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Monthly Archives: August 2015

I had  two of these lipsticks and I found another one called Longlasting Lipstick Nude.  I had already chosen the nude colours from the regular line so I was happy to add another to my stash!  I picked them up for $3.49 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart.

These lipsticks are not only a great price, but they are moisurizing, great to apply, feel good on the lips and last a decent amount of time on the lips.  The regular Longlasting Line has a great variety of colours and the Nude line has three.  

The first two colours are from the regular line and Cool Nude is from the Nude line.  I like the little “e” stamped into the lipstick, it sort of reminds me of some higher end products.  These are wonderful lipsticks and with being so inexpensive, you can pick up three for the price of one regular drugstore brand.  

I’d also like to say that essence as a brand has surprised me!  I have gone back time and again and have been very happy with their lipsticks and their awesome The Gel Nailpolish that I reviewed here (and I picked up almost all the colours they have).  I love their gel eyeliners and eyeshadows and so much more!  Great products at a great price!  If you have never tried essence, I really think you should.


This is a purchase that makes me angry at myself.  Without research or ever hearing about it, I found this product at Winners and thought it looked like a great product.  It cost $7.99 CAD.  I like glitter nail polish.  Glitter is hard to remove.  A base coat that peels off sounds like a great idea…and it is.  My problem?  I think it’s just white glue.  I opened the bottle to use it and memories of my childhood flooded my senses, it smelled just like Alymers glue.  

I googled it and found many links to people who thought the same thing.  There was also many tutorials of people using watered down white glue as a base coat for glitter polish.  This is more watery than glue and is tricky to apply.  I was pulling dried pieces of the product off of the brush because when you dragged it across the rim of the bottle to get some off the brush, it would dry there and loosen and attach to the brush when you did it for the next nail.  It dries fairly quickly, just a few minutes.  Below I show it wet, dry and how easily it peels off.

Now this product does what it says and is not meant to be long lasting.  I applied it, then 2 coats of glitter polish and two coats of Seche Vite fast dry top coat.  About 12 hours later I had a small piece fall off, by the next day on that same nail it had lifted almost entirely and was easily pulled off. 


The residue can be removed by water or by nail polish remover.  My nails tend to peel and if I’ve applied too thin of a coat, I can get some lifting in the removal process.  If you want to use nail polish remover, it will work but you will have to do some rubbing, it’s so much easier to just peel off.  

So did I buy an expensive bottle of glue?  I hope not.  But if I had researched this product, I might have stopped at the dollar store and bought some white glue instead!

There is nothing more satisfying than finding an inexpensive product that will do the same thing as an expensive one.  When I ran out of Fix + last year I decided to research a dupe, there were also a lot of other setting sprays coming out on the market that were cheaper than Fix + but still pricey.   In this research I found that many gals were making home made setting sprays with glycerin.  I headed to Walmart and checked out the pharmacy shelves.  Rosewater was mentioned in some of the recipes and I found a bottle of glycerin with rosewater in it by Rougier and it was only $3.56 CAD.

I filled up a small spray bottle a quarter of the way with the product and filled the rest of the bottle with distilled water.  I thought I would have to experiment to find the right ratio, but it worked perfectly for me.  I was a little worried that because the label said it was for dry skin that it might cause excess oiliness on my already oily skin, but it did not.  

I’ll never go back to buying setting sprays because this one works for me and the rosewater makes it smell good as well.  Thanks to all of those resourceful smart gals out there on the internet and YouTube who posted their recipes,  you’ve saved me a ton of money!

Finally!  It’s 2 weeks later than I usually get it, but I received my ipsy bag today.  I even made an inquiry about it on Twitter and was sent a message to hold on until the 27th of August.  I’ve never received one this late before, and I’m going to attribute it to using some ipsy points to get something extra.  The theme is Prep School and the bag is a vinyl houndstooth design.  It’s cute.


I spent 100 ipsy points and got the Klorane soothing eye patches, I had received them in a previous bag and enjoyed using them and I thought I had better spend some points because they always expire before you can really get anything.  I also received  a volumizing blow dry spray by Briogeo.  I’ll try it but with naturally curly hair, I don’t need any volume.  It smells wonderful and reminds me of the Body Shop’s Satsuma line.  This product is vegan friendly, gluten free and not tested on animals.

