these soaps because when they are on sale I grab a bunch.  I have never paid full price for these.  The last sale was 75% off and then with a coupon another 30% off of that.  I’m pretty sure I got them for under $2.00 CAD a piece.  I usually gravitate towards the fruity smelling ones.  One bottle of this foaming wash will last in my main level bathroom up to 7 months.  I also have one of their decorative covers that I found at an outlet store that I use.  It covers the summertime soap design that I’m using in the winter.

A little goes a long way with this soap, one squirt and you will have a handful of foam that is more than ample needed to wash your hands.  The fragrance will stay with you for awhile as well.  My hands never dry out or feel like I need lotion after using it either.

My only problem with these soaps is that there is so many wonderful scents that are geared towards the seasons.  I don’t want to use half of a fall soap and save it for the following fall and then use a winter or Christmas soap.  I suppose if you went through it rapidly, you might use it all up in that season but I don’t.  That’s why I’m using Sunrise Sail in the fall and thats OK!

This is a two for one review simply because in my life they go hand in hand with each other.  The e.l.f. eyeliners I purchased off of their website during a 50% off sale, the regular price is $3.00 USD.  I bought the colours Plum Purple and Black.  Not only are these affordable, they are fantastic!  They are creamy, easy to use and very long lasting.  They don’t smudge or transfer either.  I particularly love Plum Purple because it’s more subdued and doesn’t look harsh on me.

Now before I discovered these awesome eyeliners, I had been dabbling in cream and gel eyeliners.  All of the eyeliner brushes I used seemed to make application a struggle.  I knew that practicing would make it easier, but it just wasn’t happening for me.  

One day while shopping at Sephora I decided to ask a cast member about eyeliner brushes and without hesitation she took me to Make Up For Ever’s display and handed me the 250 Extra Fine Eyeliner Brush.  She told me it was the best so I bought it for $21 CAD.  What a difference this brush had made in the application of eyeliner!  The brush is stiff, but it’s still flexible enough to curve around the eyelids with comfort.  It has a long wooden handle that makes it easy to grip and hold and I find it very easy to clean as well. 

I’m so glad I put the money out for this brush, sometimes the right tool can make all the difference in the world.  Who would have thought that an inexpensive eyeliner and an expensive brush would make such a good team?

I bought this product on a whim, I paid $5.49 CAD at Sally Beauty.  I have only seen Palladio products at Ulta in the US and at Sally Beauty.  A rice powder finishing powder was intriguing to me.  I bought translucent and it came with a small pad for application and I threw it away knowing I would never use it.

It’s a very finely milled and very much reminds me of corn starch, it does say rice starch on the ingredients so that probably why.  It also has talc in it and the first ingredient is calcium carbonate which is supposed to be good for oily skin and oil absorption.

I find this product applies easily with a brush and doesn’t look cakey.  I only use it occasionally as I don’t find I love the finish it gives me compared to other powders that I use?  I think it leaves my skin looking a little flat.   I still have to blot my skin about halfway through the day as I do with my other powders.

This product has a good price point and it works well, it’s just not my favourite.

It’s that time of year where you begin transitioning out of those light summer make up colours and into fall ones. I found my Comfort Zone palette and immediately starting using it again.  I paid about 6 or 7 dollars for it, I really can’t remember as I’ve had it for awhile.  This is a great fall palette that you can achieve some great dramatic looks with.

Although this is inexpensive eyeshadow, the quality of this product is outstanding.  The shadows are highly pigmented and so smooth and silky that if you didn’t know better you would swear it’s high end.  All of the shadows in this palette have sheen to them and a couple have some fine glitter.  There is a little bit of fallout when applying some of the darker colours, but not enough to ruin anything.

My two favourites in this palette is the taupe “browbone” colour and the very beautiful duochrome one.  Although the shadows give suggestions on where they should be used by having the placement name imbedded into each shadow, they look beautiful no matter were you use them.  I’ve used the duochrome with the brown and teal shift on my eyelids so much that I’ve hit pan.

I have not tried any other Wet n Wild eyeshadows and I think I should have another look.  Wet n Wild can be found at Walmart, The Real Canadian Superstore and some drugstores in Canada.

I bought this a while ago at Sephora for $14.00 CAD in the scent vanilla grapefruit.  I was looking for an alternative to traditional stick antiperspirants that were breaking me out.  I paid the money for this one because I was running out of hope.  This is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant.  A deodorant is used to mask or neutralize body odour and an antiperspirant is used stop the perspiration.  I had been using antiperspirants.

This deodorant smells delightful with a strong vanilla powdery smell, I can faintly detect a bit of citrus.  It’s very smooth and silky.  The smell of the product does dissapate while wearing it.  

I wore this for quite some time and it did not break me out, which made me very happy.  Unfortunately for me I have one stubborn armpit that likes to kick up some odour and Lavanila was unable to neutralize or mask it.  So for me it worked perfectly on one side and did nothing to help the other side.  (I think I would be a perfect candidate to test these products out!!!)

I love this deodorant and reach for it on “lazy” days when I know I won’t be sweating.  As you can see by the label, it’s full of great things and not tested on animals.  I would prefer to use a product like this all the time, but for now I’ve settled on antiperspirant sprays that work well for me.

I found this lipstick at Walmart for 5.99 CAD.  The packaging caught my eye.   I had never seen it before and there were only 5 lipsticks left in the display.  All were purple and the one I bought was a copper colour called Glisten To Me.  

The packaging is beautiful and sparkles in the light.  It also has substantial weight compared to other lipsticks.  The colour I chose is beautiful and quite frosty.  Application was stiff but not difficult.  The lipstick feels wonderful on the lips, you can press your lips together and feel slip but it doesn’t move around.  It stays on very well and lasts a long time, even through meals.  Sounds perfect right?

I did notice the lipstick itself was getting lines on the opposite side from pressing against the side of the tube.  I don’t know if that will be problematic or not.  By the end of the first day of wear, my lips started to feel chapped, so I just used a good balm before bed and applied the lipstick again the next day.  By the end of the second day my upper lip felt swollen and by the end of the day, they were red, swollen and tender and chapped.  I don’t know if it’s just this colour or the formula in general, but it doesn’t seem to agree with my lips.  Going forward I will use this lipstick as a topper over another one.  I’m disappointed because I love the colour and adore the packaging.  I wished it worked for me.