I received these products for review through Glam Sense.  I have very curly hair and I straighten it often.  Keeping the “straightness” in is often a challenge, so I was excited to try these products to see how they would work.

I have to say that my first use of these products ended up in total straight hair disaster.  I’ve used similar products for years, so I just went ahead and washed my hair with the shampoo, put on the conditioner, which I always leave on for as long as possible, once that was rinsed out, I put in the primer.  My first indication that something had gone wrong was that my hair didn’t seem to want to dry, when I finally got to the styling part, it seemed greasy and really unmanageable.  Dry shampoo to the rescue and I put my hair up into a bun THEN I read the instructions on the bottles.  Oooops, user error.

Once I followed the instructions properly, I had much better success!  The shampoo part, I did that right.  The conditioner doesn’t say to leave on the hair, so I applied it from root to tip and rinsed immediately.  The primer is not to to be applied all over (which I did) and one pump is to be used (I used several).  The primer is to be smoothed from mid strand to the tip.  I let my hair air dry and it was much straighter.  When I used the flat iron on it, straightening was quick and easy.  My hair felt very smooth and silky and smelled really good as well.

I’ve used these products 3 times in the past 10 days and have come to some conclusions.  Curly hair is going to want to curl.  I walked in misty fog one day for half an hour and although it did not go frizzy, it got big and puffy.  I was able to straighten it again easily afterwards.  When not exposed to direct dampness, my hair stayed straight and smooth easily for 3 days, it may have lasted longer, if I would have just stop touching it and running my fingers through it.

As you can see, once I used the products correctly, I was pleased with the results!  They retail for around $10 CAD which is more expensive than a lot of shampoos and conditioners, but less than half the price of some straightening products that I use now.  If your hair gets frizzy easily and you wish it would stay smoother longer, I think these products would be worth trying.