When I found out that these were coming out, I stalked my nearest Walmart waiting to find them.  When they arrived I picked three colours for $7.98 CAD.  These come in beautifully packaged tins with a mirror in the lid.  Nice yes, but I won’t use it. 

The lipstick tube itself is sleek and beautifully designed.  The applicator was good at first, but after a few uses and maybe the weight of the product, it flattened out and felt like just a plastic paddle on the lips.  Don’t get me wrong, I was still able to apply the product with no problems.

The Metallic Mousse required a couple of dips to get full coverage on both lips, but one dip will give full opacity.  A thin coat is all that’s required as it will feel thick on the lips if too much is applied and get on your teeth as well.  There is a slight stickiness if the lips are pressed together, but as it wears a bit, this will disappear.  The finish is just as advertised, a metallic matte, which is just georgeous on the lips.  I found it wore very long and stayed on quite well during meals and a touch up application afterwards didn’t result in any balling up or flaking.  I had a tiny bit of a dry lips feeling often experienced with matte lipsticks.

I just love this product, the metallic look, the way it wears, but unfortunately for me, the colours are much to dark for me.  These are really dark fall colours.  The lightest colour Sandstorm looks horrible with my skin tone and Trufffle and Guilded Cocoa require some pretty dramatic makeup application for me to be able to wear them.  If you are a lover of dark lipstick, these would probably work beautifully for you!