Blushaholic here.  I saw this one several months ago at Sephora and decided to pick it up for $39 CAD.  It’s a beautiful glistening peachy pink color.  While I was looking, I also swatched the Flowerchild in the Jaclyn Hill Champagne Splits compact and that one was a significantly different colour.  I asked an associate about it and she too was very surprised at the difference in colour.  I liked the colour of the compact with the blush alone and that’s the one I chose.

The powder in this blush is silky smooth to the touch and extraordinarily beautiful when applied to the skin.  It has a lovely shimmering quality that I happen to love in blushes.  I had a few problems with application initially as you can easily apply too much, but I also found you can blend it almost completely away.  With some work, I found that a light hand is best and to let it just be a light flush on the skin.  Another problem that I had, and I know it’s because of my oily skin, but I had significant oxidization by the end of the day.  The perfect peachy pink colour ended up being a dull light peach colour.  It doesn’t look horrible, but not the colour I wanted.  I have been using this blush instead to give a boost to some of my other peach or pink blushes, and it works beautifully as a topper or highlight over these.  Although this is a beautiful colour, it doesn’t really work for me as intended, but the product is very nice and I do like it.