I was excited to receive a free full sized eye cream from Olay through BzzAgent.  I don’t use eye creams in general as I have never found one that really works for me.  This Ultimate Eye Cream from Olay claims it will fight the appearance of wrinkles and puffy eyes and dark circles in an instant.  I figured before and after pictures would be the way to test out this product.

The cream is a nice thickness and when applied to the eye area, it blends in very quickly and feels silky smooth on the skin.  There is no wetness, no stickiness and it is absolutely weightless on the skin.  I applied it morning and evening everyday for 48 days.  It did not bother my skin and it did not cause any problems when I applied make up over top of it.  It did not cause my make up to smear or crease.  The only long term claim with this eye product is that it will renew the skin’s surface.  So below is my before and after picture after 48 days of use.

I didn’t think I saw any long term effects and the picture confirms this for me.  Because the cream is really marketed as fighting the appearance of some eye problems and I really don’t experience puffy eyes or very dark circles, I did a before and after picture without the cream and with the cream to see if my “wrinkles” looked any better.

I also didn’t see any results with this test either, so I threw another before and after in by adding make up.

Again I didn’t see a difference.  I was thinking that maybe those are not wrinkles around my eyes, maybe they are just years of laugh lines and I wouldn’t want to erase those!  Although I didn’t see any result using this cream, I do have oily skin and it might be suited for someone with a drier skin type than mine.  It also might be more effective for someone with finer lines than mine.  For sure go ahead and use this product if you are looking for a good moisturizer around the eyes that absorbs quickly and is not greasy because it certainly is a winner in those catagories!

This cream retails at Walmart for about $30 CAD.