This product was an impulse buy at Sephora.  I swatched it, I loved it, I bought it.  It was stupid expensive.  I didn’t care.  I rarely buy luxury high end beauty products and I rarely pay $42 CAD for a lipstick, but I did this time.

I got the colour 44 Nude Lavallière.  It’s a sheer shiny colour that matches my lips almost perfectly.  It smells lightly fruity but has no taste.  It glides on effortlessly and feels smooth and comfortable on the lips.  It’s really an expensive lip balm with colour, but I love it.  I wear it every chance I can and often have it in my pocket.  It doesn’t last worth a darn, maybe not even an hour, but I just reapply when it wears off.  I don’t know about the other colours in this line, but this one leaves no residual colour when it wears off.  So is it worth the money?  No.  Do I love it?  YES!!!  Would I buy it again?  YES!!!  It’s weightless and comfortable, I like the shine, hydration and the colour.  I think (here is me justifying my purchase) it’s better to pay the money and love the product and use it all up, than having a mid priced product sitting in a drawer and never used.  Have you tried these?  What are your thoughts?  I would love to know!