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New products at Walmart, of course I had to stop and take a look.  I found this palette interesting because it had some fairly light and neutral colours in it and I liked them all.  I bought it for $9.97 CAD.

This palette has a highlighter, two blushes and a bronzer (FYI-the picture in the bottom right hand corner is much darker than the actual palette).  The blushes look fairly similar, but no so on the face.  The highlighter is also natural and very pretty.  The bronzer is just right for my skin tone.  An awesome feature is that the squares of product are removable and if you have another Elf palette, you can completely customize it with the colours you use most often.  The products wear very well and keep their colour all day long without oxidizing.  This face palette is extremely natural looking, but all of the products are buildable if you need a more intense look.  The packaging looks great as well, it’s sleek and silver and has a mirror in the lid.  For under $10 this palette is a great deal with usable pretty colours.


I never realized that e.l.f. had more than one lip exfoliator.  My favourite one had big chunks of sugar in it and I thought this one was just a different flavour.  I picked it up at Walmart for $3.97 CAD.  I had it for awhile before I gave it a try and I was very surprised that this formula had a completely different texture.

Besides having a mint flavour this one had very fine granules of sugar imbedded into the product.  Although I loved the one I had always used, this one was so much easier to use.  It glided on easily and just a couple of passes on the lips and the job was complete!  The mint flavour and tingling was a nice bonus.  I removed the excess with a face cloth.  Although there are plenty of moisturizing ingredients, I still had to follow up with a balm after treatment.  There were also different flavours available and I’m not sure if they all have the same texture as this one but you better believe, I will be looking for them!  This is a quick, effective and inexpensive lip exfoliant, you really can’t pass this one by!

I’m quite happy that e.l.f. is now sold at Walmart in Canada.  I needed an new brow pencil and I thought I would give this one a try, it cost $3.97 CAD.

The colour turned out to be perfect, there were no testers, so I guessed that Taupe would be right.  The pencil itself is larger than a few of the pencils I have used it the past and you don’t get very much product.  The pencil is a bit stiff to use, which is fine, you won’t accidentally get a soft blob of colour in your brows.  There is a sizeable spoolie on the other end, it works perfectly.  The cap on the spoolie cracked after a couple of uses and won’t stay on, but that’s not a deal breaker.  The brow pencil wears well all day and hasn’t smeared or smudged when I’ve worn it.  This is a good brow pencil for the price, although I really like using the thinner ones, I’ll probably keep on buying this one because in the end, my brows look the same.

I saw this at Walmart and snapped it up so quickly, I’m sure there was an audible swish in the air!  I had been wanting this for awhile and at $7.97 CAD, it was a perfect price!  This is a ten shadow all matte palette and a bit on the warmer side of the matte shadows that I already have in my collection.

The palette is sleek and although in a plastic case, it feels sturdy as well.  There is also a mirror included.  The shadows themselves are extremely smooth and buttery and very easily blended.  I wore it one day without a primer and it creased on me, but it lasted perfectly and beautifully all day long when I used a primer.  

There are three browns in the palette that are very similar in tone when applied to the skin and on the eyes, there is not enough difference to be noticible.  It would have been nice to change out one of those browns with another colour.  Really though, that would be my only complaint with this palette. The price is excellent and the shadows are beautiful.  If you love matte shadows, this palette is a must have for you!

Now that Walmart is carrying e.l.f. products in Canada, I’ve been exploring some of their products that I have never used before.  I was intrigued by this lip tint and bought it for $7.97 CAD.  This gel formula lip tint is supposed to work with your body chemistry to change into the perfect colour of pink suited just for you.

This is not something new on the market and over the years I have tried a variety of formulas that have given me a variety of results.  Gotta Glow swatches a beautiful pale pink on my hand.  The colour appears instantly!  The hand swatch colour however is quite different than the colour that appears when I applied the product to my lips.  It turns fuchsia on my lips, the colour that shows up on the tissue below.


The formula feels really slick on the lips and as it wears away a stain remains.  Each time I reapplied, my lips became brighter and brighter pink.  For some reason my bottom lip holds the stain better than the top lip, so it looked a lot like I had just eaten a popsicle.  If you don’t keep applying throughout the day, your lips will become dry as there doesn’t seem to be any moisturizing properties to this product.  Unless Gotta Glow turns the colour of pink you love, it’s really just a fun product to play around with.  


I found this at Walmart while on vacation and picked it up for $4 USD.  I was intrigued by the small brush and thought it might be good for my tiny bottom lashes that I never put mascara on.  Turns out I have never even tried it on my bottom lashes at all as this has quickly turned into my regular everyday mascara.

This is a wet formula mascara, which just happens to be my favourite type and it only comes in the colour Naked Noir.  The little brush actually holds a decent amount of product.  The tiny wand glides through my lashes easily and on the first coat gives great length and a second coat gives some volume.  I’ve had no clumping at all.  I’ve been using it for two weeks now and I have had no flaking or smudging and it removes quite easily when I take it off.  This is a beautiful natural looking mascara that would pair nicely with lightweight summertime makeup.  I’m so glad to have found this product and happy that the tiny little brush peaked my curiosity enough to buy it.

This lip treatment is something I have been using for years now.  I usually get them from the e.l.f. website for about $1.50 US.  I’ve seen them in Canada for $6.  Whenever I get those dry scaly lips that seem to just suddenly happen, I reach for it.

It comes in a lipstick form and is full of sugar chunks.  To use you just apply to the lips and use your finger to massage around and then wipe with a damp cloth.  Some of the chunks are huge, but they just fall away.  There is Shea butter and a variety of oils in it that leave your lips soft and smooth.  It usually does the trick for me in one or two treatments.  Because it’s in a lipstick tube, I find it easy to store with my lipsticks and easy to reach for when I need it.  This product is abrasive, so if you have sensitive lips it might not be right for you but I personally love it.