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Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Topbox shipment was running late this month, but what a surprise when I received it.  I received an e-mail saying that a Unilever box would be included with no charge and moments later the doorbell rang and there was the mailman with my package!  I’ll start with the Topbox first.

I received a leave in conditioner from Gorge.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m always excited to try new ones out.

I also received a 3 in 1 anti aging cream by Marcelle.  I’ve put it aside right now as I’m currently trying out something else, but I’ll be happy to try this one out.  I received a B Spa grapefruit scented body lotion.  It’s very nice, the consistancy is a bit runny, but it seems to moisturize my skin and it smells pretty good too.

I was thrilled to see Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation in my bag.  It turned out to be the perfect colour for my skin, I’ve been wearing it for days now.  It’s a light to medium coverage foundation, that builds nicely if you want more coverage.  It looks lovely on the skin and wears quite nicely on me through out the day!

Imagine my surprise when I opened this Unilever box with with a whole bunch of great products to try out!!!

There was a Dove body wash-tried it and it works great.  There was a Vaseline Lip Therapy tin-also nice and works well.  There was a shampoo, conditioner and hairspray by Nexxus-tried them all, love them all.  My favourite anti-perspirant spray was also in the box!  Simple cleansing cloths, Vaseline Intesive Care lotion and a Tresemmé hairspray were also included.  Finally St. Ives Apricot Scub, I had just recently thought that I should review this as I have a full size.  What a great treat and what a great month from Topbox!  A thoroughly impressed customer here!


I found these at the Real Canadian Superstore in probably the best and largest essence display I had ever seen!  I had never heard or seen these lip products and I loved the colours 01 invisible kiss and 02 vintage rose.  They cost $4.99 CAD each.  A little pricier than most essence lip products.

I was intrigued by the sharp point and it actually worked perfectly to get a nice line around the lips, applying the product as lipstick was quite easy as well, just use the side of the cone shaped lip product.  The colours I chose are beautiful and both applied nicely and were very smooth and comfortable on the lips.  They wore as well as any regular lipstick and did not last through meals, but they touch up very nicely.  Here is the bad part, and it makes me sad because I really like these.  After a couple of uses, the tip gets weak and breaks off, the vintage rose one broke twice.  You may be able to reshape it a bit when you use the side of the product, but here is the other bad part, what you see is all the product you get.  There is nothing to twist up, and because of that, you can’t twist down either, so the product ends up on the inside of the lid.  Although I love the formula and the colours, this product is not worth the $4.99 price tag.

I’m quite happy that e.l.f. is now sold at Walmart in Canada.  I needed an new brow pencil and I thought I would give this one a try, it cost $3.97 CAD.

The colour turned out to be perfect, there were no testers, so I guessed that Taupe would be right.  The pencil itself is larger than a few of the pencils I have used it the past and you don’t get very much product.  The pencil is a bit stiff to use, which is fine, you won’t accidentally get a soft blob of colour in your brows.  There is a sizeable spoolie on the other end, it works perfectly.  The cap on the spoolie cracked after a couple of uses and won’t stay on, but that’s not a deal breaker.  The brow pencil wears well all day and hasn’t smeared or smudged when I’ve worn it.  This is a good brow pencil for the price, although I really like using the thinner ones, I’ll probably keep on buying this one because in the end, my brows look the same.

I found this at the Real Canadian Superstore and picked it up for $3.99 CAD.  I had never heard of these and I loved the color I chose, Pink Perfection.  As it turns out this could possibly be the worst liquid lip colour I have ever tried!

The color is quite sheer with lots of sparkle.  When I applied it to my lips, it didn’t show up very well, so I applied more.  It felt quite heavy on the lips and as it dried down it felt worse and then it began to ball up and crumble.  I felt like I had made a mistake with application, so I decided to try it again.  I could barely get the product off of my lips while it still crumbled.  It was so sticky that it felt like I had gum stuck to my lips.  After much scrubbing and a few make up remover wipes, I started again.  I applied a thin coat, did not press my lips together in any way while it dried and it felt a tiny bit better.  When it was dry to the touch, I closed my lips and they were sticky and began peeling again.  I left it on regardless, but it felt so horrible on my lips after half an hour I took it off, again it was difficult to do.  I decided to read up on application and there were several suggestions about applying a balm first, tried it and it didn’t help.  I read that you can apply a gloss over to when it dries, I tried that and it made a gummy mess.  I’m quite surprised that this product is still on the shelves after all of the bad reviews I read while trying to figure out what I was doing wrong while applying it.  I absolutely think this is a terrible product and the only good thing I can say about it is that the colour is very pretty.