I received a Tumeric antioxidant mask by Juara,  I’ve never heard of this brand, but I’ll give it a try.  It’s cruelty free and free of those nasties.  Everyone in “ipsydom” received this nailpolish I think, it’s a lovely colour called Elegantly Wasted.  It’s 5 free, vegan and cruelty free.

Now for the worlds smallest lipstick!  It’s made by noyah and is in the colour Desert Rose.  It’s all natural, synthetics free and not tested on animals.  It feels waxy on the lips, but it’s not horrible.  I like the colour.

Lastly I received a Skone Cosmetics Luxe Doubler Eye & Lip Pencil in wine.  I don’t think I’d use this colour around my eyes unless I was doing my makeup for Halloween.  The colour although pretty is darker than any lipstick I would use, so I’m not sure I’m going to get any use from it.


Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that’s $14.95 a month in Canada (that includes shipping).  In Canada there will be exchange calculated, so this bag will have cost me in the $20 CAD range.  I’m re-evaluating my subscription at this time because although the items I received are nice to try, they are certainly not worth $20.  For that same $20, I could buy one or two makeup items that I would actually want.  Maybe one more month…

I picked these up last summer at Meijer.  I know they were on sale, but I can’t remember what I paid for them.  They were not available at any of the stores here at home and I was after the colour Istanbul.  I got it and it’s nearly empty now!

These lip creams are unlike anything I’ve tried before.  First off they smell like vanilla icing, YUM!  Second, when applied the formula is so silky smooth and lightweight, it feels like nothing has been applied to your lips.  I can never get over the way it feels when first applied.  I wish it stayed that way, but on me it doesn’t.  As it dries down, I can feel an ever so slight tackiness to it that doesn’t really go away.  Then I can feel the product on my lips and the dryness begins.  When I press my lips together because it feels dry…there’s that tackiness again.  If you can get past this (and I tolerate it) it is truly long wearing and beautiful looking!

Istanbul did not disappoint and I’ve worn it a lot.  Because this is a matte formula, your lips need to be in tip top shape because it will show every little piece of dry skin.  It doesn’t leave lipstick marks on my coffee cup, and it stays on fairly well during most meals.  I prefer to remove it entirely before trying to touch up because I find it looks too cakey and uneven if I go over it.  My lips feel very dry after wearing it.  This sounds like a negative review, but I like this product, it looks so beautiful on the lips and one of the very few matte products I am able to wear!

I bought this palette after watching some online reviews that it was a close dupe to the Too Faced Natural Eye palette.  It took me a few tries to find it in stock at Walmart and I bought it for $7.98 CAD.

It comes in a tin with a magnetic closure.  The shadows are set in plastic that is fairly sturdy.  It also has a mirror, instructions, a dual ended sponge tip applicator an eyeliner pencil and a primer.  I have never used any of these extras.  I might try the primer eventually but I’ll never use the pencil as I rarely use pencil liners and would reach for an Urban Decay one first if I did.

Now on to the important part…these eyeshadows are fabulous!  They are soft and buttery, they really feel like high end.  They blend beautifully and they look wonderful on.

There are 4 matte colours, 3 shimmers and 2 with glitter.  These colours are just great for the price even if it wasn’t a dupe for Too Faced.  With the range of neutrals provided, you could achieve a variety of looks with this palette, or you could just use Bashful or Girlie on their own for just a flush of colour.

I get some very pretty eye looks with this palette and I wonder why I don’t use it more often.  (Could it have something to do with my palette addiction?)

Hard Candy also has Smoky Eyes and Sassy Eyes in the same type of tin.  I have never looked very closely at those ones, but if they are anything like the Natural Eyes, I’d say spend the 8 bucks!

When this palette was released I was at Sephora in a flash and bought it for $34 CAD.  I loved the Naked Basics so much that I knew I would love this one as well.  This palette is equally as nice as the original, but on the cooler side.  The lightest colour Skimp has a satin finish and all of the rest of the colours are matte.

I’m particularly drawn to these colours because I like the taupes and the darkest colour Undone is a dark grey.  All of the colours a soft and blendable, but I find the contrast between the colours are hard to differentiate once applied to the eyelids.

I tend to reach for the Naked Basics 2 more than the original, but I love them both.  I think the Naked Basics 2 shadows allows for a variety of soft natural looks.  If you are looking for something more dramatic, I think the original Naked Basics can give you that.