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Monthly Archives: March 2017

When you try something new, sometimes it’s great and sometimes it isn’t.  I’m not sure why, but I don’t like this product.  The price (I’ve forgotten) is around the $10-$12 range CAD.  I’ve always been a fan of Colorstay products but this one just missed the mark for me.

I bought the colour blonde, it’s not a bad colour, but I tend to prefer taupe eyebrow pencils for me.  I really like the spoolie but I don’t like the shape and design of the pencil.  The flat side applies light on my brows and if I’m looking for more definition and try to use the sharper tipped edge it looks darker somehow.  I end up brushing most of it away with the spoolie trying to blend them both together.  The pencil also drags a bit and sometimes retracts into the tube during use.  I don’t think it’s a terrible product, I just think because of the design and or the colour, I just don’t like the look I get when I use it.


This product was an impulse buy at Sephora.  I swatched it, I loved it, I bought it.  It was stupid expensive.  I didn’t care.  I rarely buy luxury high end beauty products and I rarely pay $42 CAD for a lipstick, but I did this time.

I got the colour 44 Nude Lavallière.  It’s a sheer shiny colour that matches my lips almost perfectly.  It smells lightly fruity but has no taste.  It glides on effortlessly and feels smooth and comfortable on the lips.  It’s really an expensive lip balm with colour, but I love it.  I wear it every chance I can and often have it in my pocket.  It doesn’t last worth a darn, maybe not even an hour, but I just reapply when it wears off.  I don’t know about the other colours in this line, but this one leaves no residual colour when it wears off.  So is it worth the money?  No.  Do I love it?  YES!!!  Would I buy it again?  YES!!!  It’s weightless and comfortable, I like the shine, hydration and the colour.  I think (here is me justifying my purchase) it’s better to pay the money and love the product and use it all up, than having a mid priced product sitting in a drawer and never used.  Have you tried these?  What are your thoughts?  I would love to know!

Nail wraps have been around for years now.  I’ve tried several brands and have always enjoyed using them.  Some were good and some would barely last the day.  Recently I was introduced to the world of Jamberry and my consultant gave me a sample and told me to try their Seven Day Challenge.  I wore them for 7 days and and I loved them!  These wraps were provided to me for reviewing purposes…but I did end up buying a starter kit!

There is a bit more application work with these wraps, you have to heat them.  You can do it with a hair dryer or buy their mini heater.  The wraps come in a variety of sizes and there should be enough for at least two applications with leftovers for accent nails and even for toenails.

I found there is a bit of a learning curve with application.  Finding the size is easy, heating which warms up the adhesive is easy as well.  Application to the nail can be finicky, sometimes it would not go on straight, but I was able to peel it up, heat it again and get it on right.  There is some rubbing required and the excess wrap needs to be filed from the tip.

I really loved the way these looked and I had a variety of options on how I wanted to the design to be.  I could have had Tinkerbell on more nails or not used her at all!

Wear time is at least a week, I got a solid 2 weeks from these wraps and only changed them because I had significant nail growth.  (Before and after pictures above).  There will be some tip wear as well.  Removal is applying acetone and letting it seep under the edges to loosen the adhesive.  I peeled them off (not a recommended way of removal) my nails are in bad shape and I did damage the top layer of my nail doing this.

Before I talk about pros and cons of using these wraps, the above picture shows a way to use “leftovers” by combining  wraps from two different sets.

I have a couple of cons to this product.  First is the price.  A package of wraps starts at $19 CAD.  Jamberry figures this is cheaper than a salon manicure, which is true, but you may not have the salon quality.  Heating the wraps with a hairdryer is cumbersome, so it’s very much easier to use their heater, that’s another $20 or so CAD.  Tip lifting is another con, until you have perfected the application process, you may have some lifting of the wrap around the edges.  You can heat the wrap while on the nail to smooth down.

