I had heard some good things about this mascara and decided to give it a try.  I picked it up for $6.97 CAD at Walmart in the colour black.  My lashes have seemed on the short side lately and I have been having problems getting the length I want using some mascaras.

I tend to favour rubber bristle brushes and one on the thinner side and this one has both, but it also has an odd placement of the bristles as well.  The bristles are concentrated on two sides and the application of the product requires a twirling motion to get the length.  There is a learning curve with this mascara.  My first application, I obviously didn’t twirl enough and ended up with stubby black eyelashes.  Each time I used it, I progressively got the length and I also jabbed myself in the eye and and would get mascara on my eyelid and thin lines from the bristles on my upper waterline.  I kept at it and over a few weeks, I think I have the application down pat now.  I seem to have to really work on the application and it takes me more time than I want to spend putting on mascara.  The twirling motion tends to place a lot of product at the base of the lashes, which yes, does make your lashes look thicker, but I still don’t get the length I desire.  The mascara wears very well, I’ve had no smudging or smearing and absolutely no flaking.  Taking it off is easy, I just use a wet facecloth and it comes off easily without tugging at my lashes.  For me, this is an okay mascara, it’s just not giving me the look I want for all the work needed to apply it.