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Pick it up at: Sephora

Price: $45 CAD

Pros: Its good for light to medium skin tones. It neutralizes pink or reddish skin. Feels lightweight on the skin and wears well all day long. It has a pump. Light to medium coverage.

Cons: It’s a moisturizer so oily skin people might find themselves shiny. It only comes in one colour. Might not deliver on the benefits as advertised.

Thoughts: I really like this B.B. cream! I have very oily skin and I do have to apply a powder after application as it feels a bit sticky on my skin. I use a brush for application to give me sheer coverage. I really use it as a foundation and not for the B.B. Cream benefits. This product is the perfect colour on my “winter” skin, but will be far too light for summer. It lasts all day on me and it looks great by the end of the day.

Would I buy again? Yes for sure!


Shoppers Drug Mart had many Mabelline products on for $5.99 CAD so I picked up a few items I have never tried before.  I had actually never heard of this foundation and was excited that this could actually be something that would help with my oily skin!  The photograph on the left is showing the product more orange than it really is.

This stick Foundation glides on smoothly and easily, I’ve been using a beauty sponge to blend and it works quite nicely.  I feel it gives light to medium coverage, but I have no problem going over some spots a second time and it covers satisfactorily.  The lighter middle apparently is cream to powder and it does feel like a powdery finish once it is on.  I do set it with a powder anyways.  It wears very nicely and my skin is actually less oily throughout the day.  The colour Classic Ivory is perfect on my summer skin, it is so perfect in fact, I can barely see where I’ve applied it!  I really love this foundation and I’m so glad that I bought it!

Winter presents some challenges for a fair oily skinned gal like myself.  Oily skin can get dry in spots and I needed a moisturizing foundation in a lighter colour.  I had swatched Match Perfection several times in the past and liked the finish, so I decided to give it a go and bought it for $9.98 CAD.  I bought the colour 010 light porcelain.

This product comes with a pump and after using another foundation that didn’t have one, it sure feels like a necessity to me.  The colour is on the pink side and I was worried that it might be too light for me, but once blended it is absolutely fine.  The product has a thinner consistency but is in no way runny.  There is also a floral chemical smell to the product which does dissipate, but it is strong initially.

This is a light coverage foundation that claims to perfect the look of your skin.  I use a brush to apply and I must say that I do agree that my skin looks good when I wear it.  It blends nicely into the skin and feels absolutely weightless.  It lasts well throughout the day and by day’s end I have a bit of oiliness on my forehead.  I really love this foundation, but I’m a bit sad that it will be too moisturizing for me in the summer months when my skin is much, much oilier.  The lightweight formula is a dream to work with and looks great.  If you have the opportunity to swatch this foundation, do so, I think you’ll be sold.

I found this foundation at The Real Canadian Superstore for $5.99 CAD.  It only came in 3 colours and even though I’m fair, I decided on the darkest one 30 Pure Honey.  The two lighter colours were very much on the yellow side and Pure Honey seemed to blend in with my skin better.

I’ve worn this foundation several times, but my “winter skin” has lost any colour it had from the summer and it’s just too dark for me now.  When I did wear it, the formula didn’t give me the coverage I wanted, it truly is lightweight.  I was able to build it up, but I didn’t feel that looked very nice on my skin when I did.  Pure Nude reminds me more of a BB cream than a foundation and because of it’s lightweight coverage and feel, I’d prefer  BB cream over this.  If you are going for a no make up look, this might be worth looking at.

I found this foundation at The Cosmetic Company Outlet Store.  I was looking for something I had never tried before and once I swatched this one in the colour 24 Real Porcelain, I knew I had to try it.  This foundation is sold online for $40 USD and I picked it up for $26 USD.

This foundation has a beautiful natural finish to it.  I find that it smooths the appearance of my skin and yet it doesn’t look like I’m wearing any foundation.  It provides light coverage, but can be built to a medium coverage.  It has a very light thin consistancy and therefore doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything and it wears very well throughout the day.  I’ve tried a variety of setting powders with it and everything works fine with it.  My skin gets quite oily by noon and this foundation doesn’t change that or help it remain less so which is fine.  The only downside to this product is that it is an online product and it doesn’t ship to Canada.  I’ve really enjoyed trying this product out, but because of the difficulty I would have trying to get another one once this one is finished, I won’t be repurchasing.

I had heard so many wonderful reviews about this BB Cream, I had to try it.  I picked it up at Meijer in the US for $7.29 USD.  This BB cream is marketed for oily skin gals like myself and I picked up the colour light medium to match my skin when I get a little bit of a tan or use self tanner.

This BB cream gives a good medium coverage, I have to sheer it out some with a sponge and this might be the reason I’ve not had good luck with it.  Although it looks great just after application, I start to get oily almost immediately and I am constantly blotting and powdering the whole day through.  I always think of BB creams as having a bit lighter coverage, but to me this is a foundation.  By the end of the day, my face does not look or feel good and I can’t wait to get it off my face.  Whatever the reason, if it’s the formula or user error, I think this is one is just not for me.

I was visiting a bareMinerals outlet when I ran across a kit where I wanted the blush and the lipstick that was included.  The associate told me it also came with foundation of my choice.  I wanted to try something new and was drawn to this product.  I expressed my hesitation to the associate that it was a hydrating cream and I have very oily skin, we looked at the other foundation choices available and decided that this one would be the best option.  I chose the colour 02 Vanilla.

All of the colours seemed to run on the yellow side, and this colour is for fair neutral skin.  I must say at I was quite surprised that it blended so well with my skin tone.  I tried both Beauty Blender and a brush for application and found that I liked the coverage better with a brush.  The coverage is sheer to light, but it can be built up to a medium coverage.  The finish is beautiful and weightless.  I used Mineral Veil as a setting powder and it’s one of the prettiest finishes in a lightweight foundation that I have ever seen!

What surprised me the most is that my skin did not get hyper oily while wearing this foundation and it lasted beautifully all day long.  I am happy I decided to give this tinted hydrating gel cream a try.  I checked the Sephora website for a price and it goes for $37 CAD.  With an SPF of 30 and being so weightless it’s very much like a BB cream that acts like a foundation, I’ll definitely have to stock up next time I’m at the outlet!