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New products at Walmart, of course I had to stop and take a look.  I found this palette interesting because it had some fairly light and neutral colours in it and I liked them all.  I bought it for $9.97 CAD.

This palette has a highlighter, two blushes and a bronzer (FYI-the picture in the bottom right hand corner is much darker than the actual palette).  The blushes look fairly similar, but no so on the face.  The highlighter is also natural and very pretty.  The bronzer is just right for my skin tone.  An awesome feature is that the squares of product are removable and if you have another Elf palette, you can completely customize it with the colours you use most often.  The products wear very well and keep their colour all day long without oxidizing.  This face palette is extremely natural looking, but all of the products are buildable if you need a more intense look.  The packaging looks great as well, it’s sleek and silver and has a mirror in the lid.  For under $10 this palette is a great deal with usable pretty colours.


The minute I saw this advertised, I knew that I wanted this.  The Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette is one of my favourites and I knew this would be a great pairing.  I waited for the Sephora launch and was able to order it for $52 CAD and I had it in my hands less than a week later.

First thing is first, yes, like the eyeshadow palette, it smells like peaches.  Not a fresh peach, but like those candy peach rings.  I happen to love it.  The palette comes with a blush a bronzer and a highlighter.  All are very pretty to me and all have some shimmer, which I love.

I’ve worn this a lot since I’ve received it and here are my observations.  The powders are nice and soft, but when applied to the face, they very easily blend away.  The swatches are pigmented but on the face everything disappears, but, they build nicely and can give a lovely subtle healthy glow.  I personally am very heavy handed when applying blush and this palette “saves” me each time I use it and I always end up with a very pretty look.  The blush lasts all day and has not oxidized on me.  The highlighter is very pretty and glowy, but like the blush, it blends away.  Again good for me, I don’t  like to be all shiny, so it works well for me.  The bronzer is very pretty and might work better for me in the summertime as I don’t tend to use bronzer in the winter months. 

Although I like this palette and am very happy to have it, I think that there are better similar and less expensive products like this on the market right now, one that comes to mind is the Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette that I have reviewed in the past.  If you are a Sweet Peach fan like myself, you might just HAVE to have the Sweet Peach Glow in your collection like I do!

I received this deluxe sample in the Bronze Bares All set I had purchased.  There is a ton of hype behind this product and as an oily skinned girl, I’m not a whole lot interested in adding shine to my face, but I was always curious about this highlighter.

This powder is silky soft and I only need to tap my brush lightly once into the product to get enough to use.  I’ve only used it on the top of my cheekbones as I’m not fond of the glowing nose tip look or shiny forehead and upper lip look either.  It actually looks very lovely overtop of a matte blush when used in moderation.

The powder does give a lovely golden glow, but it also accentuates any lines you might have.  It only lasts on me for a few hours and then it seems to disappear, not sure if it’s my skin type or if this is how long highlighters generally last.  It is a lovely product and drugstore products don’t have quite the same sheen as this one does but this size will probably be all I would ever need in a life time, so I won’t be looking at buying a full sized one.

Another highlighter?  Yes, they seem to be everywhere now.  I picked up this palette for $4.99 USD while on vacation.  This is quite the sizeable palette, much larger than the palm of my hand!  Catwalk Pink comes with four stripes of shades that can be worn individually or mixed together.

The powder itself is a tiny bit gritty to the touch, but that doesn’t make any difference when applied to the face.  There is tons of shimmer in this palette, but there is also micro glitter in it as well which does have some fall out.  The colours individually are very nice and when blended altogether the colour is pink.  As a highlighter, this palette is fine, it does fade a bit and the shimmer will be less intense.  I think higher end highlighting powders are more finely milled and smoother to apply and blend nicely into the skin.  The colours in this palette just sit on top of the skin but if you are like me and just want to experiment with highlighting, this is a perfect purchase.  

I was checking Walmart’s make up aisle for some new products and found this kit for $9.98 CAD.  This kit has a brush, a cream highlighter, two powder highlighters, a matte blush and a matte bronzer and it comes in a tin with a magnetic closure.

At first glance this looks like quite the deal, but the sad reality is that it is not.  When I think of strobing, I think of light, radiance and a glowing face.  This kit seems to be the very opposite, dull, dark and muddy.

The Strobing Glow cream has such a faint sheen to it that it’s barely noticible.  I added it to my foundation as suggested on the tube and saw no difference at all.

The brush included is half decent and I will use it for something I’m sure.  All of the powders feel quite smooth to the touch.  The bronzer is a good colour but chalky and it will not blend nicely.  The blush is a horrible dull peach that has the same texture as the bronzer.  When I tried to use these colours together on my face, it just looked muddy.  The highlighters have some sheen to them, but they are very dull as well, yellow and copper don’t come to mind when I think of strobing.  Someone with a darker skin tone might find these colours will work for them, but if you have fair skin like me, I’d avoid this altogether!

I had seen this palette some time ago and when I couldn’t get it out of my mind I ordered it from Nail Polish Canada for $49.00 CAD.  The well made cardboard packaging is fun and colourful with a retro feel.  The eyeshadows and cheek products are covered with a mirrored magnetic flap and there is a separate magnetic flap for the cream lip/cheek products.

The  nine eyeshadows are very soft and easily blended with a mixture of matte, satin and a couple with glitter.  I was able to achieve soft everyday looks and dramatic evening looks with the colours.  I had no fallout with any of the shadows, even the glitter stayed in place.

The face products are fantastic!  Included in this palette is a highlighter, a bronzer, a coral and a pink blush.  The bronzer and the two blushes are matte, but with a touch of the highlighter, you can give them some shimmer and a slightly different finish.   I don’t use bronzer as it’s usually too dark for me, but this bronzer works well as an eyeshadow. The blushes are very pigmented, so a light hand is needed when applying.  The colour lasts all day without fading.

There are two cream lip/cheek products covered separately to keep the powders out.  I don’t like using cream cheeks products, so I have only used them as lip products.  The pink one applies and blends beautifully but the peach one tends to sit on top of the lips and really clings to and accentuates dry patches.


This is a wonderful everyday palette as well as a handy travel palette.  The package is slim with a selection of really good usable long wearing products.  I’m really happy I bought it.  This was also my first time ordering from Nail Polish Canada, I spent enough to get free shipping, I received it in just a couple of days and it came in very protective packaging.  A great experience for me!

I picked up this product on a whim while ordering some clothing online.  I bought the colour pink/bronze for $6.90 CAD.  I’ve never had much luck with make up items from Forever 21 and this blush and highlighter was about the same.

The packaging is very pretty and so is the product.  The highlighter has a bit of sheen but is chalky and gritty to touch.  The blush is silky and overly pigmented.  Just a touch gives you a ton of colour which makes it hard to use.   When the two are combined you get a nice lighter pink that is easier to work with but is still on the chalky side.  I don’t reach for this product as there are so many others that I have that can give better results and are easier to use.  It seems a shame because it’s so pretty to look at, I wish it was as pretty to wear.