I sort of hit a skin care jackpot when I bought this product!  I went into Walmart just after the new year and found this in the clearance section.  $19.97 for two products is an excellent deal as each of these products are sold separately at this price.  Curious as to why it was in the clearance section I scanned it and it came up at $5 CAD!  It must have been a value pack for Christmas and I was getting it at quite the deal!!!

I have not used the tube with the SPF and will review that at a different time if it has any significant differences. 

Even though I have oily skin, the winter weather can play havoc with it and it can also become very dry.  This product has Hyaluronic Acid which is supposed to deliver incredible moisture to the skin.  The cream does have a runny gel like consistancy.  The smell is not my favourite, it reminds me of laundry detergent and or fabric softener and or clorinated water, but it does disappate quite quickly and I’m getting used to it.  The cream is quite easily applied and a little bit goes a very long way.  That little bit in the picture was enough to do my entire hand.  Once it is applied and absorbed into the skin, it is not wet, slick or sticky.  The performance of this product is quite amazing on me.  After using it for well over a week, my skin is hydrated, smooth and just on a whole looks really nice.  My makeup even looks better and I look better without makeup too!  I have quietly tucked away my other moisturizers and am using only this now.  I am totally impressed with this cream and equally happy that I got it at such a bargain price!