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My favourite time of the month is here! It’s lovely to try out new beauty items and this Month’s Topbox had products I had never tried before!

Clinique eye makeup remover. Hope it does the job!

I’m going to follow up with Blaq charcoal eye mask. I’m sure it will feel amazing!

The Delectable Body Butter Cream smells amazing.

Nude by Nature Natural Glow Loose Bronzer in Bondi Bronze. Smooth, silky and gives a lovely glow to my hand. I’ll try it on my face tomorrow!

I may have tried this Simple cleansing facial wipe before. I’m going to save it for when I travel. This bonus product came with some coupons that I might even use!

Great Topbox this month! I love trying new things!


Last day of the month and I’m finally posting my Topbox.  I had a chance to try out a couple of items, and I thought it was a great selection of products for me this time around!

I think everyone received a complimentary Optic White toothbrush with whitener.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I love the extras that Topbox has been including lately!  As soon as I replace my toothbrush, this is the one I’m going to use.

I received a package of Eyeko Mascara Off eye makeup remover wipes.  I can’t wait to try them.  It’s a nice twist to makeup remover wipes and sometimes I just have too much budgeproof eyeliner and mascara on, so I’m sure these will be helpful on days like that!

I also received a Face Shop Character Mask.  Perfect, I love sheet masks and looking like a pig instead of a mummy will be a nice treat!

I received a lip balm made by Barefoot Venus and it’s called Lip Bliss.  I have never heard of this company before.  It was supposed to have a grapefruit flavour to it, but I couldn’t detect it.  It’s an okay balm.  The packaging is sort of The Balm-esque, (making up my own words now) featuring a pin up girl.  It has cardboard packaging and a push up tube.

Lastly a nail polish, I have been so into Jamberry lately, I haven’t worn much polish.  This is a dark vampy colour by Trind North America.  I did wear it, it applied nicely but chipped after a few days…back to my two week Jamberry’s I guess!

I’m very pleased with what I received, I love when you feel like you got more than your money’s worth.  This month for me is a fine example of that!

I was surprised to find my Topbox in my mailbox this month, I didn’t realize how far into April we are!  Topbox has been doing a great job at providing its subscribers with some extras lately.  It’s always fun to find a new product sample to try out!

I’m very happy to report that I have received no Bella Aura products (my views on these can be found in the past few Topbox blogs I’ve posted).

I received a CoQ10 Caviar sheet mask, I always love to try these out, so I’m pleased.  I received a Micellar Water by La Roche-Posay and have tried it out.  It works well but I didn’t find it to be a game changer.  A dry shampoo from Cake was also included, its smells like vanilla, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet.

A Laritzy Lip Pencil was in this month’s bag, its just not my colour, I’ll pass it along to someone.  I assume that everyone received a Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet mask, so I’ll have another one to try out this week!

I also assume that everyone received a couple of trial samples of L’Oreal’s Hydra Genius.  I did try one out, it’s similar to a couple of gel moisturizers currently on the market, I really like them, and I liked this product as well!  Thanks Topbox, not a bad sampling this month and the “extras” are great!

My Topbox arrived and I was hoping that it was better than last month’s and I can honestly say yes it is!

I received some products that I already have and love, so I’m okay with that.

I’ve reviewed both of these products before.  The Garnier Micellar Water is a really healthy sample size, I’ll put it aside for when I’m done my full sized bottle.  Seche Vite is my very favourite fast dry topcoat.  This teeny tiny size will be my back up because I always like to have one on hand in case the one I’m using gets too thick.

Three months in a row I have received a product from Bella Aura Skincare, I’ve thrown the last two samples out and threw this one out as well.  It just smells horrible to me.  I was very happy to receive 3 packets of Voesh Pedicure Mud Mask.  I have never tried anything like this and I’m excited to do so!

A repeat brand with this product, but I love blushes so I was happy to receive it.  It’s a silky blush and has lovely deep coral and golden highlight tones to it.  I can’t wait to give it a try!

Other than the Bella Aura Skincare product, I’m completely pleased with this month’s bag.  Hopefully Topbox has run out of the Bella Aura, because I don’t want to receive anymore products from this brand.

