I’m quite happy that e.l.f. is now sold at Walmart in Canada.  I needed an new brow pencil and I thought I would give this one a try, it cost $3.97 CAD.

The colour turned out to be perfect, there were no testers, so I guessed that Taupe would be right.  The pencil itself is larger than a few of the pencils I have used it the past and you don’t get very much product.  The pencil is a bit stiff to use, which is fine, you won’t accidentally get a soft blob of colour in your brows.  There is a sizeable spoolie on the other end, it works perfectly.  The cap on the spoolie cracked after a couple of uses and won’t stay on, but that’s not a deal breaker.  The brow pencil wears well all day and hasn’t smeared or smudged when I’ve worn it.  This is a good brow pencil for the price, although I really like using the thinner ones, I’ll probably keep on buying this one because in the end, my brows look the same.