I got quite the deal on this powder as I received a full sized blush with it as well for $7.99 CAD.  I found it at Winners and knew it was quite the deal as I had been looking at this powder at it usually costs about $10 more!  I’ll review the blush at a later date.

I’ve been using this translucent powder for a while now, but initially the middle design had a silver overspray over it.  The overspray wiped away in the first use and left sparkles all over my face that did dust away when I used a clean brush.  The compact has a mirror and a brush hidden in an underneath compartment.  I’ve been a fan of Physician’s Formula powders for many years and it’s just one of those things, some brands just work well with certain skin types. I was worried that because this one is advertised with Argan Oil, that it might not work with my oily skin, but as it turns out, I really love this powder.

The powder is very soft and buttery and very highly scented.  Lucky for me the perfumed fragrance is not off putting, which is good because it seems to linger for a long time.  The powder is translucent, but it gives a lovely finish to the skin.  There is an inkling of sheen, almost undetectable that gives the skin a smooth flawless finish.  I do find that I get oilier faster when I wear this powder, but the finish is so beautiful that I don’t mind the extra blotting required.  I’ve worn it with several different foundations and have liked it with every one of them.  It looks very natural on the skin and not powdery at all, as it wears throughout the day, it stays in place and doesn’t bunch up in fine lines.  I’m quite pleased with this purchase, the price was great and so it the product!