I have three Sephora lipsticks and I thought it might be time to review them.  A sample size one was received in a Give Me Some Bold Lip set and I’ve decided to review each of those products separately.  The other two full size products I was able to get on sale, one for $10 CAD and another for $7 CAD.

As it turns out, even though these are all different finishes, I like each one!

Private Jet has a glossiness that I really enjoy in a lipstick.  The colour is a nice nude with some tiny flakes of silver throughout.  It lasts about average on me and as it wears away you will have a sparse silvery glitter remaining.  It has an awesome fruity scent to it.

Drunk in Love I bought because it closely resembled a Dior lipgloss that I liked but didn’t want to spend the money on.  This one has a bit of sheerness to it and also has those silver sparkles in it as well.  I like the way this colour fades away, it tends to stain a bit and I like the look of the flushed lips it leaves behind.  Drunk in Love also has that nice fruity scent.

Belly Dancing is a more matte colour, it’s creamy when applied but as it wears it becomes a bit dry, but still comfortable. This one is the longest wearing of the the three, and stays on okay through meals.  All three lipsticks touch up very well and I’m completely happy with all of the formulas.  Some of the lipsticks are still on sale on the Sephora website at the time I am writing this blog, you may want to check them out.