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Monthly Archives: October 2016

I found this at Sephora and I picked it up for $23 CAD in the colour Slay.  This has turned out to be one of my favourite matte lip products ever!

The colour Slay is a dust mauve and very flattering.  The creamy lipcolor, is smooth and creamy and scented like chocolate.  It glides on easily and dries quite quickly.  It is extremely comfortable on lips and is lightweight and non drying.  It stays that way the entire time you wear it.  It is quite long lasting, but will not survive a meal,  that’s okay though because it reapplies beautifully over itself.  The only downside I have found is that when I lay it on it’s side, an oily residue seems to somehow leak out of the lid.  I just make sure that it is always upright even in my purse.  I love the comfortable formula of this product and with a wide variety of nudes in the collection, I will be buying a few more!


A little bit late posting my Topbox opening this month, but better late than never!  This one was sort of a letdown for me this month, but realistically they can’t be perfect every time.

I received an Elizabeth Arden City Smart SPF sunscreen, I have a sample of this already and have never used it.  I don’t like the tacky feel it leaves on my hand, so I’m hesitant to use it on my face.

I received a Revlon leave in conditioner, it smells amazing, but when I used it, my hair looked very dry and damaged.  I’ll try it with a different shampoo next time and see if it makes any difference.  I also got an Eyeko Fat Eyestick.  I’ve used it several times to smudge on my eyeline, the colour is pretty but I don’t think I’ll be using it as an all over the lid eyeshadow.

I received a Jor’el Parker Fango Mud Therapy mask.  This I liked, a lot!  The mud dried quickly to a light green.  I noticed the mask started to get dark again in my worst oily spots and then I realized it was actually drawing the oil right out of my pores.  Washing off was messy, I’d recommend doing that in a shower.  Afterwards my skin felt silky soft.

Even though this wasn’t my favourite Topbox, I do enjoy trying the new products and you never know when you might find something you love!

I was excited to receive a free full sized eye cream from Olay through BzzAgent.  I don’t use eye creams in general as I have never found one that really works for me.  This Ultimate Eye Cream from Olay claims it will fight the appearance of wrinkles and puffy eyes and dark circles in an instant.  I figured before and after pictures would be the way to test out this product.

The cream is a nice thickness and when applied to the eye area, it blends in very quickly and feels silky smooth on the skin.  There is no wetness, no stickiness and it is absolutely weightless on the skin.  I applied it morning and evening everyday for 48 days.  It did not bother my skin and it did not cause any problems when I applied make up over top of it.  It did not cause my make up to smear or crease.  The only long term claim with this eye product is that it will renew the skin’s surface.  So below is my before and after picture after 48 days of use.

I didn’t think I saw any long term effects and the picture confirms this for me.  Because the cream is really marketed as fighting the appearance of some eye problems and I really don’t experience puffy eyes or very dark circles, I did a before and after picture without the cream and with the cream to see if my “wrinkles” looked any better.

I also didn’t see any results with this test either, so I threw another before and after in by adding make up.

Again I didn’t see a difference.  I was thinking that maybe those are not wrinkles around my eyes, maybe they are just years of laugh lines and I wouldn’t want to erase those!  Although I didn’t see any result using this cream, I do have oily skin and it might be suited for someone with a drier skin type than mine.  It also might be more effective for someone with finer lines than mine.  For sure go ahead and use this product if you are looking for a good moisturizer around the eyes that absorbs quickly and is not greasy because it certainly is a winner in those catagories!

This cream retails at Walmart for about $30 CAD.

I got quite the deal on this powder as I received a full sized blush with it as well for $7.99 CAD.  I found it at Winners and knew it was quite the deal as I had been looking at this powder at it usually costs about $10 more!  I’ll review the blush at a later date.

I’ve been using this translucent powder for a while now, but initially the middle design had a silver overspray over it.  The overspray wiped away in the first use and left sparkles all over my face that did dust away when I used a clean brush.  The compact has a mirror and a brush hidden in an underneath compartment.  I’ve been a fan of Physician’s Formula powders for many years and it’s just one of those things, some brands just work well with certain skin types. I was worried that because this one is advertised with Argan Oil, that it might not work with my oily skin, but as it turns out, I really love this powder.

