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Pick it up at: Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart

Price: $8.99 on sale at Shoppers

Pros: Natural ingredients. Natural look. Feels good on the lips with a nice slip to it.

Cons: Twist up dispenser with brush. Doesn’t wear very long.

Thoughts: It feels very nice on the lips when first applied. I’m not a fan of this applicator, I found I couldn’t get enough or I had put too much on and had to blot some off. This colour is very light on my lips and did not show up very well. It wore off quickly and I had to reapply multiple times during the day. My lips would feel extremely dry between applications.

Would I buy again? No


I couldn’t walk away, this colour was so pretty I had to pick up Fresh Peach for $16 CAD.  I really enjoy a good lip gloss and this one is a good one!

Fresh Peach is has a lovely shimmer which just looks lovely on the lips.  It applies smoothly and is not sticky, I kept rubbing my lips together the first time I wore it because the slip to it was so nice.  Surprisingly, this lip gloss stayed on very well, even after eating there was residual gloss and colour left.  The applicator is an hourglass shape, and is very easy to use, I think this could be one of my favourite shaped applicators as it hugs your lips during application.  I’m happy to have found this gloss, it’s nice to use and oh so pretty too!

I picked up this lipgloss at Ulta for $5.00 USD in the colour More Than I Could Give.  The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging in rose gold, the second thing was this amazing nude colour that looked like it would be perfect for my complexion.

For the price, this is a fantastic product.  Of course the colour is perfect for me, not too milky with a slight peachy undertone to it.  The texture is great with a nice slip to it and not one bit of stickiness.  The wear time is normal for a lip gloss, a couple of hours.  There is a slight plastic scent to it, but it’s nothing you can smell or taste while wearing.  I wish now that I could have picked up more colours while I was there, but the display for the entire brand was nearly empty.  Hopefully next time I visit Ulta, I will have a chance to look at the other colours.

I picked this up at Walmart for $9.96 CAD in the colour Seduction.  I love the packaging and the colour itself is pretty.  That’s about all I like about this lip product.

The white stickers are the only place where the name is printed, I usually remove the stickers immediately and wouldn’t have known the name.  There is room for a sticker on the bottom, so I’m not sure why that didn’t happen.  The wand is good, but when you open and apply the product, it smells very heavily of vanilla cupcake, it’s almost sickly sweet.  The smell does not linger once applied.

My next problem?  It’s a matte lip product that is not matte.  It applies glossy and after a half an hour it was still glossy.  The product turns matte on the lips when it starts to wear away.  While wearing away it tends to travel and soon wil be outside the lip line.  

The pros are that it is comfortable and weightless on the lips but the cons outweigh this by a landslide.  It transfers easily and will not last through eating or drinking and it’s just not matte.  It’s very similar to the  Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid (my review of it is here).   Both products are very disappointing.

I recently pulled out this product that I’ve had for awhile but never used.  Red is not the best colour for me to wear, so I avoided it.  This is in the colour Rouge democratic.  It’s a cool toned red with shimmer.  


Surprise!  I love this gloss!  It’s very sheer and gives a decent wash of colour on the lips.  It’s very smooth when you rub your lips together and what surprised me the most is how long lasting it is.  It claims 8 hour moisture and I can’t attest to that, but it certainly is not drying.  The applicator is a small brush, which works quite well although I do favour doe foot applicators.

I also have a mini in the colour Beige Elastic which has the same properties as my full size and gives a lovely nude shine with a frosty finish. 

The full size is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and the Bourjois Canada website for $18 CAD.

I first saw this product being used by Babs Beauty on YouTube.  She does a “popsicle” lips look with it and I knew I needed it.  First thing I did was look at other marker type lipstains and I bought a couple of inexpensive ones but I was unable to achieve the look I wanted with it.  I finally broke down and bought Poppy Paradise at Sephora for $28 CAD.  This dual ended product has a marker lipstain on one end and a lipgloss on the other.

You first apply the stain which dries almost instantly and you top it off with the gloss.  With the “popsicle” lips look, you would just apply the stain to the center parts of your lips.  I have had a great time trying the stain out with different glosses, depending on the colour and the opacity, you can achieve many different looks.  

The stain is long lasting but will fade out some, it is not drying to the lips.  I wouldn’t recommend wearing it alone because it does settle into the lines on your lips.  Topped with the gloss though you have a lovely summery colour!


I’ve had this palette since it came out, I thought it was a limited edition when I bought it for $64 CAD at Sephora.  It’s still around and it’s still on the Urban Decay’s website.  I love this beautifully packaged palette, but unless you carry a huge purse, it’s really not for on the run.  I have also never chosen to travel with it because of the bulk of the packaging.

Nevertheless I think it’s pretty great!  There’s a 24/7 eye pencil in the colour Stag, which I love and have used quite a bit.  The mascara in Perversion was good, it’s pretty dry now, but I keep it anyways.

The lipgloss in the colour Sesso is a shimmery dark rose gold that is fairly long lasting on me.  I love the packaging on it!

The eyeshadows are great, I like cooler shades and these fit the bill perfectly.  The blush is very flattering but I have been unable to use the bronzer in this palette.  All of the colours lean on the cool side and the bronzer has orange undertones and completely looks out of place.  A shimmery highlighter might have been better suited to this palette.


I’m very happy with this palette.  It has a large mirror, which is great for those who can actually see without glasses. (Can someone start adding magnifying mirrors to palettes?). The eyeshadows are beautiful and if you do use this to travel, I think you can easily replace the mascara, lipgloss and eye pencil if they run out.  This palette is a great way to try out a variety of Urban Decay products with one purchase.