I was looking for a purple blush and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on one in case it was something that didn’t work on me.  I found this one in the United States at Walmart for $4.68 USD.  Surprise, surprise!!!  I love this blush!

I was thinking that with the purple and orchid lipsticks I owned that this might be a lovely complimentary product, it’s much better than that!  It goes with everything.  The ombré blush consists of a pale pink, a light purple and another light purple with some sheen in it.  Mixed together, it becomes a lovely light lilac colour that doesn’t come off as purple as you might think it should.  It has been flattering with everything I have worn it with.  The powder is soft and smooth to the touch and is very easily applied and blended.  It builds well without looking overdone.  It wears very nicely throughout the day without fading or oxidizing.  I don’t know it’s available in Canada, but I do know that next time I cross the border, I’ll be buying every colour I can get my hands on!  It really is a great product at a great price!