I saw this at Walmart and snapped it up so quickly, I’m sure there was an audible swish in the air!  I had been wanting this for awhile and at $7.97 CAD, it was a perfect price!  This is a ten shadow all matte palette and a bit on the warmer side of the matte shadows that I already have in my collection.

The palette is sleek and although in a plastic case, it feels sturdy as well.  There is also a mirror included.  The shadows themselves are extremely smooth and buttery and very easily blended.  I wore it one day without a primer and it creased on me, but it lasted perfectly and beautifully all day long when I used a primer.  

There are three browns in the palette that are very similar in tone when applied to the skin and on the eyes, there is not enough difference to be noticible.  It would have been nice to change out one of those browns with another colour.  Really though, that would be my only complaint with this palette. The price is excellent and the shadows are beautiful.  If you love matte shadows, this palette is a must have for you!