Chapped, dry lips.  I was having an awful problem this year and decided that it might be time to try something other than a lip balm.  I bought this lip mask off of Sephora’s website for $24 CAD after hearing a bit about it.  I didn’t know much about the product and was surprised that it is very much like a lotion.  It comes with a small silicone spatula, which is a nice touch that keeps you from dipping your fingers into the product.

It’s smells lightly of berries and has no real significant taste to it.  It glides on nicely with the help of the spatula.  The spatula is easily cleaned by wiping with a tissue and comes with a small plastic case for storage.  The mask is meant to be put on the lips before bed and wiped off in the morning and is supposed to melt away dead skin cells.  It feels smooth and comfortable when applied to the lips and no matter how much I put on before bed, I have never had to wipe off any in the morning.  My lips have felt smooth and moisturized after each use.  I like it so much that I’ve been using it every night and sometimes during the day I apply just a touch instead of a balm.  I’m not sure that this product has any “magical” properties, but I’ve not run across anything quite like this before.  We put moisturizers on our face and body all the time, this mask just feels like a really nice moisturizer for the lips.  Since a little bit seems to go a long way for me, I thing I’ll be enjoying this product for a long time!