I found these at the Real Canadian Superstore in probably the best and largest essence display I had ever seen!  I had never heard or seen these lip products and I loved the colours 01 invisible kiss and 02 vintage rose.  They cost $4.99 CAD each.  A little pricier than most essence lip products.

I was intrigued by the sharp point and it actually worked perfectly to get a nice line around the lips, applying the product as lipstick was quite easy as well, just use the side of the cone shaped lip product.  The colours I chose are beautiful and both applied nicely and were very smooth and comfortable on the lips.  They wore as well as any regular lipstick and did not last through meals, but they touch up very nicely.  Here is the bad part, and it makes me sad because I really like these.  After a couple of uses, the tip gets weak and breaks off, the vintage rose one broke twice.  You may be able to reshape it a bit when you use the side of the product, but here is the other bad part, what you see is all the product you get.  There is nothing to twist up, and because of that, you can’t twist down either, so the product ends up on the inside of the lid.  Although I love the formula and the colours, this product is not worth the $4.99 price tag.