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Pick it up: Vichy website

Price: $56.95 (I received mine for free for reviewing purposes)

Pros: Smells like roses. Not greasy. Absorbs well into your skin.

Cons: Smells like roses. Pricy

The rose smell was off putting at first, but now that I’ve been using this product daily for a month, I’ve got to admit I really like it now. The cream is luxurious and has a shimmer to it. This could be the reason your skin glows when it’s applied. I found that my skin loved this cream, I never broke out and my complexion looks very nice. It’s made for mature skin which is usually dry. I have oily skin and it did not make my skin get oilier.

Would I buy again? Yes, but only if it was on sale!


You know when you get that spoiler alert e-mail that tells you what you’ve received in your Topbox?  Well I always read it and get excited about what I’m receiving.  Turns out that this month, I didn’t get what they said I would!

In the end it really didn’t matter so very much because I got a bottle of nail polish instead of a lip and cheek product and I love nail polish but I do wish I got that eyeshadow!

The body wash smells good, so I’m sure I will like it.  The China Glaze nail polish is in the colour Rock N’ Royal.

The lip crayon from Be a Bombshell is nice, but the colour isn’t quite right for me (I bet I would have been able to use the eyeshadow).  The cleanser will be interesting, I have never tried one like it before.  Not too terribly exciting for me this month, I’ll use everything except the lip crayon so not a total loss!  Top box has been spoiling us the past few months with putting in an extra item, not getting one this month will really make me appreciate when we do get a little something extra!  I’m not sure what happened with the e-mail description of what I would get, they may have run out of some items, who knows?

I missed posting last month’s Topbox, so I got right to it this month!

This bag had all the elements of things I like to receive…makeup and nail polish!

I received a Mascara from the brand Medusa’s Make-up.  I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I’ll try it out on a weekend and see how it performs.  I also received a lip stain from Laritzy, the colour seemed too dark for me, but was not too bad once applied.  It’s pretty comfortable and budge proof.  I’ll probably use it more in the fall.

Two mini Essie nail polishes!  Happy me!  A GlamGlow clearing treatment, I’m very happy with that as well!  I also received a complimentary Garnier Moisture Bomb sample.  I’ve tried this before and it’s a nice moisturizer!  I’m pretty darned happy to have received the items I did.  Lots of things l’m excited to try out and wear!

The minute I saw this advertised, I knew that I wanted this.  The Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette is one of my favourites and I knew this would be a great pairing.  I waited for the Sephora launch and was able to order it for $52 CAD and I had it in my hands less than a week later.

First thing is first, yes, like the eyeshadow palette, it smells like peaches.  Not a fresh peach, but like those candy peach rings.  I happen to love it.  The palette comes with a blush a bronzer and a highlighter.  All are very pretty to me and all have some shimmer, which I love.

I’ve worn this a lot since I’ve received it and here are my observations.  The powders are nice and soft, but when applied to the face, they very easily blend away.  The swatches are pigmented but on the face everything disappears, but, they build nicely and can give a lovely subtle healthy glow.  I personally am very heavy handed when applying blush and this palette “saves” me each time I use it and I always end up with a very pretty look.  The blush lasts all day and has not oxidized on me.  The highlighter is very pretty and glowy, but like the blush, it blends away.  Again good for me, I don’t  like to be all shiny, so it works well for me.  The bronzer is very pretty and might work better for me in the summertime as I don’t tend to use bronzer in the winter months. 

Although I like this palette and am very happy to have it, I think that there are better similar and less expensive products like this on the market right now, one that comes to mind is the Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette that I have reviewed in the past.  If you are a Sweet Peach fan like myself, you might just HAVE to have the Sweet Peach Glow in your collection like I do!

I was visiting a bareMinerals outlet when I ran across a kit where I wanted the blush and the lipstick that was included.  The associate told me it also came with foundation of my choice.  I wanted to try something new and was drawn to this product.  I expressed my hesitation to the associate that it was a hydrating cream and I have very oily skin, we looked at the other foundation choices available and decided that this one would be the best option.  I chose the colour 02 Vanilla.

All of the colours seemed to run on the yellow side, and this colour is for fair neutral skin.  I must say at I was quite surprised that it blended so well with my skin tone.  I tried both Beauty Blender and a brush for application and found that I liked the coverage better with a brush.  The coverage is sheer to light, but it can be built up to a medium coverage.  The finish is beautiful and weightless.  I used Mineral Veil as a setting powder and it’s one of the prettiest finishes in a lightweight foundation that I have ever seen!

What surprised me the most is that my skin did not get hyper oily while wearing this foundation and it lasted beautifully all day long.  I am happy I decided to give this tinted hydrating gel cream a try.  I checked the Sephora website for a price and it goes for $37 CAD.  With an SPF of 30 and being so weightless it’s very much like a BB cream that acts like a foundation, I’ll definitely have to stock up next time I’m at the outlet!

I found this 2 pack peel off mask at Dollarama for $1.25 CAD.  I bought it because I have seen this brand sold in Winners for 5 times the price.  Years ago I used to use a cucumber peel off mask that came in a tube, I thought that this might be like that one and it was. 


The mask comes in a foil packet and is a translucent gel with a smidge of green.  The package picture shows a thick opaque green mask.  The gel smells lightly of cucumber and when applied to the face is very cool and refreshing.  It takes about 20 minutes to dry and the skin will feel very tight.  Peeling off the mask was a tiny bit painful, but when it was all off, my skin felt very lovely and soft.  The claims were that it unclogs pores and peels away dead skin cells and I felt that it actually did that!  For the price this mask is a great pamper item that actually works!

This is part two of a four part makeup sponge review.  You can read about my review of the Beautyblender here.

I found this two pack of make up sponges at Shoppers Drug Mart for $3.00 CAD.  It looked like they might have the same texture as the Beautyblender, so for the price I thought I would check it out!

There were no instructions about use, only on how to clean them.  I decided I would use it exactly like the Beautyblender and I wet it and it more than doubled in size.  I squeezed out the excess water and went to work.  This product applied my makeup wonderfully, the shape is awkward, so I wasn’t easily able to get close under my eyes like the point of the Beautyblender, but with some manipulation it did a fantastic job!

This product is definitely made out of the same material as the Beautyblender.  Other than the shape, I felt it worked the same way.  I haven’t been using it long enough to see any wear and tear and it cleans well with just soap and water.  At a $1.50 each, this is the product I will be buying when my other sponges wear out.  I am completely impressed with this sponge!

My next post will be a review of The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.