When I found out that these were coming out, I stalked my nearest Walmart waiting to find them.  When they arrived I picked three colours for $7.98 CAD.  These come in beautifully packaged tins with a mirror in the lid.  Nice yes, but I won’t use it. 

The lipstick tube itself is sleek and beautifully designed.  The applicator was good at first, but after a few uses and maybe the weight of the product, it flattened out and felt like just a plastic paddle on the lips.  Don’t get me wrong, I was still able to apply the product with no problems.

The Metallic Mousse required a couple of dips to get full coverage on both lips, but one dip will give full opacity.  A thin coat is all that’s required as it will feel thick on the lips if too much is applied and get on your teeth as well.  There is a slight stickiness if the lips are pressed together, but as it wears a bit, this will disappear.  The finish is just as advertised, a metallic matte, which is just georgeous on the lips.  I found it wore very long and stayed on quite well during meals and a touch up application afterwards didn’t result in any balling up or flaking.  I had a tiny bit of a dry lips feeling often experienced with matte lipsticks.

I just love this product, the metallic look, the way it wears, but unfortunately for me, the colours are much to dark for me.  These are really dark fall colours.  The lightest colour Sandstorm looks horrible with my skin tone and Trufffle and Guilded Cocoa require some pretty dramatic makeup application for me to be able to wear them.  If you are a lover of dark lipstick, these would probably work beautifully for you!

I saw this at Walmart and snapped it up so quickly, I’m sure there was an audible swish in the air!  I had been wanting this for awhile and at $7.97 CAD, it was a perfect price!  This is a ten shadow all matte palette and a bit on the warmer side of the matte shadows that I already have in my collection.

The palette is sleek and although in a plastic case, it feels sturdy as well.  There is also a mirror included.  The shadows themselves are extremely smooth and buttery and very easily blended.  I wore it one day without a primer and it creased on me, but it lasted perfectly and beautifully all day long when I used a primer.  

There are three browns in the palette that are very similar in tone when applied to the skin and on the eyes, there is not enough difference to be noticible.  It would have been nice to change out one of those browns with another colour.  Really though, that would be my only complaint with this palette. The price is excellent and the shadows are beautiful.  If you love matte shadows, this palette is a must have for you!

I love masks and when my mom surprised me with this foot mask I was delighted!  Who doesn’t love some foot pampering?  I had to make some time to stay off my feet for 30 minutes to use it and I have to say that’s easier said than done!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the package, but I was happy to discover actual toe socks.  They felt dry to the touch but you could feel the oil on the inside when putting them on.  Putting them on was a bit of a struggle for me and might be for someone who’s toes are not shaped exactly like the socks.  My big toe didn’t want to fit inside and the socks don’t have any stretch to them, so the more I handled the socks, the coconut oil seemed to permeate through to the outside.  I finally did get them on in a wonky sort of fashion and sat back with my feet up.  They felt very cooling and the outside of the socks felt a bit damp, but there was not oil or residue that could be detected.  In 30 minutes I had to walk twice in them, a trip to the bathroom and a phone call.  I worried that I might get oil on the carpet and floor but It didn’t leave any marks.  After the 30 minutes were up, I removed them and rubbed the residual oil into my feet.  My feet felt good, but no more so than if I had put some lotion on them.  This would be a fun product for a girls spa night party as I’m sure there would be a lot of laughs with the struggle to get them on.  Personally, I think a sock would have been better than the toe sock.  As with most masks, I think this performed in the same manner.  No real results with the product, but the pampering and relaxing makes you feel great!