I love masks and when my mom surprised me with this foot mask I was delighted!  Who doesn’t love some foot pampering?  I had to make some time to stay off my feet for 30 minutes to use it and I have to say that’s easier said than done!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the package, but I was happy to discover actual toe socks.  They felt dry to the touch but you could feel the oil on the inside when putting them on.  Putting them on was a bit of a struggle for me and might be for someone who’s toes are not shaped exactly like the socks.  My big toe didn’t want to fit inside and the socks don’t have any stretch to them, so the more I handled the socks, the coconut oil seemed to permeate through to the outside.  I finally did get them on in a wonky sort of fashion and sat back with my feet up.  They felt very cooling and the outside of the socks felt a bit damp, but there was not oil or residue that could be detected.  In 30 minutes I had to walk twice in them, a trip to the bathroom and a phone call.  I worried that I might get oil on the carpet and floor but It didn’t leave any marks.  After the 30 minutes were up, I removed them and rubbed the residual oil into my feet.  My feet felt good, but no more so than if I had put some lotion on them.  This would be a fun product for a girls spa night party as I’m sure there would be a lot of laughs with the struggle to get them on.  Personally, I think a sock would have been better than the toe sock.  As with most masks, I think this performed in the same manner.  No real results with the product, but the pampering and relaxing makes you feel great!