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Pick it up at: Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart

Price: $8.99 on sale at Shoppers

Pros: Natural ingredients. Natural look. Feels good on the lips with a nice slip to it.

Cons: Twist up dispenser with brush. Doesn’t wear very long.

Thoughts: It feels very nice on the lips when first applied. I’m not a fan of this applicator, I found I couldn’t get enough or I had put too much on and had to blot some off. This colour is very light on my lips and did not show up very well. It wore off quickly and I had to reapply multiple times during the day. My lips would feel extremely dry between applications.

Would I buy again? No


Have you ever walked by something then suddenly took a few steps backwards to see what it was?  That was me with this product!  This was new to me and I had heard nothing about it.  I picked up the colour 105 Gel-Ful for about $8 CAD.  My first thought was how similar it looked to Too Faced Melted Lipsticks.

The squeeze tube brings the lipstick up through the sponge tip applicator.  It is a bit stiff, but it applied the lipstick quite nicely.  I needed two coats for full opacity.  The website suggests you blot after application, but if you don’t put too much on, there is really no need to.  

This is not a long wearing product, but it did manage hold some colour through a coffee and later some lunch.  Touch ups are easy and does not build up or flake.  There was a handful of odd colours to choose from ranging from brown to blue, bright purples and some reds.  This one was the only one I would consider nude and it leans more on the warm peach side.  This colour is also quite different from the colour of the tube which looks a little more pink mauve.  It’s a nice lipstick, it’s comfortable and it wears well, you can’t ask for more than that!

The shiny tube caught my eye and made me stop and look at the Joe Fresh display in Shoppers Drug Mart.  I wasn’t sure if this was a new product or just new packaging.  Since I had never tried it out, I decided to pick up the colour Pecan for $12 CAD.

The packaging is quite lovely and sleek and I appreciate the screw on lid that won’t accidentally come off inside my purse.  Pecan is a metallic nude colour that is sheer but at the same time has a good amount of colour and gloss.  This balm is surprisingly long lasting and very comfortable to wear and it also has a light fruity smell.  I’ve been loving this balm and will be going back to have a look at some other colours for sure!  The only downside is that it rubs against the inside of the tube while using it and leaves some ridges on the product, not a big deal at all really, but I’d thought it was worth mentioning.  I think I’ll have to have a closer look at some Joe Fresh products, it tends to be a brand I just pass by and if it wasn’t for the shiny tube, I might have missed out on this new favourite lip balm!

This product was an impulse buy at Sephora.  I swatched it, I loved it, I bought it.  It was stupid expensive.  I didn’t care.  I rarely buy luxury high end beauty products and I rarely pay $42 CAD for a lipstick, but I did this time.

I got the colour 44 Nude Lavallière.  It’s a sheer shiny colour that matches my lips almost perfectly.  It smells lightly fruity but has no taste.  It glides on effortlessly and feels smooth and comfortable on the lips.  It’s really an expensive lip balm with colour, but I love it.  I wear it every chance I can and often have it in my pocket.  It doesn’t last worth a darn, maybe not even an hour, but I just reapply when it wears off.  I don’t know about the other colours in this line, but this one leaves no residual colour when it wears off.  So is it worth the money?  No.  Do I love it?  YES!!!  Would I buy it again?  YES!!!  It’s weightless and comfortable, I like the shine, hydration and the colour.  I think (here is me justifying my purchase) it’s better to pay the money and love the product and use it all up, than having a mid priced product sitting in a drawer and never used.  Have you tried these?  What are your thoughts?  I would love to know!

I just sort of stumbled across this product in Walmart and having never seen it before, picked it up for $9.96 CAD in the colour 314 Spicy Blush.  It wasn’t until I got it home and opened and swatched it that I realized it was very similar to the Infallible Pro Matte Gloss.

  It has a sweet fruity smell to it which I like.  The applicator has a bit of a curve to it which hold the appropriate amount of product needed for application.  The colour is beautiful.  It applies easily and smoothly and wears quite nicely. It stays on somewhat during eating and reapplies over itself without any buildup.  If I put this side by side with the Infallible Pro Matte Gloss, I would barely be able to tell the difference.  They both have the same smell, they both apply in the same way and both wear away to a matte finish.  Both are comfortable on the lips.  This one seems to wear longer, it may be a tad thicker and the price point is cheaper and you get more product in this one.  I’d say if you are trying to decide between the two, pick this one.  My review on the Pro Matte Gloss can be found here if you are interested in checking it out!

I have three Sephora lipsticks and I thought it might be time to review them.  A sample size one was received in a Give Me Some Bold Lip set and I’ve decided to review each of those products separately.  The other two full size products I was able to get on sale, one for $10 CAD and another for $7 CAD.

As it turns out, even though these are all different finishes, I like each one!

Private Jet has a glossiness that I really enjoy in a lipstick.  The colour is a nice nude with some tiny flakes of silver throughout.  It lasts about average on me and as it wears away you will have a sparse silvery glitter remaining.  It has an awesome fruity scent to it.

Drunk in Love I bought because it closely resembled a Dior lipgloss that I liked but didn’t want to spend the money on.  This one has a bit of sheerness to it and also has those silver sparkles in it as well.  I like the way this colour fades away, it tends to stain a bit and I like the look of the flushed lips it leaves behind.  Drunk in Love also has that nice fruity scent.

Belly Dancing is a more matte colour, it’s creamy when applied but as it wears it becomes a bit dry, but still comfortable. This one is the longest wearing of the the three, and stays on okay through meals.  All three lipsticks touch up very well and I’m completely happy with all of the formulas.  Some of the lipsticks are still on sale on the Sephora website at the time I am writing this blog, you may want to check them out.

I found this lipstick at the Cosmetics Company Store in the US a few months back.  I had been wanting to give it a try and the price was excellent.  I bought the colour Beige Pop for $12.75 USD.  

The colour is a very flattering nude that goes nicely with my fair skin.  The lipstick itself is very smooth and creamy but wears as long as an ordinary lipstick.  I wasn’t sure what the + Primer part was all about, but the lipstick feels and looks great on the lips.  When the lipstick wears away, I didn’t experience any dryness and my lips felt moisturized even after the lipstick was gone.  This is a great lipstick and I would buy again if I was able to get the same deal, but I probably wouldn’t pay full price.