The Topbox shipment was running late this month, but what a surprise when I received it.  I received an e-mail saying that a Unilever box would be included with no charge and moments later the doorbell rang and there was the mailman with my package!  I’ll start with the Topbox first.

I received a leave in conditioner from Gorge.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m always excited to try new ones out.

I also received a 3 in 1 anti aging cream by Marcelle.  I’ve put it aside right now as I’m currently trying out something else, but I’ll be happy to try this one out.  I received a B Spa grapefruit scented body lotion.  It’s very nice, the consistancy is a bit runny, but it seems to moisturize my skin and it smells pretty good too.

I was thrilled to see Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation in my bag.  It turned out to be the perfect colour for my skin, I’ve been wearing it for days now.  It’s a light to medium coverage foundation, that builds nicely if you want more coverage.  It looks lovely on the skin and wears quite nicely on me through out the day!

Imagine my surprise when I opened this Unilever box with with a whole bunch of great products to try out!!!

There was a Dove body wash-tried it and it works great.  There was a Vaseline Lip Therapy tin-also nice and works well.  There was a shampoo, conditioner and hairspray by Nexxus-tried them all, love them all.  My favourite anti-perspirant spray was also in the box!  Simple cleansing cloths, Vaseline Intesive Care lotion and a Tresemmé hairspray were also included.  Finally St. Ives Apricot Scub, I had just recently thought that I should review this as I have a full size.  What a great treat and what a great month from Topbox!  A thoroughly impressed customer here!

Last month’s Topbox was quite disappointing, I had received some duplicates that I had just received in April.  I sent off an e-mail to Topbox and they said they would send replacements.  This month’s Topbox arrived and it was just like Christmas in July!  Everyone was also receiving an extra item because of possible mail delivery delays due to an impending postal strike.

My replacement items for last month’s Topbox was a full sized eyeliner by Teeez and a full sized mascara from Model Co.  The eyeliner is a marker type liner, I found it easy to use and a nice dark black color.  It stayed all day the first time I used it and on another day I wore it and I had some watering eyes and it was all over the place.  The mascara was a bit of a drier formula with a big bushy wand.  It was okay and I had a bit of flaking by the end of the day.  I’m still thrilled to have the replacements to try out and I will use them up.

My bonus item was a full sized Deborah Lippmann Nail polish, love the color!  I received a deluxe sample size of Grand Entrance Mascara by Elizabeth Arden, which I will save before trying so I can use up some open ones I have on the go.

I received a Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl by Lâncome.  It has the most oddly wonderful applicator!  It’s metal and swirls around.  It feels immediately cooling when the metal touches the skin and it feels fantastic when applied around the eyes.  I haven’t seen any spectacular results but it sure feels nice.

I was extremely happy to receive a Glam Glow product.  I have always wanted to try something from their line.  This one has exfoiliating particles and some small leaf pieces mixed in.  My skin felt great after using it, but not great enough to spend the money on a full sized one.  I also received a Coconut Hair Treatment from Revlon.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I will.

What a great Topbox this month and great customer service from them as well!  Topbox is $12 a month plus tax and you will receive 4 items every month.  If you are interested check them out here.

If you were thinking of getting Birchbox in Canada, you are too late.  Because of the low Canadain dollar, they are pulling their operations out of Canada. 😭

I received this e-mail explaining.


So this is my last box, I’ll show you what I received.

Living proof is a line of hair car products that I have used in the past, so I’m excited to try the mask.  I’m always happy to try Paula’s Choice products as well.

Perfume?  I’ll take it and the Naobay cream, I just had one by the same brand in last month’s or the month before.  The Arrow Boost color enchanting lip balm was one we were able to choose this month.  I chose this one because the other products offered were too dark for me and I’m always excited by lip balm  that changes according to your body chemistry, and that’s what this one claims to do.

I’m sorry to see Birchbox Canada go.  Some months were good and some were bad, but I always looked forward to the surprise of what I would receive.  I currently get Topbox here in Canada, so I will continue with that subscription.  Thanks to my “assistant” this month, who so graciously opened my box and took pictures for me.

Goodbye Birchbox Canada, I’ll miss you!