The powder is very soft and buttery and very highly scented.  Lucky for me the perfumed fragrance is not off putting, which is good because it seems to linger for a long time.  The powder is translucent, but it gives a lovely finish to the skin.  There is an inkling of sheen, almost undetectable that gives the skin a smooth flawless finish.  I do find that I get oilier faster when I wear this powder, but the finish is so beautiful that I don’t mind the extra blotting required.  I’ve worn it with several different foundations and have liked it with every one of them.  It looks very natural on the skin and not powdery at all, as it wears throughout the day, it stays in place and doesn’t bunch up in fine lines.  I’m quite pleased with this purchase, the price was great and so it the product!

I found this liquid latex polish barrier at Sephora, and I hesitated at the price of $17 CAD, but I bought it anyways.  I like to do nail art and I often find that cleaning up after sponge gradients or water marbling is quite frustrating and lengthy.  I have used tape before and found that method to be cumbersome.

I was quite shocked when I got home and opened the package at the tiny amount of product you receive.  The packaging is all for the handle.  The brush is short and stiff and very easy to use.  When dipping into the product, if there is dried latex on the rim, it will get caught up on the brush, so cleaning any stringy parts off is crucial.

When applying the product, a very thin coat is all that’s needed.  It’s tinted lilac, so it’s quite easy to see where you’ve applied it and it dries down to a darker purple colour.  Application to all 10 fingers is extraordinarily quick and will take maybe a minute.  It dries equally as quick.  You must be careful not to touch the fingers together as the latex will catch on itself and peel off.  After completing your nail art, removal is easy with a pair of tweezers to find an edge, or you can rub on an edge and it will start to roll up on itself.  It peels away very easily and is quite satisfying to do as well.  Cleanup is minimal, only needed it you’ve gone over the side of the barrier or at the cuticle (which I clearly haven’t done yet).  I have used Liquid Palisade a handful of times and have been extraordinarily pleased with the performance.  I wish for the price, you received more product, but when products like this are hard to find in Canada, I’m very happy to have it.

I found this lipstick at the Cosmetics Company Store in the US a few months back.  I had been wanting to give it a try and the price was excellent.  I bought the colour Beige Pop for $12.75 USD.  

The colour is a very flattering nude that goes nicely with my fair skin.  The lipstick itself is very smooth and creamy but wears as long as an ordinary lipstick.  I wasn’t sure what the + Primer part was all about, but the lipstick feels and looks great on the lips.  When the lipstick wears away, I didn’t experience any dryness and my lips felt moisturized even after the lipstick was gone.  This is a great lipstick and I would buy again if I was able to get the same deal, but I probably wouldn’t pay full price.

Blushaholic here.  I saw this one several months ago at Sephora and decided to pick it up for $39 CAD.  It’s a beautiful glistening peachy pink color.  While I was looking, I also swatched the Flowerchild in the Jaclyn Hill Champagne Splits compact and that one was a significantly different colour.  I asked an associate about it and she too was very surprised at the difference in colour.  I liked the colour of the compact with the blush alone and that’s the one I chose.

The powder in this blush is silky smooth to the touch and extraordinarily beautiful when applied to the skin.  It has a lovely shimmering quality that I happen to love in blushes.  I had a few problems with application initially as you can easily apply too much, but I also found you can blend it almost completely away.  With some work, I found that a light hand is best and to let it just be a light flush on the skin.  Another problem that I had, and I know it’s because of my oily skin, but I had significant oxidization by the end of the day.  The perfect peachy pink colour ended up being a dull light peach colour.  It doesn’t look horrible, but not the colour I wanted.  I have been using this blush instead to give a boost to some of my other peach or pink blushes, and it works beautifully as a topper or highlight over these.  Although this is a beautiful colour, it doesn’t really work for me as intended, but the product is very nice and I do like it.