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My daughter has one of these oil diffusers and once I saw how it worked, I wanted one for my home.  I found this one at GNC while on a trip and paid $39.99 USD for it.

This particular diffuser is on the low end of the price range as I have seen some very beautiful decorative ones priced for well over $100 CAD.  I believe they all work the same though, producing a very ultra fine cool mist from the water in the reservoir and dispersing fragrance depending on the oil put into the water.

The mist has absolutely no dampness associated with it, and just disappates into the air and I find it very relaxing to look at.  I have been running my diffuser almost daily for two months.  Mine runs for about four hours and shuts off when the water is gone.  It’s very easily cleaned, I just use a paper towel to wipe any oil residue off the disk at the bottom, it’s been quite minimal if there has been any at all.

I immediately started collecting some essential and fragrance oils.  The instruction sheet indicated that you could use both and I have had no problems with either kind.  Just a few drops into the water reservoir is needed and you can actually mix essential oils to create your own fragrance.  I used eucalyptus oil when I had a cold and I found it very helpful at night when sleeping to clear my nasal passages.  Peppermint oil in the morning will pep your mood up for sure but I have to admit my very favourite is bergamot.  The amount of scent dispersed into the air will depend on how many drops of oil you use.  I have found that some oils like peppermint will linger in the air for hours after the diffuser is turned off.

A fun feature is that the top will glow with a variety of rotating soft colours.  You are able to turn this feature off or stop at a selected colour.  So far I’m loving my oil diffuser, I think that if you want to use one to benefit from what essential oils can do for you or like me, wanting to fragrance my home with them, this little unit is great.


I made a horrible mistake and I’ll never make it again.  I have been using Cascade Platinum Actionpacs  for a very long time and have been happy with the results.  I decided to save a bit of money and try something else, so I picked up this product.

After using it once, almost everything in the dishwasher had to be washed again.  Wash after wash resulted in filthy dishes.  Not once did everything in the dishwasher come clean and worst of all things that were barely dirty to begin with were coming out caked with something else.  My 18/10 stainless steel cutlery was coming out coated with a hazy film.  My dishwasher is 20 years old and has some quirks, but it still cleans the dishes when I use Cascade Platinum, occasionally something will have to be run through again, but it’s usually something that was particularly dirty.  I don’t rinse my dishes either, if I’m going to rinse, I might as well wash.

Here is an example of my dishes after they’ve been cleaned.  The bowl and the loaf pan went through four washes.  Today after I ran it, I had to unload the dishwasher right into the sink and I washed everything by hand.  Nothing needed scrubbing.  I now realize after all of this time why we continued to use the dishwasher tabs were using.  No matter what the price, I will never try anything else again.  

I have been using these handy wipes for a couple of years now, I pick them up at the Dollar Tree for $1.25 CAD.  I don’t know about other people who wear glasses, but the smallest smudge on mine will drive me crazy.  If I’m at home I find it easy to clean my glasses, but if I’m out and about, I like to use these wipes.  They are compact, fast and easy and do a great job.

These wipes dry out quite quickly once they are out of the package, so you have to work fast to get your glasses clean.  Usually a couple of swirls on each lens will do the job.  I have also found that these are great for wiping fingerprints off of my phone and ipad.

A package of 16 will last me for a couple of months, I have never opened one and found it had dried out which has happened time and again when I have used wipes bought in bulk.  I always keep a couple in my purse and in my car just in case of a smudge emergency!

A few months ago I picked up some more of these hand soaps at the Semi-Annual Sale.  I always have a stockpile of these soaps because when they are on sale I grab a bunch.  I have never paid full price for these.  The last sale was 75% off and then with a coupon another 30% off of that.  I’m pretty sure I got them for under $2.00 CAD a piece.  I usually gravitate towards the fruity smelling ones.  One bottle of this foaming wash will last in my main level bathroom up to 7 months.  I also have one of their decorative covers that I found at an outlet store that I use.  It covers the summertime soap design that I’m using in the winter.

A little goes a long way with this soap, one squirt and you will have a handful of foam that is more than ample needed to wash your hands.  The fragrance will stay with you for awhile as well.  My hands never dry out or feel like I need lotion after using it either.

My only problem with these soaps is that there is so many wonderful scents that are geared towards the seasons.  I don’t want to use half of a fall soap and save it for the following fall and then use a winter or Christmas soap.  I suppose if you went through it rapidly, you might use it all up in that season but I don’t.  That’s why I’m using Sunrise Sail in the fall and thats OK!

It’s that time of year where you begin transitioning out of those light summer make up colours and into fall ones. I found my Comfort Zone palette and immediately starting using it again.  I paid about 6 or 7 dollars for it, I really can’t remember as I’ve had it for awhile.  This is a great fall palette that you can achieve some great dramatic looks with.

Although this is inexpensive eyeshadow, the quality of this product is outstanding.  The shadows are highly pigmented and so smooth and silky that if you didn’t know better you would swear it’s high end.  All of the shadows in this palette have sheen to them and a couple have some fine glitter.  There is a little bit of fallout when applying some of the darker colours, but not enough to ruin anything.

My two favourites in this palette is the taupe “browbone” colour and the very beautiful duochrome one.  Although the shadows give suggestions on where they should be used by having the placement name imbedded into each shadow, they look beautiful no matter were you use them.  I’ve used the duochrome with the brown and teal shift on my eyelids so much that I’ve hit pan.

I have not tried any other Wet n Wild eyeshadows and I think I should have another look.  Wet n Wild can be found at Walmart, The Real Canadian Superstore and some drugstores in Canada.

Where I live we have two types of  “dollar” stores.  Dollar Tree where everything is $1.25 CAD and Dollarama where everything is $3.00 CAD or less.  There are lots of great treasures to be found in these places and a lot of money can be saved as well.  I found this desk caddy at Dollarama for $3.00 CAD.  I thought this was a great price because I really hoped it would be perfect for something other than a desk caddy.

I had been looking for something that would help organize my make up palettes and brushes but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money.  As it turned out, this was $3.00 well spent!  Here is the before and after picture of my bathroom counter.  So much more organized and easier to find the brushes I need!

I love when I find exactly what I need at the right price!  Do you have any Dollar Store finds you think I should know about?  Comment below!

In wash scent booster?  Yes I’m a sucker for nice smelling things.  I’ve used these types of products since they came out and more recently I have been using Tropical Sunrise.  I picked it up on sale at Walmart but I can’t remember what I paid.  The regular price is $7.97 CAD.  I don’t know what a tropical sunrise smells like, but this sweet smelling product is as close as I will get!  Packaging is colourful and has some of my favourite colours on it. The little beads are waxy and must dissolve in the water during washing.

It does make my laundry smell great and this fragrance is my favourite so far.  It claims to have up to 12 weeks of freshness out of storage.  I thinks the smell only lasts for about a week or so if that, and I’m not sure what “out of storage” means.

Nevertheless I still buy this product when it’s on sale or I have a coupon.  I have used the beads in a dish as an air freshener in small spaces, and it has worked well.  I also have a toilet paper holder that used to have fragrance beads in it, I just replaced them with the Fireworks beads when the fragrance faded and it worked great, so I still continue to use it.

The amount used will determine how long a container lasts, mine has lasted me several months because I don’t use it every time.  It’s a great little laundry “treat” if you want to spend the money on it.