I found this liquid latex polish barrier at Sephora, and I hesitated at the price of $17 CAD, but I bought it anyways.  I like to do nail art and I often find that cleaning up after sponge gradients or water marbling is quite frustrating and lengthy.  I have used tape before and found that method to be cumbersome.

I was quite shocked when I got home and opened the package at the tiny amount of product you receive.  The packaging is all for the handle.  The brush is short and stiff and very easy to use.  When dipping into the product, if there is dried latex on the rim, it will get caught up on the brush, so cleaning any stringy parts off is crucial.

When applying the product, a very thin coat is all that’s needed.  It’s tinted lilac, so it’s quite easy to see where you’ve applied it and it dries down to a darker purple colour.  Application to all 10 fingers is extraordinarily quick and will take maybe a minute.  It dries equally as quick.  You must be careful not to touch the fingers together as the latex will catch on itself and peel off.  After completing your nail art, removal is easy with a pair of tweezers to find an edge, or you can rub on an edge and it will start to roll up on itself.  It peels away very easily and is quite satisfying to do as well.  Cleanup is minimal, only needed it you’ve gone over the side of the barrier or at the cuticle (which I clearly haven’t done yet).  I have used Liquid Palisade a handful of times and have been extraordinarily pleased with the performance.  I wish for the price, you received more product, but when products like this are hard to find in Canada, I’m very happy to have it.