The pros are that there are a variety of patterns and finishes and there are always new ones coming out.  The wear time is awesome, if you have a problem with nail polish always chipping off, this product could be your answer!  They don’t fade or lose their pattern during wear and you can wash your hands, wash your hair, scrub your floors and they will stay on!  Fun, it’s just fun to have patterns or characters on your nails, there are themed wraps available for holidays and plain ones if you just want a nail polish look.  I enjoyed them so much that I did buy the starter kit, like I said at the beginning, it includes the heater, some accessories and a choice of some wraps.  If you are interested, you can check out my consultant’s website here, you’ll find lots of beautiful wraps and I’m sure you’ll be intrigued!


I love when Topbox throws in an extra product or three, it’s always a great surprise and I usually love what they send.  This month it was some Dove products. But first, some products that I wasn’t thrilled about.

Cake Desserted Island body products had always been a favourite of mine, I was excited to see it, but when I tried it, I felt like it didn’t smell as good as I remembered.  So my “sniffer” isn’t working right or something has changed, either with the product or with me.  Another Bella Aura product that went right into the garbage.  I hate the smell.  I think I’ve come to the end of what this brand has to offer, so I hope I won’t get anymore.  I believe it’s been 5 months with this brand in every single Topbox.


 I received a shampoo and conditioner from Curly Hair Solutions.  I have curly hair, so I tested this one out without any extra curling products and let it air dry.  It left my hair fairly soft and quite frizzy.  No magical curling powers there!  I also received an Eyeko waterproof eyeliner and I just love it.  I have been using it daily since I received it.  It goes on easily and stays on all day without smearing.  It also removes quite easily with a wet facecloth.  I think everyone received a bonus of Dove hair products, such a nice surprise to receive extra products.  I can’t wait to try them out!  An okay Topbox for me, but I’m completely happy.  Love the eyeliner, I got to try a new curly hair shampoo, tried an old favourite brand and got three bonus products.  Did I mention that I love the eyeliner…

I was looking for a purple blush and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on one in case it was something that didn’t work on me.  I found this one in the United States at Walmart for $4.68 USD.  Surprise, surprise!!!  I love this blush!

I was thinking that with the purple and orchid lipsticks I owned that this might be a lovely complimentary product, it’s much better than that!  It goes with everything.  The ombré blush consists of a pale pink, a light purple and another light purple with some sheen in it.  Mixed together, it becomes a lovely light lilac colour that doesn’t come off as purple as you might think it should.  It has been flattering with everything I have worn it with.  The powder is soft and smooth to the touch and is very easily applied and blended.  It builds well without looking overdone.  It wears very nicely throughout the day without fading or oxidizing.  I don’t know it’s available in Canada, but I do know that next time I cross the border, I’ll be buying every colour I can get my hands on!  It really is a great product at a great price!

Chapped, dry lips.  I was having an awful problem this year and decided that it might be time to try something other than a lip balm.  I bought this lip mask off of Sephora’s website for $24 CAD after hearing a bit about it.  I didn’t know much about the product and was surprised that it is very much like a lotion.  It comes with a small silicone spatula, which is a nice touch that keeps you from dipping your fingers into the product.

It’s smells lightly of berries and has no real significant taste to it.  It glides on nicely with the help of the spatula.  The spatula is easily cleaned by wiping with a tissue and comes with a small plastic case for storage.  The mask is meant to be put on the lips before bed and wiped off in the morning and is supposed to melt away dead skin cells.  It feels smooth and comfortable when applied to the lips and no matter how much I put on before bed, I have never had to wipe off any in the morning.  My lips have felt smooth and moisturized after each use.  I like it so much that I’ve been using it every night and sometimes during the day I apply just a touch instead of a balm.  I’m not sure that this product has any “magical” properties, but I’ve not run across anything quite like this before.  We put moisturizers on our face and body all the time, this mask just feels like a really nice moisturizer for the lips.  Since a little bit seems to go a long way for me, I thing I’ll be enjoying this product for a long time!