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Monthly Archives: April 2016

It all started with needing a new eyeliner.  My very favourite is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil.  The one I have is less than an inch long now and I knew it would soon not fit in the sharpener anymore.  Here in Canada the 24/7 Glide-On Pencils go for $25 CAD each, so imagine my delight finding this Urban Essentials Eye Kit for $62.50 CAD!  This kit comes with three full sized 24/7 Glide-On Pencils, three full sized Eyeshadows and a deluxe trial size of the Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

The product comes beautifully presented!

The eyeshadows are beautiful, silky and very blendable.  These are colours I would have chosen for myself if I was shopping for eyeshadow singles.  Bordello has some glitter fall out, but it swiped away during blending and I was able to easily brush it off my face as well.  The 24/7 pencils glide on like a dream and stay on me and look freshly applied all day long.  I find myself wearing the Psyhedelic Sister the most, it’s beautiful!

A nice bonus is the Primer Potion, which has been a favourite of mine for years.  If you purchased the eyeshadows and pencils from this kit separately it would cost $141 CAD.  If you like the colours and would use them, then this kit is a steal!  I’m so glad that I bought it.  The link to this product can be found here if you are interested.


Woo hooooo!  My Topbox arrived today and I must say I’m fairly pleased with it!  I received 5 items instead of the usual 4.

The first thing That caught my eye was this Schick Hydro Silk razor and a coupon for $5 off of refills.  Razors cost a fortune these days, so I’m quite pleased to have received this.  I did notice that label on the box had an expired coupon advertisement which may be the reason we received it, that’s okay with me though.  The refills at Walmart.ca go for $17.33 for a 4 pack, I’ll have to watch for a sale.


I received an Ofra lipliner in the colour wine, it’s a bit darker than colours I normally wear, but I’ll hold on to it just in case.  This swatch was hard to remove, so it seems like it would have good staying power!

I received Pure Pigment by Pop Beauty in the colour in Crystal Glitz.  It’s a beautiful silvery colour and I will probably never wear it, but I love glitter and sparkle, so just looking at it makes me happy!

I also received a Pur-Lisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum.  I’ll use this for sure, I love trying eye creams.  Lastly I received Ideal Body Balm from Vichy Laboratories.  It comes in the cutest tiny glass jar.  There is only enough for one use, but I’m sure I will be able to determine if I like it or not.

That’s it for my April unboxing (really un bagging).  If you are interested in Topbox it’s $12 CAD plus tax monthly.  You can check out their website here.

Really?  Physcians Formula has the longest names for their products!  Anyways, I found this foundation at Winners for $7.99 CAD and I thought I would give it a try.  I bought the colour light.  The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a dropper applicator and a small brush for application.

“Light” is the lightest colour available and once I opened the bottle, I was already feeling like this was too dark for me.  I don’t mind the dropper applicator, but the brush is much too small and I needed to use a larger brush for application.  The application was good, the foundation sheered out well and didn’t look nearly as dark on my face as I thought it would, but it was still dark enough to see it didn’t match me.

I didn’t go out of the house wearing this foundation because of the colour.  My skin looked nice, but I’m not sure if it was because it looked like I had a tan or the foundation itself.  It wore well all day long and I didn’t experience any extra oiliness.  I don’t know if this product has any youth boosting properties and I’ll have to wait until summer comes to find out.  When my skin gets some sun, I’m hoping that this foundation will work for me then.  I’m not sure why Physcians Formula has such limited colours and makes their colours so dark.  I think if I put aside the colour problem, this foundation was pretty good in all other aspects.

I was gifted this sample size of Smashbox Photo Primer Oil from someone who received it in their Ipsy bag.  I had some reservations about using it on my face as my skin can get extremely oily.  I decided to try it on a day that I was staying home in case I ended up an oily mess.

I was very surprised when I applied it to my face and it seemed to absorb immediately.  Despite this I was still sure that I would be extra oily by the end of the day.  I applied my foundation and the rest of my make up as I normally do and checked my face through out the day.  I was amazed and still am that my face did not get any oilier than normal.  My make up looked good and lasted nicely the entire day.  I have used it several times with great results, a little bit of this oil goes a long way.  I have been using on my face before bed as well.  I’m going to save a bit of this and see how it does on my hyper oily summertime skin, if it performs well, I’ll be buying the full size.

I was sorting through some of my lipsticks and realized that I had quite a few of these.  I always turn to Revlon lipsticks because there is such a wide variety of colours and I can always find a colour that I’m looking for and they are often on sale too!


They also come in a wide variety of finishes, and the majority of mine are Pearl.  These lipsticks have great pigmentation and decent wear times, they feel good on the lips and are easily reapplied.  These are tried and true lipsticks that have been around for years.  If you are ever looking for a certain lipstick shade, I’d start with these lipsticks because I’m sure you’ll find a colour you love.

I bought this product through Birchbox Canada with points I earned.  The price listed was $12.00 CAD.  I didn’t realize until I received it that it is a whitening hand cream.

The packaging is adorable!  The cream is quite thick and has a citrus scent.  I thought that there would be more product for the price.  The container itself fits in the palm of my hand and since it screws open in the middle, only half of the container is really full.

The cream absorbs quite quickly and has a bit of filmy feel at first, but that does disappear.  I have seen no whitening of my skin using this product, but it could be because I am quite pale already!  Although this is a nice cream, because of the cost vs the amount you receive, I don’t think it’s worth the money.  The container is very cute though!

I found this primer at Walmart and bought it for $5.67 CAD.  My favourite high end primer is almost done and I thought I’d like to try something else.  I have never seen this one before, but then again I wasn’t really looking.

The product comes in a squeeze tube and I found that it allows me to get just the right amount of product that I need with no mess.  This is what I consider to be the best delivery method for a product like this.  

The primer is a light beige that is easily rubbed in and disappears immediately.  I don’t have to wait for it to dry before applying eyeshadow.  The wear time with this product is amazing.  I have had no creasing or fading and my eyeshadow looks fresh throughout the entire day.  If I had to do a blind side by side comparison, I would not be able to tell the difference between this primer and my high end favourite one.  This is an absolutely fantastic eyeshadow primer and for a fifth of the price, I’ll be using this one from now on!