A while ago a friend of mine bought a lash primer from a high end brand and told me how fantastic it was.  I had never used a lash primer before and didn’t feel I needed one until recently and I remembered my friend telling me how much it improved the look of her lashes and I thought it might be time to try one.  I decided to go with a more inexpensive option and bought one from Wet n Wild for $5.97 CAD at Walmart.  

I’m not sure how a primer for lashes is supposed to work and I’m not sure if it’s really just a white mascara but when I used it I saw significant length improvement when I applied my mascara over top of it.  This primer has a medium consistancy and is not clumpy when applied to the lashes.  It dries quite quickly and does not dry bright white but more of a dark cream colour.  I’ve been applying two coats of the primer and follow up with one coat of mascara.  Everything stays in place all day long with no smudging or flaking, and best of all, my lashes still look long by day’s end.  I’ve tried it with several brands and have had great results with all of them.  Some of the mascaras I didn’t like and were too clumpy went on like a dream when using this primer.  If you feel like you need a little help in the lash department, give this product try, it’s priced right and it works!