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After several attempts to get my hands on this mascara, Shoppers Drug Mart finally had some in stock.  I picked it up for $4.99 CAD.  I had heard that this mascara had some great reviews and I wanted to try it myself.

I was quite impressed right off the bat!  It applied easily without clumping and my lashes looked pretty darned good.  Another coat and my lashes were longer than they had looked in a very long time.  I was instantly sold!  The mascara wore very nicely and stayed on without smudging for the entire day.  I had a few very tiny specks of flaking, almost not worth mentioning.  I tried it with a primer and no more tiny specks!  I had a slight problem taking the mascara off.  It wanted to stay on, I used several methods over time, eye makeup remover and micellar water included, I would think that I got it all off, but woke each morning with black smudges underneath my eyes.  This mascara was on for the long haul.  If you don’t mind a little work with removal, this mascara is an inexpensive long wearing, quality product!


Impulse buy.  I saw it and I decided I needed to try it.  I picked up the colour Deep Blue for $9.97 at Walmart.  I’ve been looking for a good mascara lately and I’m not finding what I want, I was hoping this one was a game changer for me.

The colour Deep Blue was quite a bit lighter than I thought it might be and I immediately thought I had made a mistake.  It actually dries quite a bit darker without losing the blue colour.  I love it!  The scary wand was something I thought I might have to work with, but I managed to get long lashes on the first try, I was quite impressed!  I don’t use the small bristles on the opposite side of the brush, but I think it would be handy if you had some hard to reach lashes.  I did not get the waterproof version and the mascara stayed on all day without smudging, I did have some slight flaking though.  I started using it with a primer and I’ve had no flaking since.  I like the length I get with this mascara and I also really like the wand, it’s working quite well for me and I have not reached for another mascara since buying this one.  I finally feel like I’ve found a mascara that gives me exactly the look I want, long lashes without clumps and I really like the fact that it’s blue as well!

A while ago a friend of mine bought a lash primer from a high end brand and told me how fantastic it was.  I had never used a lash primer before and didn’t feel I needed one until recently and I remembered my friend telling me how much it improved the look of her lashes and I thought it might be time to try one.  I decided to go with a more inexpensive option and bought one from Wet n Wild for $5.97 CAD at Walmart.  

I’m not sure how a primer for lashes is supposed to work and I’m not sure if it’s really just a white mascara but when I used it I saw significant length improvement when I applied my mascara over top of it.  This primer has a medium consistancy and is not clumpy when applied to the lashes.  It dries quite quickly and does not dry bright white but more of a dark cream colour.  I’ve been applying two coats of the primer and follow up with one coat of mascara.  Everything stays in place all day long with no smudging or flaking, and best of all, my lashes still look long by day’s end.  I’ve tried it with several brands and have had great results with all of them.  Some of the mascaras I didn’t like and were too clumpy went on like a dream when using this primer.  If you feel like you need a little help in the lash department, give this product try, it’s priced right and it works!

I found this mascara at Dollarama for $4 CAD and knowing that I have seen it in Walmart for double that price I picked it up to give it a try.  When I opened it the brush came out with ease, and with globs of product on it.  I tried it again because usually most mascaras have some sort of resistance when you pull the wand out of the tube, but this product has none.  The mascara is of a medium consistency and I have a preference for a much wetter mascara.  None the less, I decided to give it a go.  The brush is shaped like an hourglass and on my short lashes, only the raised parts of the brush were able to coat my lashes.

And that’s where my problems began!  I couldn’t get any length with this mascara and absolutely no volume either.  When I used the tip of the wand to help, I ended up with globs of mascara on my lashes.  I tried many ways with this brush to get a decent coating on and I just couldn’t.  As I wore it throughout the day, I had the telltale signs of some flaking, grittiness in my eyes and specks on my glasses.  What little mascara I was able to get on to my lashes, flaked off.  I can’t decide if taking it off was easy, or if there was too little of it on in the first place to make taking off a problem.  I can’t recommend this mascara if you have short lashes, the brush just didn’t work well for me.  I guess it was at the dollar store for a reason.

Last month’s Topbox was quite disappointing, I had received some duplicates that I had just received in April.  I sent off an e-mail to Topbox and they said they would send replacements.  This month’s Topbox arrived and it was just like Christmas in July!  Everyone was also receiving an extra item because of possible mail delivery delays due to an impending postal strike.

My replacement items for last month’s Topbox was a full sized eyeliner by Teeez and a full sized mascara from Model Co.  The eyeliner is a marker type liner, I found it easy to use and a nice dark black color.  It stayed all day the first time I used it and on another day I wore it and I had some watering eyes and it was all over the place.  The mascara was a bit of a drier formula with a big bushy wand.  It was okay and I had a bit of flaking by the end of the day.  I’m still thrilled to have the replacements to try out and I will use them up.

My bonus item was a full sized Deborah Lippmann Nail polish, love the color!  I received a deluxe sample size of Grand Entrance Mascara by Elizabeth Arden, which I will save before trying so I can use up some open ones I have on the go.

I received a Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl by Lâncome.  It has the most oddly wonderful applicator!  It’s metal and swirls around.  It feels immediately cooling when the metal touches the skin and it feels fantastic when applied around the eyes.  I haven’t seen any spectacular results but it sure feels nice.

I was extremely happy to receive a Glam Glow product.  I have always wanted to try something from their line.  This one has exfoiliating particles and some small leaf pieces mixed in.  My skin felt great after using it, but not great enough to spend the money on a full sized one.  I also received a Coconut Hair Treatment from Revlon.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I will.

What a great Topbox this month and great customer service from them as well!  Topbox is $12 a month plus tax and you will receive 4 items every month.  If you are interested check them out here.

I found this at Walmart while on vacation and picked it up for $4 USD.  I was intrigued by the small brush and thought it might be good for my tiny bottom lashes that I never put mascara on.  Turns out I have never even tried it on my bottom lashes at all as this has quickly turned into my regular everyday mascara.

This is a wet formula mascara, which just happens to be my favourite type and it only comes in the colour Naked Noir.  The little brush actually holds a decent amount of product.  The tiny wand glides through my lashes easily and on the first coat gives great length and a second coat gives some volume.  I’ve had no clumping at all.  I’ve been using it for two weeks now and I have had no flaking or smudging and it removes quite easily when I take it off.  This is a beautiful natural looking mascara that would pair nicely with lightweight summertime makeup.  I’m so glad to have found this product and happy that the tiny little brush peaked my curiosity enough to buy it.

I picked this mascara up at Walmart for $9.96 CAD.  I have a love hate opinion about this product.  I love the formula, I like a wet mascara, they tend to work the best for me.  I like that it stays on and is easily removed when I go to take it off.  I like the gold coloured tube.  I think this is a great mascara.

What do I hate about this product? It’s the flexibility of the wand.  The bristles of the wand work well, but the wand itself moves when applying.  This flexibility results in messy application for me.  I end up with mascara on my lids from trying to push the wand into my lashes.  The cleanup I have to do after using this product is frustrating!  As the product dries out, there is some flaking, so that’s my clue to toss it out.   I’m going to swap out the wand from my unopened package with one from another used up mascara to see if I have better luck with application.