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It all started with a trip to the mall with my daughter, she wanted to go into DavidsTea to get a gift.  I have never been inside the store and when I walked in I was greeted by two enthusiastic “tea guides” and an offering to taste some tea.  I am not a tea drinker, I might have a cup or two in an entire year.  It’s not that I don’t like tea, I never enjoy it enough to take the time to make it.  My little sampler of tea was called Snow Day, it tasted like peppermint and chocolate.  I loved it!  After a little tutoring by the staff, I walked away with a small amount of loose leaf tea in a little silver bag.  I enjoyed this tea so much I returned and bought the 12 Teas of Christmas set for $30 CAD.  I figured that this set would give me an opportunity to try a variety of their seasonal teas.

There are 12 loose leaf teas and infusions in the set.  Each tea comes in a silver tin with the name in the back.  The back of the star box lists the ingredients of each tea and how to brew instructions.  You will need an infuser of some sort to hold the loose tea while steeping.  There is a good amount of product in each tin to enjoy several cups.


I have been drinking the teas plain and have enjoyed every single one of them.  Some of the teas have sugar added as an ingredient or as part of the sprinkles, but according to the nutritional facts most are reading at 0 grams.  Some of the teas have artificial flavouring listed as an ingredient, while I try to avoid products with a listing like this, I have waived my rule for this special treat.  There were two organic options included which made me quite happy.

All of the flavours are Christmas and winter themed and I just can’t decide which one is my favourite.  Yesterday it was Gingerbread Cookie and the day before that it was Glitter & Gold, I’m having Mulled Wine right now, and the smell of the orange peel is amazing.  I guess I’ve been converted to a tea drinker!

You can check out DavidsTea website here.  They carry a wonderful array of tea accessories as well!


I love sparkling water, but most flavoured sparkling waters on the market have some sort of artificial sweetener added in as well.  I would stick to those that did not use sweeteners but would only have citrus choices which are okay but not my favourite.  My son in law brought me a lemon Dasani one day and I thought it was very good so when I decided to buy a case I was delighted to find there was a Berry flavour.  I bought a 12 pack of cans for $4.97 CAD at Walmart.  When I got home, I noticed the word “black” through the carrying hole and when I looked closer noticed that it was the Black Cherry flavour.

I was a little more than confused and when I opened the package, I had 12 cans of Black Cherry and none of the Berry flavour.  I sat down and composed an e-mail to Dasani explaining what had happened and included the UPC and coding from the package.  I decided not to return it to the store because the package was opened and I didn’t feel like going out again and Black Cherry would have been one I probably would have bought eventually.  Usually when sending an e-mail to a company, there is a confirmation of receipt sent back with assurance that someone will be getting back to you.  Even though I sent it directly from the Dasani website, I didn’t and haven’t received any acknowledgement.  So a day later, I’m not sure if they will be getting back to me or not.  I will add updates in the comment section after this is posted.

Despite not getting the flavour I bought, I like this product.  With two ingredients , sparkling water and natural flavour, I’m pretty happy.  Although I know that there is some controversy about what exactly “natural flavour” is and I don’t think there are any requirements about the breakdown, this is so lightly flavoured that I’m not too concerned.  There is just a hint of black cherry smell and taste.  With 2 ingredients and zero calories I’m surprised to find that there is 30 mg of sodium in this product, so that would have to be a by-product of the “natural flavour”.

With no sweeteners added, I think this is a nice light alternative to a soft drink or a nice treat if you want something other than water.  I’ll be checking the packaging and contents more closely when I purchase next time and hopefully Dasani will get back to me about the mix up.

While looking at the organic produce at Walmart I found Happy Planet Iced Tea there as well, of course I didn’t even have to think about it and I bought it for $4.97 CAD.  The first thing I did when I got home was to get a glassful of this stuff into me!  

It’s a very refreshing drink with a hint of lemon and the fact that it’s organic gives this iced tea high marks in my books!  It says on the bottle to consume within 7 days of opening, I couldn’t even let it sit around for three!  Yes, as I write this blog it’s all gone.  I did see that there was also a lemonade available, so I’ll be trying that one next!

There really is nothing better than a cold iced tea on a sweltering hot day…oh wait there is…a cold iced tea made by a Canadian company!  Check out their website here for more awesome products!

I love juicing, it’s done a world of good for me.  Sometimes it’s nice to find a product that’s done the work for you!  I’ve tried many Happy Planet products in the past and everything has tasted delicious.  I picked up Extreme C Fruit Smoothie at Walmart for $4.97.  I felt like I was needing a dose of healthy.

I have never had this particular product before and it’s absolutely delicious.  I can pronounce everything in the ingredients and it’s full of vitamin C, I prefer to get my vitamins from the food I eat instead of from a bottled capsule.  If you were battling a cold, I think this would be a delicious alternative to vitamin C tablets.  

If you want to know more about Happy Planet, you can check out their website!  They’re Canadian eh!

I’ve been trying to move away from processed foods for several years now.  I eat organic when I can and when I choose processed I choose products that have the fewest ingredients.  I ran across Pure Oatmeal at Walmart and picked it up for $1.97 CAD.  I chose Apple Berry Jazz.  It listed some very simple ingredients and no chemicals.  It also listed that it was also free of the top 10 allergens.  The Canadian Company that makes this product is called Rocket Foods.  So far so great right?

I prepared this oatmeal for my breakfast the next day.  While I was doing this I thought I would check out their website and social media sites.  Since this is a Canadian company, I wanted to research their story and provide a link on this blog.  I ate the oatmeal when it was ready.  It was delicious, it may have been one of the best “instant” oatmeals I have ever tasted.  

While enjoying this awesome oatmeal I was off and on their website while also answering my e-mails and text messages and then this happened…

I couldn’t access their website at all!  I have never had this happen before and I wasn’t going to go through the process to allow me access. Maybe I checked out their website too many times in a short period of time and their firewall perceived me as a threat?

All that aside, this is a really good oatmeal.  Now it certainly is a lot more expensive than some of those packet oatmeals, but I’m always willing to pay for a quality product.  Check out their website for more information…if you can…